The 5 Biggest Davao Festival and Celebrations You Should Not Miss

If you want to know more about a certain place, attending its local festivities is always a good idea. When thinking about festivals, many people thought of huge social gatherings, overflowing food and beverages, and venues clad in colorful ensembles and high spirits. And they were right — festivals are meant to be fun celebrations rooted in a deeper purpose. These celebrations have layers that honor the rich culture, people, and history of a certain community. Major festivals in Mindanao, for instance, highlight tribes and traditions that are special to its locals. While many luxury real estate property investors visit Mindanao to explore its dynamic economy, developed infrastructures, and world-class landscapes, travelers also flock to the region to experience its rich heritage and festivities.

Brittany Corporation lists down the best festivals in Mindanao and why you need to attend these events even one even once in your life. Read on to know more.

Top Festivals in Mindanao: A Celebration of the Culture of Davao City

The years of social isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic make the comeback of festivals even more special. Many will agree that collective physical gatherings of communities are profound experiences, especially those that allow participants to celebrate and explore culture, society, and traditions.

Here are some of the biggest festivals in Davao that you should add to your travel list.

Araw ng Dabaw

One of the most popular festivals in Mindanao is The Araw ng Dabaw (Davao Day), a yearly festival celebrating the Foundation day of Davao City. That said, expect a week-long feast and events that highlight the best of the Davaoeñan community. Festival attendees can indulge in local cuisines through food fairs and dining events featuring the best food in Davao City. Agri trade fairs also offer fresh fruits in season, like the infamous Durian. Plus, festivals are not complete without flea markets. Araw ng Dabaw converts selected streets of Davao City for thrift shops, plant bazaars, and novelty stores where you can cop interesting finds and score great bargains.

Another highlight of this Davao festival is the “Mutya ng Dabaw.” As the name suggests, the beauty pageant aims to hail the “Ambassadress of Goodwill” of Davao City. Participants are called to showcase their wisdom, beauty, and cultural talents through local fashion, music, and art, among others.

You can look forward to The Araw ng Dabaw Festival yearly every 16th of March.

The 5 Biggest Davao Festival and Celebrations You Should Not Miss

The Kadayawan Festival in Davao City

Known as the “Crown Jewel of Mindanao,” Davao is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region. It is easy to be enchanted by the spectacular natural landscapes, beautiful coral islands, and rich heritage of Davao. The cultural richness of Davao is celebrated through its grand and frolic festivals that attract people from all over the world. One of which is the Kadayawan Festival.

Kadayawan means anything that brings good luck. It is derived from the Mandaya word madayaw — which means treasured, beautiful, or superior. That said, the Kadayawan festival is a thanksgiving celebration for a good life brought by a bountiful harvest, wealth of culture, and the beauty of nature. Aside from those, this Davao festival is also a way to pay tribute to the artistic and historical heritage of Lumad — the tribes of Davao — including Maguindanaon, Matigsalog, Maranao, Tausug, Ovu Manubo, Ata, Iranun, Bagobo-Klata, Kagan, Sama, and Bagobo-Tagabawa.

Vibrant colors and cheerful tunes fill the streets of Davao City during the Kadayawan Festival. You will see giant parade floats, agricultural bounties, as well as art and local fairs around the city. During the Floral Float Parade Davaoeño showcase their creativity by parading various floats designed with flowers (especially Waling-Waling) and fresh produce from the region, including Durian, mangosteen, and rambutan.

One of the highlights of this Davao festival is the local quest for the “Hiyas sa Kadayawan.” The beauty pageant aims to hail a role model, among the indigenous tribes of Davao City, that represents the ideal Mindanawon values and native culture.

top festivals in mindanao

On top of those, the Kadayawan Festival in Davao is also a venue for other activities like indigenous music exhibitions from local artists, Tribuhaning Pasundayag (a tribal cultural show), and the anticipated dance competition: Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan.

The Kadayawan Festival in Davao City happens yearly every third week of August.

Pasko Fiesta in Davao City

Pasko or Christmas is a celebrated holiday almost all over the world, but Pasko Fiesta in Davao City takes it to another level. The municipality forms an exclusive committee to plan Christmas events that transform the whole of Davao City into Christmas mode. During this Davao festival, it is normal to see baranggay streets, major roads, luxury real estate properties, and other establishments gleaming with holiday decors and Christmas lights.

Christmas shopping is also in full swing during Pasko Fiesta. You can visit night markets brimming with discount items, novelty finds, and souvenirs — arguably the best choices for Christmas gifts. When you get hungry, you can count on the food bazaars set up during the festival. A warm bite of local delicacies like kakanins (rice cake) is a perfect ending for Simbang Gabi.

Davao City Chinese New Year Festival

Part of what makes Davao special is it is a melting pot of various cultures and traditions. Festivals in Mindanao highlight not only indigenous roots but also cultural fusion. Case in point: The Chinese New Year Festival in Davao City. The only Chinatown in Mindanao is located in Davao City, so the town hosts the biggest celebration for the Chinese-Filipino or Chinoy communities in the Philippines.

Every 25th of January, people welcome the Chinese New Year with a prosperous feast of Chinese food and Davao delicacies, exchange gift ceremonies, New Year parades, and more. You can look forward to colorful motorcades, Chinese temple tours, and film showings as well. For good luck, businesses also choose the Chinese New Year as their ribbon-cutting date.

Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Cake Festival in Davao City

Another major festival for the Filipino-Chinese community in Davao is the Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival or Moon Cake Festival, for short. The tradition that happens every 1st of September or October encourages everyone to share a moon cake with their loved ones during a full moon. For the uninitiated, moon cakes are sweet or savory Chinese pastries typically filled with red bean paste or nuts. In Chinese culture, the circular shape of a full moon and a round moon cake symbolizes happiness, completeness, and the reunion of families and loved ones.

Unlike the loud atmosphere of other festivals in Mindanao, the Moon Cake festival is calm and laid-back. You can look forward to lantern shows and food bazaars during this time of the year.

Experience World-Class Luxury Living in Davao City with Brittany Corporation

Experience World-Class Luxury Living in Davao City with Brittany Corporation

The grand festivals in Davao show that the community, heritage, and tradition of the place are very much alive. These co-exist with Davao’s high regard for its growing economic landscape. Many hail Davao as one of the most livable cities in the Philippines, even a great alternative for Metro Manila and Cebu, for many reasons.

The highly-urbanized city attracts luxury real estate investors, thanks in part to its key infrastructures like the Davao City Bypass Road, the Mindanao Railway, as well as the expansion of the Davao International Airport. Add this to the beautiful natural landscapes, booming tourism industry, and bountiful agribusiness sectors and it is very easy to see why Davao City is a place brimming with opportunities for luxury living and more.

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