Benefits Of Living Near Trees

“Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time.” – Katrina Mayer

Trees are ubiquitous and present in the natural world. Present in all shapes and sizes, trees can be found in different forms, in different places. These living beings have been standing firm on the earth’s ground much longer than we have, and it is our job to ensure that they continue to do so for the next generations to come.

Why is it good to live around trees?

Everyone knows and advertises trees to combat air pollution, but there are numerous other reasons as to why these sturdy beings must be protected and planted more. There are many benefits to living surrounded by trees, but here are the top reasons why you should look into it:

1.) Trees provide clean and fresh air

Trees no doubt have a beneficial effect to our atmosphere. With air pollution rampant, especially in urban areas, a breath of fresh air can be quite rare. Trees improve the air quality of an area by a huge amount.

Everyone knows that trees play a vital role in the quality of the air we breathe by exchanging carbon dioxide into oxygen. Living near trees ensures that the air surrounding your little green spaces are much cleaner and healthier than those without.

Trees boost productivity

2.) Trees boost productivity

Numerous studies have shown that trees have a positive impact on one’s mental health. They have also stated that spending time in nature helps the mind to be at ease and have better ability to focus.

Many mental health problems are caused by stress, which is why it is important to always watch and reduce one’s stress levels. In this matter, trees have also been proven to encourage people and increase one’s mood.

3.) Trees connect you with the rest of nature

The saying “between every two [pine] trees is a doorway to a new world” can be heard everywhere, and for good reason. Simply relaxing under a tree’s shade allows you to be one with your environment, breathing fresh air and getting your healthy dose of sunlight.

While a tree itself already plays a big part in making you connect with nature, it also serves as the path for other living beings. There are animals, espcially birds, who tend to frequent trees quite often. You might make unexpected friends!

4.) Trees have numerous health benefits

Trees offer many beneficial effects to human health to more than just the clean air for our respiratory system. Studies show that having more trees helps improves health perception and cardio metabolic conditions. Having a green space nearby or within the neighborhood will boost your immune systems for better health. Especially for big areas, going for a morning run or walk will lessen cases of obesity.

These benefits extend even further beyond simply physical health benefits, but also involve psychological benefits which have been proven many times by research. Especially during times like this pandemic, taking care of one’s mental health is an absolute must. Living near trees will help cause less anxiety and depression for residents living near trees.

Trees connect you with the rest of nature

5.) Trees are aesthetically pleasing

If you’re someone who takes pleasure in decorating and personalizing your homes and belongings, having a tree or two in your house is definitely something to be considered. Other than the many health benefits listed above, tress, when properly maintained, are very pleasing to the eyes.

Having hints of nature in your home is a great way to improve the liveliness and add color to your home by giving it some form of life. Having a tree at home or anywhere in general helps give a sense of comfort and relaxation even by just merely being in the presence of it.

6.) Trees increase the market value of a property

Due to the many reasons we’ve stated above, lots of homeowners are looking for trees when purchasing their new homes. There are so much more benefits to living near trees, which is why it is highly sought after.

The maturity of a tree usually goes up along with its increase price in property value. The tree diameter is one of the parameters that serve as a basis in determining the increased rate of the the tree to the property’s value.

What are the responsibilities of having trees?

While there are many benefits to why you should start living near trees, it is important to remember that there are also responsibilities that come along with it. Trees are also living beings; hence, they must also be taken with care.

Not to worry, we assure you that all these added tasks are simple enough and are worth doing – yo8u might even start considering it a good pastime or hobby!

It requires space

There are many types of trees which grow in different sizes and different times, so it is always very important to consider the space and type of tree. It is important to keep not if the space you currently have is sufficient and must be planned accordingly.

There is some maintenance to be done

Trees undergo their own cycles, as any living being. These include fallen leaves and/or branches which will most likely occur. Cleaning must be done in order for your green space to serve its purpose. Green areas that are not well-maintained trees are much harder on the eyes and may even cause added stress.

Trees may pose as a hazard if not properly handled

Especially when a tree reaches maturity wherein it has grown to be big, it may pose as a hazard, especially during natural disasters. This is also one of the reasons why it is important to plan out the layout of how the trees will grow long-term, so that it may not pose as a hazard even in times of disaster.

Where can I find the perfect place for my home with trees?

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Where can I find the perfect place for my home with trees


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