Coastal Bathroom Designs For Your Summer Home

Owning a luxury beachfront property, like a luxury condo in Boracay, is like owning your own slice of paradise. Of course, to maximize your paradise and to create a vacation-like vibe for your home you should take design ideas from coastal style interiors.

To complete the relaxed and oceanic theme of your home, don’t be afraid to bring the coastal style into your bathroom. A coastal bathroom shows your guests that you took care of every detail when it comes to designing your luxury condo.

How to Design Your Coastal Bathroom

Coastal style is defined by an open and airy design, often using white and blue as the primary color scheme along with neutral shades for that relaxed and beachy touch. If you are thinking of redesigning your bathroom to make your home look luxuriously relaxing, then here are ten coastal bathroom ideas that will surely inspire you.

Blue Cabinets

Coastal Bathroom Design

Blue cabinetry is an easy way to add a coastal touch to your beach house paradise bathroom. The blue and white thematic combination evokes the beautiful color of the ocean waves as they crash onto the shore. Using bluish-gray tiles for your coastal bathroom design will also complement your choice of blue cabinetry.

To add a touch of warmth and an essence of solidity, use brass or copper hardware and accents on the cabinet pulls and on the mirror. The gold tones warm up the space without overwhelming the design. In making these design choices, you end up with a beautifully timeless coastal bathroom.

Fishscale Tile

If you are a fan of fun or quirky tiles, then you need to add some fun fishscale tiles to your coastal style bathroom! Whether you use it as fun flooring or as an accent tile on the wall, the fishscale design will add an unexpected twist to your bathroom.

Too keep this bold tile from overwhelming the space, pair it with more neutral design elements such as white walls and sleek minimal tapware. Storage is also a must-have in any bathroom. To this end, choose a light wood cabinets and you should have a coastal bathroom that feels light, fun, and playful.

Subtle Beachy Details

Coastal bathroom ideas can lean towards dramatic and bold choices, but if you are looking for something more subtle, then this bathroom design inspiration might be for you. A light and airy design is a hallmark of a coastal style bathroom, which is what you get with the white marble.

The subtle coastal details come through the brown accent tiles which evoke sandy beaches. Adding a large shell or collection of small shells on the countertop is a great way to add even more of a coastal design inspiration. Make your coastal bathroom feel more relaxed by adding baskets made of natural materials like wicker or jute.

Play with Texture

Beach Inspired Lavatory

If a bathroom with a relaxed and lived-in feel is more your style, then your best coastal bathroom design idea is to play with textures and materials. Contrast concrete with porcelain and wood an interesting mix. You can also have your walls finished in different textures, with smooth blue paint on the bottom half of the bathroom, and raw cement on the top half.

Of course, what makes this coastal bathroom work is the unifying thread that connects each design element. The blue in the wall is echoed in the blue stripes on the sink and on the blue vase. The same type of wood is used on the storage rack and on the floating shelf above the sink. By repeating design elements across the space, you create a coastal bathroom that looks and feels cohesive.

Create an Indoor-Outdoor Ambiance

Spa-like Coastal Bathroom

Take your coastal bathroom up a notch and design the space to create an indoor-outdoor vibe. If you can use naturalistic materials like stone or polished concrete, with accents of wood and marble, then your coastal bathroom can become a space that feels luxurious and relaxed. The stones on the floor help you feel connected to the outdoors, even when your coastal bathroom is fully indoors.

With this bathroom, you can walk in straight from the beach and take a quick shower in the outdoor shower space. Or if you prefer more privacy, emulate that outdoor feel by installing skylights to bring in sunlight to the space.

Add a Driftwood Mirror

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your coastal bathroom is by switching out the mirrors above your vanity and sink. If you have doubts or limitations when it comes to changing up your bathroom, you can make a small change with a mirror that will give you the effect you are looking for.

Coastal bathroom ideas often highlight natural materials and neutral colors. And what better way to do that than by adding a mirror with a driftwood frame? Make your mirrors look elegantly coastal and it can totally switch the vibe in the space.

Pair Dark Wood with a White Tile

While most coastal design is all about the light and airy feel, you don’t have to stick with this classic palette. Style your coastal bathroom with darker wood to have a more masculine space. Dark wood is a timeless and classy choice of wood for your bathroom.

To avoid making your bathroom feel too dark, choose a light-colored tile to complement all the dark wood. Wood and white on your design create a bathroom that takes inspiration from a more solid or sturdy rendition of the coastal style. Add a few vintage touches like classic tapware and wicker laundry baskets to evoke that elite luxury feel for your coastal bathroom.

Use Natural Elements

Natural Beach Elements in Coastal Bathroom

Do you want to make your coastal bathroom into a conversation piece? One of the best ways to do that is to get rid of the traditional sink and install one made of stone. To make your skin even more of a focal point in the modern coastal bathroom, choose a stone sink that is slightly rough on the edges, making it feel like you’ve sourced your sink straight from the ocean.

Of course, don’t forget the blue and use a blue or blue-green finger tile as the backsplash for your sink and bathroom vanity. The stone sink paired with the blue tile will make it seem like you are washing your hands in an underwater cave. Stick to the theme of natural materials and add stoneware soap dispensers and decor items to round out the look.

Shiplap Walls

One of the more traditional coastal bathroom ideas you can go with is introducing a shiplap to your bathroom walls. A coastal bathroom with shiplap walls creates the feel of being in a beachside cottage.

Modernize this shiplap style by painting the walls in an accent color. Again, blue and white is the traditional coastal color scheme. Complement these colors with deep, rich wood and gray accents. If you want to keep your shiplap walls more minimalist, paint them in the same neutral color as your ceilings to give a hint of texture and character without overpowering your modern coastal bathroom.

Make a Bold Choice with Colors and Patterns

Your modern coastal bathroom can be as fun and as colorful as you like it. Liven up the bathroom space with a bold patterned tile and a tropical shower curtain. Bold colors and patterns in this small space can actually make the bathroom feel bigger than it actually is. One of the best ways to keep this bathroom balanced is by making sure that your bold patterns have a neutral background that helps tie it into this space.

If you have a bathroom with predominantly white tiles and hardware, choose a patterned tile and printed shower curtain with a white background to make everything go together. To further ground your modern coastal bathroom, add wood to key areas like the mirror and the undersink storage. Add a wicker basket and some vibrant plants, and you have a coastal bathroom that is fun, fresh, and vibrant.

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Relaxing Coastal Bathroom

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