Climate Budgeting: Everything You Need To Know

Climate change is a global phenomenon affecting everyone, but the Philippines is especially vulnerable to some of the most harmful effects of climate change. Individual action to become more sustainable and eco-friendly can help. But for change on a national level to occur, the government needs to implement programs and policies for climate change adaptation or mitigation. As with any government program or policy, it will need funding before it can be implemented. That is where a climate budget comes in.

What is a climate budget?

A climate budget is a government fund that is allocated for public expenditures for climate response programs and policies. Climate budgeting is a system the government has in place to help achieve climate targets when lawmakers enter the decision-making process for the programs and policies they implement.

A climate budget helps the government make sure that the mobilization of funds aligns with the scale and scope of national climate policy priorities.

What is climate change budget tagging?

Climate budgeting classifies public expenditures through a process called climate change expenditure tagging or climate change budget tagging. This process uses a specific typology of the climate change responses identified in different government policies.

Climate Budgeting Everything You Need To Know

The United Nations Development Program also developed Climate Budget Tagging as a tool for monitoring and tracking climate-related spending as part of the national budget.Climate Budget Tagging provides extensive data on climate spending which helps governing bodies make decisions that prioritize climate investments.

Climate Budget Tagging also allows the general public to analyze the government’s spending for climate action which strengthens accountability and transparency.

Who is in charge of the climate budget in the Philippines?

The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) oversees the climate budget of the country alongside all other forms of national budget concerns. At the beginning of a budget planning period, different government agencies conduct internal planning sessions to determine climate change priorities in their planning and budgeting framework. These agencies will then submit a climate budget proposal along with a quality review and assurance form to the Climate Change Commission.

These proposals are then discussed during technical budget hearings. Once the climate expenditure proposals are approved, this information is reported to the public and through the President’s Budget Message and the Technical Notes Submitted to Congress. Agencies are then free to begin implementing their climate programs using the approved budget.

What is climactic change financing?

According to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), climactic change finance refers to local, national, or transnational financing that seeks to support climate change action. Climate financing is sourced from public, private, and alternative sources.

The budget gathered under climate change financing allows for developed nations to give financial assistance to developing nations to help them mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change. This form of climate budgeting recognizes that counties how much countries contribute to climate change is often different from their capacity to prevent it and cope with climate change consequences. Often it is the larger and more developed countries that emit more greenhouse gases that speed up climate change. But developing countries disproportionately bear the brunt of the consequences of climate change.

Climactic change finance helps governments of developing nations fund climate action plans and programs with the help of funding from the governments of developed nations.

What is a climate budget

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