Advantages of Buying a Brand New House vs. Resale

There are a variety of compelling reasons to purchase a new home during this period. The reasons for purchasing a new home in the Philippines are becoming increasingly compelling, ranging from the rising market value of luxury homes to the need for additional safe havens for the entire family while in quarantine.

Reward your family with the luxury house that you deserve. | Photo from Portofino Alabang

Finding a new home is exciting, considering all the things that the family is going to get from a brand new house. Moving to a new location is always fun, especially if it is a popular city, and having a new space to yourself can be refreshing and even inspiring. One thing to keep in mind, though, when looking for a new home, is that it can get overwhelming, with all the houses for sale that you can choose from.

Narrowing down the options does not have to be stressful, if the buyer has some specific things that he knows he wants, like the location, the appeal of the place, the size of the house, and others.

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Every experience becomes a luxury experience in a luxury neighborhood. | Photo from Portofino Alabang

If you have determined what the buyer’s preferences are in regards to his or her new home, one important consideration is whether or not the buyer wants to purchase an entirely brand new house or previously owned home. Both of these options have advantages and disadvantages, but in general, buying a new home is the better option when all factors are taken into consideration.

Worry-Free Living

Getting a resale house can be a good decision, but one just never knows about the things that are not disclosed, the things that the new owner will only get to discover after the for-sale sign is removed. The resale house may look like it is in tip-top condition, but there will always be that worry that something may not be right, whether it is a minor or a major thing.

Stay confident moving into a pristine house. | Photo by Justin Krug via Platinum Home Mortgage Blog

With brand new houses, there is added assurance that everything in it is still new, functional, and pristine. Houses that are newly constructed are also likely to have better, upgraded features that are designed to last longer with minimal maintenance.

Living in a well-designed home with built-in matching appliances, high-tech heating systems, and even modern plumbing will surely save you from the stress of calling different people to do repairs on your home every now and then. Modern fixtures have no need to be upgraded and they cost less to maintain.

A More Personalized Space

A homebuyer may choose to get a resale house and then bend to whatever is already in it. Living in a home that was already “broken in” by its previous owners may not be ideal for people who want to start their lives on a clean slate.

Do not limit your own style. Get a home that is entirely yours. | Photo from Esperiri

Purchasing a brand new home can provide the new owners with greater freedom to express themselves in their own unique styles. They will be able to personalize the new space with their own colors, textures, and patterns, rather than having to replace old carpets, tiles, and paneling that simply appear to be foreign to their eyes. When it comes to designing their brand new home, the family has a plethora of options.

Purchasing a new home in Portofino, for example, can give the impression of living in an authentic Italian environment. This gated community in Vista Alabang is reserved for those who have sophisticated tastes in terms of architecture and interior design. You don’t have to settle for a house that has been lived in when you can get a brand new house that matches your style and that you can personalize with your own belongings?

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Sustainable Living

One downside of purchasing a resale home is that it may have outdated features that are not energy-efficient in nature. It’s “out with the old, in with the new,” and this mantra holds true when it comes to purchasing a new home, because not only will new systems lower your electric bills in the coming months, but their energy efficiency can also reduce your family’s overall energy consumption as a whole.

There are a lot of benefits in getting modern houses with smart designs. | Photo from Chuzai Living

Window treatments that are well-designed can, for example, reduce the need to turn on the interior lighting. These figures may come as a relief to breadwinners who may have been under the impression that large houses came with enormous electric bills that made them scratch their heads.

The installation of new doors with improved trim and seals can also assist in improving the ventilation and temperature regulation of the home. After the air conditioner has been turned off, the house will continue to be cool for a longer period of time. During the colder months, these same doors can assist in keeping the house warm by preventing drafts from entering, thereby reducing the need to run the heaters all of the time during the winter.

No Negativity

A resale house may physically be in good condition, but asking the seller a few questions about why she is selling the house can reveal some dirty laundry about the house or the space. This is for the people who believe in good fortune and positive and negative energies.

3 children sitting on gray couch

If a resale house is sold at a very low price, it may appear to be too good to be true; however, this is common for people who have had a traumatic experience in their current residence and simply want to relocate somewhere else. It’s possible that some unspeakable crime took place in the building, or that the previous owners came from a family with a particularly chaotic history.

In your position as a buyer, you would not want to begin your life in a place that is haunted by its past. Imagining, for example, that a loved one has passed away in the house may not be the most pleasant thought for a family wishing to create lasting memories in their new home. Instead, look for a brand new location where you can begin again with a clean slate and the people you care about.

Furthermore, choose a location that will not be associated with any negative connotations when you or your neighbors think about it.

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When purchasing a brand new home, the manufacturer’s warranties will still apply to many of the items contained within. This increases the owner’s sense of security in the house because, aside from the fact that the house is well-built, if something does prove to be dysfunctional during the first few months of use, he will not be required to spend money on it because it can easily be replaced without requiring new purchases, lowering the owner’s financial outlay.

The contractors can easily return and obtain replacement materials in the event of a broken heating system or a leaking roof.

When purchasing a brand new home, the manufacturer's warranties will still apply to many of the items contained within.

This is not an option for a buyer purchasing a resale home whose warranty period has already expired. Whatever damage the new owner discovers in the house, he is responsible for the repair costs. While purchasing a resale home may appear to be less expensive, one never knows what additional expenses will arise in the weeks or months following the purchase of the home.

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Getting a new home for you and the family is always an exciting thought. There are a lot of options to choose from, and since this is one of the biggest purchases that you have to make, you would want to go with the best possible house that you can find, so go live your best life in a brand new house.