Boost Listings with Real Estate Videography

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The luxury real estate industry is one of the strongest markets there is. Real estate professionals can assert that even in an ongoing pandemic, inflation, and unpredictable economic growth, residential and commercial real estate are and will continue to be good investments. This strong demand for luxury real property meant two things for the real estate salesforce: profit and competition. To maximize profit in the competitive real estate industry, sellers and realtors need to stand out by using the right marketing strategies—and one of these powerful marketing tools is luxury real estate videography.

Ahead is everything you need to know about why video marketing is crucial for real estate professionals, how it can help your listings convert, and ways it can elevate your career in the Brittany Salesforce.


More Than a Thousand Words: How Video Marketing Drives Real Property Sales

Photo of white mansion with blue-colored roofs under daylight. The house is surrounded by trees and fresh grass.

A standard real property listing (both for commercial real estate and residential real estate) typically includes details of luxury properties, a narrative description of amenities and features of the luxury house and lot for sale, the contact information of the listing agent, and some photos of the property. The goal is to virtually appeal to many buyers and inspire them to reach out and make a purchase. But considering the thousands of listings available online and the shrinking attention span of buyers, making your listings remarkable through eye-catching videos is no longer an option—it is a necessity.

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A video can give an in-depth look at luxury properties or a luxury house and lot for sale in a way that text and photos cannot. It helps buyers visualize the property better and imagine themselves in the scene.  In other words, video property listings highlight the true value of featured real estate investments, thus making the selling process quicker and easier for both the buyer and the seller.

Numbers also backed the claims that luxury real estate videography can maximize your residential real estate listings and elevate real estate transactions with potential buyers. According to the National Association of Realtors, real estate listings that include relevant videos receive a whopping 403% more sales inquiries compared with listings that only feature text and images. In addition, 73% of real estate investors are more inclined to list and do business with a real estate agent that uses relevant videos for their listings.


Ways to Elevate Your Real Estate Transactions with Real Estate Videography

Photo of white mansion with blue-colored roofs under daylight. The house is surrounded by trees and fresh grass.

Despite its proven efficacy, real estate videography remains underutilized both by the customer and the corporate salesforce. If the idea of using real estate videography in your listings sounds daunting to you, this handy guide might just be what you need to start right.

Choose the Right Kind of Video

Just like film, a real estate video project comes in different genres that appeal to different types of audiences. The key is knowing what content is relevant to your prospects and delivering exactly that. Below are some of the major categories and types of real estate videos you can use.

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This type of real estate video is typically designed for real estate property listings. Guided tours are virtual walkthroughs that show the key selling points down to minor relevant features of the real estate property  (e.g. locked or lockable doors, outdoor view, etc.) Include as many details of the property as possible. Think of it as an open house of sorts, but in video format.


A property’s location is as valuable as its features. That said, familiarize potential clients in your area with neighborhood and community videos. Showcase shopping centers, office buildings, business districts, and leisure hot spots in the area. For this type of video, high-quality aerial shots and drone footage are essential in showcasing the surrounding area of the listed property. For example, the single-family homes in Vista Alabang offer not only the best of Italian-inspired architecture and construction but also the convenience of living in one of the country’s urban oases. Neighborhood and community videos give investors a clear picture of the place they will live in, which can positively influence their purchase decisions. The same principle applies to luxury lots or vacant land.


Leverage the power of success stories in your listings. As the name suggests, testimonial videos include positive reviews and commentaries of satisfied homebuyers that you have assisted in the past. Good word-of-mouth establishes your credibility as a real estate professional, especially to new audiences. Take note, though, that authenticity is a critical factor in building customer trust. Make sure that the featured testimonials in your video sound and feel genuine, in addition to being spoken in a positive light.

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Sell a Lifestyle, Not Just Personal Property.

For you to make an emotional connection with buyers, don’t make your videos too corporate. Mention the property’s features but highlight the lifestyle that could be permanently attached to the ownership of the luxury house and lot for sale as well. For example, owning a luxury condo unit in Crosswinds Tagaytay, a high-end enclave under Brittany Corporation, allows buyers to unwind and relax with nature whenever they can. They can also experience what “vacation living” is because Tagaytay is surrounded by tourist hot spots, nature, and food hubs.

If you are selling an undeveloped property or vacant land, like Lausanne by Crosswinds, focus on the future developments in the area. Lausanne’s strategic location in Tagaytay makes it the perfect blank canvas for building a lucrative business or housing opportunity.

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Spread Out: Post Your Video on YouTube and Other Online Platforms.

As a member of the Brittany Salesforce, you know the importance of reaching the right prospects in making a sale. And that is only possible when you go to where your target audience is. Reposting your videos on other social media platforms allows you to virtually reach more people and, by extension, expand your potential customer base. Share repurposed videos on corporate or professional social media channels like LinkedIn and the company’s official YouTube channel. Many buyers use YouTube. In particular, it is used as a source of information when they research a product. This makes sense because Google, one of the biggest search engine platforms in the world, owns YouTube.

Note: First impressions are important, but sustaining that attention is what will determine your success as a real estate professional. That said, don’t forget to include your call to action on your video listings. You can ask them to visit the company’s official website, follow your socials, go on a virtual tour, schedule an in-person house showing, and more. Include your corporate contact details as well.

The Bottomline

The competitive landscape of corporate and customer salesforce makes one thing clear—you might never have a second chance to make a good first impression. Foster strong connections with potential buyers by setting your standard of excellence as early as possible.

As a member of the Brittany Salesforce, one of your main tasks is to be a guiding voice during the conceptualizing, shooting, editing process, and post-production of premium real estate video listings. Make sure that the quality of your real estate videos reflects the grandeur of the luxury properties you offer. Remember that Brittany Corporation offers not only luxury properties and upscale houses but also a world-class luxury living experience reserved for the privileged few.

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