Benefits Of Living in Tagaytay in 2023

Over the years, many homeowners fancied the big city life—and understandably so. Living in Metro Manila means access to almost everything. Entertainment spots and amenities are everywhere, mass transportation is accessible, and vast job opportunities are available are just a few of the major perks of living in highly-urbanized areas. But these come with the cost of noise and pollution. This is why the unexpected rise of remote work setup contributed to city-dwellers leaving the city to relocate to greener residences like Tagaytay. Know more about the benefits of living in Tagaytay City, the luxury real estate options available in the area, and why it could be your next dream address below.

Why Tagaytay is One of the Best Places to Live in 2023

Living in Tagaytay comes with many perks. Locals and tourists hailed Tagaytay City as one of the most popular vacation spots in the Philippines for a reason. The fresh air and chilly weather in the city are definitely two of its major crowd pullers, but the list does not end there. Getting around Tagaytay will make you notice that despite having vast greeneries, the city does not fall short when it comes to accessibility to modern leisure hubs and business districts. On top of these, Tagaytay is only a short drive from Metro Manila.

So, if you are contemplating about relocating, reviewing first the significant benefits of living in Tagaytay will help you make a sound decision.

The Chilly and Crisp Climate of the City

Tagaytay City is dubbed as the “Second Summer Capital of the Philippines,” next to Baguio City, because of its chilly weather all year round. This is not surprising because Tagaytay City stands tall at over 2,100 above sea level and has abundant trees and greeneries. That said, you can enjoy the city’s cold breeze and chilly weather throughout the year. Tourists and guests flock to Tagaytay, especially during the summer season, for the same reason.

Crosswinds Tagaytay luxury condo development in Tagaytay

The cold climate in Tagaytay also contributes to energy-efficient households because homeowners can limit the use of air-conditioning, leading to lower utility bills and more savings.

Tagaytay has Less Pollution and More Green Spaces

Because of the lack of trees and green spaces, air pollution is an ongoing problem in highly-urbanized and congested cities like Metro Manila. Tagaytay, on the other hand, is known for its green spaces and nature parks that contribute to the city’s fresh air and relaxing atmosphere. As a result, it is easier for residents to start or maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Most parks and sidewalks in Tagaytay, especially those in residential areas, are jogger-friendly. You can easily take a walk or outside while enjoying the fresh breeze. It is also easy to find safe bike trails when getting around Tagaytay.

Nearness to Metro Manila 

Although Tagaytay is located down South of the province of Cavite, it is only a short drive away from Metro Manila. You can easily travel back and forth between the two cities whenever you need to. If you are coming from Manila, you can visit Tagaytay City through different major roads: Emilio Aguinaldo Highway Cavite or via Sta. Rosa Exit (SLEX). Your other options are Silangan Exit through Casile Road, Laguna, and Batino Exit through Calamba Tagaytay Road. Just be mindful of the heavy traffic situation during peak seasons, like weekends and holidays, when most tourists and some locals are likely on the road.

Scenic Views and Tourist Destinations

The elevated topography of Tagaytay blessed its residence with picture-worthy landscapes and wide spaces. After all, living in Tagaytay is essentially living in a tourist destination. You will appreciate these panoramic sights fully when you live in a luxury condo unit. Imagine waking up to the stunning sight of pine trees, or popular views like Mount Makiling, the popular Taal Lake, or Laguna de Bay—definitely an experience worth investing in. Tagaytay is a relaxing retreat away from the mundane buildings, busy streets, and crowded roads of Metro Manila.

Accessibility to Essential Amenities and Leisure Spots

One of the distinct characteristics of Tagaytay is its geographic classification. Tagaytay is a combination of urban and rural areas. Even though the city has an abundance of green spaces, the availability of essential amenities and leisure spots is not a problem. Urban amenities like reputable schools, hospitals, banks, and markets are easily accessible by locals, either by mass transportation or private vehicles.

In addition, residents and tourists have a variety of choices when it comes to food and entertainment. Getting around Tagaytay will introduce you to local restaurants that offer the best local delicacies in the city. Bulalo restaurants, for example, can be found almost everywhere. If you prefer dining with a view, you can explore the long list of al-fresco cafes overlooking the Taal volcano or other scenic landscapes of Tagaytay. Of course, shopping centers, lifestyle malls, and eco-parks are also aplenty.

Crosswinds Tagaytay features Swiss-inspired homes with surrounding pine trees, flora, and interesting vantage points

High Market Value of Luxury Real Estate Properties

The location of luxury condo units (and house and lot properties for sale) plays a huge role in the market value of a luxury real estate property. Tagaytay is already established as a real estate hot spot in the Philippines, thanks to the improved quality of life it offers to homebuyers, as opposed to the conventional city life in the Metro. The city’s urban-suburban geographical setup promises the best of both worlds to those who want to experience the quaint lifestyle of the suburbs without missing out on the convenience of big cities.

All these combined, luxury real estate properties in Tagaytay hold high market value and have good resale potential. The ongoing development plans for Tagaytay when it comes to tourism, housing, employment, and residence are also several of the factors that can boost a property’s market value and profit potential.

Experience True Luxury Living in Crosswinds Tagaytay by Brittany Corporation

The benefits of living in Tagaytay prove that it is one of the best cities to reside in. And when it comes to finding your dream home, trust the one who can do it best—Brittany Corporation. As the leading developer of world-class residences in the Philippines, Brittany Corporation takes pride in Crosswinds Tagaytay, a Swiss-inspired community on the breathtaking hillsides of Tagaytay. More than 10,000 pine trees surround the 100-hectare resort residences, where midrise luxury condominiums beautifully stand.

Each luxury condo unit is a modern take on traditional Swiss chalets, complementing the cool climate and lush slopes of Tagaytay City.  You can choose from spacious studio units to 1-bedroom units with balconies where you can enjoy the panoramic views of the beautiful Tagaytay hillsides. On top of those, Crosswinds Tagaytay features a host of world-class amenities, like swimming pools and gyms, for a comfortable stay. The master-planned community is also surrounded by cafes and upscale restaurants offering a variety of options, ranging from Swiss-inspired menus to more.

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The ideal location of Crosswinds Tagaytay also gives you the opportunity to put up your luxury condo unit for rent and earn passive income. The steady stream of staycationers and holiday-goers going to Tagaytay creates a solid market demand that promises high returns, especially during peak seasons.

Need Help? Ask Brittany Corporation

Brittany is your all-knowing source of everything about luxury real estate developments, high-society culture, and everything in between. If you are interested in investing in a luxury condo unit located in the beautiful hillsides of Tagaytay, Brittany Corporation got you covered. Click here if you have any sales or business-related inquiries. If you want to reach out to Brittany’s Marketing team, click here. To explore more luxury condo units and house and lot properties under Brittany, take a quick virtual tour by clicking here.

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