Christmas Activities you can do at Home!

The COVID-19 pandemic brought so much change to people’s lives this year. Who would have thought that this situation will be everyone’s new normal? Imagine how people brought their safety standards to such high levels keeping in mind these safety measures in their day-to-day routine – maintaining physical distancing with friends, wearing of face masks and face shields, having alcohol cleansers as an everyday scent, limiting gatherings and other celebrations, and being apart from people we endear so much. A lot really has happened in just a single year.

Despite all these, people are still trying to maintain a positive attitude to make life at a very difficult situation more bearable. The Philippines is said to be one of the happiest countries in the world and Filipinos still try to live by this today. People think of other ways to bring joy to their own homes. This Yuletide will not be any different as people have different ways to still make things merry and bright. This year’s Christmas holiday is a time for everyone to celebrate the season safe and sound at home, not missing all the fun but making it more memorable with other ways to celebrate to keep you and your family merrier. Get started by these Christmas activities you can do inside your Brittany luxury home.

1. Creative Christmas Display

Simple decorations and holiday ornaments will surely brighten up your home’s ambiance. Decorate as festively as possible, since you’re all about enjoying this long season at home – might as well bring out the winter wonderland of your dreams. Encourage all members of the family to join the decorating day and fill the Christmas aura in the house with love and joy. With this simple activity, your family will surely remember that it’s not about where you spend Christmas, it’s about who you are spending it with that matters most.

2. Design Holiday cards

Instead of simply buying at online shops or specialty stores, make your own greeting cards to add your personal touch. A simple thought of words and creative handmade designs would surely make a greeting card more memorable to your special loved ones.

3. Create your own photobooth

Make your own photobooth set-up you can use with your family. Simply find some appropriate backgrounds that will match your decoration themes, make a few props, and set-up your personal cameras or smartphones for easy use. This will give you a special memory that you’ll surely be fond of reminiscing in the years to come.

4. Make a festive Wine Rack

Make a festive wine rack out of timeless pieces that could match your home decorations. This can be part of your new tradition this Christmas, where you can invite over a few of your closest relatives for a simple intimate gathering, have some wine night after dinner and pop the champagne to welcome the Christmas day with happy cheers!

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5. Set up an al fresco garden

For a more elegant and fancier Christmas set-up, turn your courtyard gardens into a comfortable al fresco area where you can celebrate some intimate gatherings on Christmas day and experience a wonderful outdoor experience without going outside your home. Choose your desired theme for the Christmas day and decorate your table setting with elegant pieces that would surely bring out the luxurious space you have in your own solace of masterpiece.

6. Send out Christmas baskets

Since Christmas is a time of giving, why not send customized Christmas baskets to your loved ones. Spread the holiday cheer with creative and thoughtful gift baskets. You can send out Christmas Baking Kits to your younger nieces and nephews or Wine Baskets to your amigas.

There are so many ways to welcome Christmas with your loved ones on your own Italian luxury home in Brittany’s Amore at Portofino. The start of this Yuletide season gives hope and light that makes a home feel more delightful and warm. You can surely make it a grand celebration in your own simple way like arranging  some Christmas decors that brighten up the whole house, playing some Christmas songs to sing along to, wrapping up some hand-crafted presents for the family, and decorating the whole home to have a Christmas ambience. May these new ways of having Christmas cheer at home spread the joy, love and true essence of Christmas with your family.


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