How 5G Will Revolutionize The Digital Landscape


The internet is undeniably a huge part of people’s lives nowadays. The growth of digitization has been exponential, especially for the last couple of years, because of the need to distance ourselves from others physically. Today, the internet is not just a thing we need for entertainment, but many people’s livelihoods are also dependent on it.


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The Internet has revolutionized the world in the past decades


Despite the ongoing studies about the negative impacts of internet use, we cannot deny that it has made our lives better in many ways. It revolutionized different sectors of our society—from communications, business, education, healthcare, media, and more. Technological innovations are being introduced left and right with the power of wireless technology. Indeed, the internet was able to transform our daily lives. As humankind, we have gone a long way.


For someone familiar with the digital landscape, maybe even casually, the term 5G might already sound familiar. It is a buzzword that has been going around for the past years, and today, we can say that it is finally here. In the coming months, we can look forward to knowing more about the new standard of wireless technology as it continues to roll out worldwide.


What we need to know about 5G

5G is the 5th generation mobile network after 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G. Hence, the name 5G was given to it. It is an advancement in wireless technology, a new network that will connect everything virtually, including devices and machines. There is even a study that claims that 5G will be as revolutionary as the discovery of electricity and the invention of automobiles. It has that considerable potential to change the world as we know it.

So, what exactly can we expect with 5G?


The Speed of 5G Network

You can now forget the fastest mobile network speed you have ever experienced because 5G is more than ten times better than 4G. It is made possible by higher-frequency radio bands that this network uses to deliver signals. This makes downloading high-resolution videos done in seconds with its average data rates of 100+ Megabits-per-second (Mbps) and a peak of 20 Gigabits-per-second (Gbps). Of course, download speeds are affected by many factors—one of which is the bandwidth—and do not just vary on the type of 5G connectivity. Like the previous ones, such as 4G, it will not always be at its peak performance, but this speed is possible.


5G Network’s Lower Latency

Aside from the speed, another exciting innovation that 5G has compared to its predecessors is its lower latency. This means that the gap time for data to be transmitted will be significantly reduced. It will provide a new and better experience with the term “real-time,” whether with live broadcasting, streaming, or more future innovations that are underway as 5G continues to be implemented in more parts of the world.

The speed and low latency of 5G are a gateway for several helpful advancements that can solve many existing problems of the world today. This includes remote robotic surgery that can be used for critical cases that need urgent life-saving treatments. 5G can finally provide the precision required to perform such treatments safely. It also opens doors to the possibility of providing accurate medical diagnoses anytime and anywhere, and even the delivery of medical equipment and supplies with the use of drones.


Black and Silver Drone Quadcopter

5G will transform the medical field with new technological innovations


5G can also push the use of autonomous or remote-controlled vehicles that can be utilized in places that might be dangerous or hard to reach, such as mining areas. And in areas where air pollution is a huge concern, 5G will give way to real-time reports on air quality so people can be informed and take caution on days with high air quality hazards.

This technology shows that the faster information is transmitted, the faster the response will be. We have not seen the complete picture yet, but we can see that 5G is opening endless opportunities for more advancements that could make our lives significantly better.


5G is More Environment-Friendly

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5G promises lesser energy consumption


With the dramatic increase in speed, 5G will consume less power than any other mobile network generation before. This improvement will directly result in less energy use, like charging our mobile phones, since it will last longer when connected to the 5G network. Collectively, this innovation is a game-changer and offers many opportunities to help preserve the environment. 5G will make way for energy efficiency and less greenhouse gas emissions.


5G and the Digital Landscape

The rate of digitization sees no sign of stopping at the moment. Many industries suffer from the decision to hamper the move to digital before the pandemic. Today, digitization is no longer a preference; it is a necessity. Now that we see 5G becoming the new standard of connectivity, there is even a more prominent call for industries to go all out in the digital space.

The move to the 5G network will drive a massive transformation for service providers to launch innovative solutions using the power of an improved network. This will entail significant changes in infrastructure and regulations set to revolutionize the digital landscape and many other industries in the upcoming decade.

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5G network will drive digital transformation


While the previous mobile network generations were known to cater to personal communications and social connections, the pandemic highlighted and even fast-tracked the many other opportunities in the digital platform.

For the past few years, digital space has been taken over by consumers and enterprises, which was a significant shift in the business world. Having 5G replace the standard of connectivity we currently have, we can expect industries to take things to the next level.


On the other hand, great technological innovations also come with vulnerabilities. Since 5G is virtualized and software-driven unlike 4G that is centralized and hardware-based, the former is more vulnerable for cyberattacks. Moreover, the attack surface with 5G became much bigger. This will push the entire digital landscape to change priorities and invest heavily on cybersecurity to avoid such threats. Industries must start working to make this a foundation of their operations which will lead to ensuring network security.


Also, it is important to take note that the transition to the 5G network will take time. It will incur heavy costs on telecommunication service providers to build infrastructure such as antennas, base stations, and fiber-optic cables to enable 5G to its full potential and be widely adopted by consumers. But with the buzz that 5G is getting for the past years, providers will definitely have to pursue the move and build whatever is needed to be built to make it happen. Yes, it will take time and lots of money but we will eventually get there. Together with it, we will see the changes in the digital landscape as we start to utilize the new generation network.

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Technology has transformed our lives. In a time when people really put a premium on speed and convenience, having innovations such as 5G will make a huge difference in the entire world. Going after these innovations might sound like a luxury to some, but things that will provide us time and great comfort moving forward is a pursuit worth seeking.

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