Villar City: A Rising Destination for Luxury Property Investments

Nowadays, there is a growing fascination for people of all ages to discover and explore various lifestyle hubs and bustling business districts. Be it to do research or learn new vibrant communities to hang out with friends and loved ones, these lifestyle hubs and business districts are changing the way we do life.

When we go to our social media feeds, every day we are being introduced to a new premier lifestyle hub to go to. Recommendations are popping up here and there and while most of them are situated at the heart of the metro, some of them can be found in nearby cities that perhaps you and your friends haven’t explored yet.

One of which is Villar City. It is located at 1750 Daang Hari Road in Southern Metro Manila, near the new Central Business District which is in Alabang. This Italian-inspired community is one of the luxury real estate developments of Brittany Corporation, a subsidiary of Vista Land & Lifescapes and the most successful homebuilder and pioneer in themed real estate development in the Philippines.

Designed to bring your family closer while allowing you to indulge in the Italian lifestyle within the walls of your luxury home, Villar City is a residential community that drew its inspiration from Southern Europe in terms of architecture, luxury living, and charming streetscape.

Villar City: The Pinnacle of Luxury Living

Considering that Villar City is situated in one of the bustling business districts in the country, which is in Alabang, it is guaranteed that this luxury community is on the radar of discerning inventors. As a matter of fact, Villar City is becoming one of the prime locations for luxury property investments and businesses considering that its location is a rising central business district in the South.

There is a wide array of multinational enterprises and corporations that are investing in the said business district, prompting other investors to do more for the flourishment of the said city, making numerous work and business opportunities flourish. Hence, many are looking for properties to invest in in order to be nearer to these opportunities.

At Villar City, unmatched accessibility and convenience to work and business opportunities are at your fingertips. This means that accessing everyday needs is easier since this luxury community is equipped with commercial establishments that cater to your needs and preferences.

For instance, you have the Evia Lifestyle Center in Villar City. This lifestyle center is one of the top shopping malls in the country located along the Daang Hari Road. Aside from the stores here that will satisfy your shopping needs, there are also cafes, restaurants, and entertainment areas for your weekend getaways and hangouts. Moreover, there are also other lifestyle centers and country clubs around the area that offer modern amenities to make your time there more meaningful.

Accessibility Features That Make Villar City Stand Out

Not to mention that there are other places near Villa City you can explore when you travel via the Manila Cavite Expressway, Villar Avenue, and Daang Hari Road. Furthermore, the Villar group expanded its business portfolio when Prime Asset Ventures Inc. signed the implementing agreements for the purchase of Muntinlupa Cavite Expressway (MCX) from Ayala Corporation. Doing errands and business as well as hanging out in the metro will be easier as well when you take the said expressways.

On the other hand, if you are the type to enjoy your solitude, Villar City is a beautiful community surrounded by lush landscapes and green spaces. This means stress-free days are ahead of you since you can stroll around this luxury community and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You may also do exercises like jogging and biking or walk your pets during the sunsets.

Another perk of achieving that luxury living at Villar City is the Italian-inspired lifestyle it exudes because of its Italian architecture. Many of us desire to live abroad because of the beautiful communities and houses built there.

Good thing that Brittany Corporation has already built ultra luxury lot for sale in Villar City patterned after the charm of Old European grandeur. Known for arch-headed, pedimented windows, signorial towers with decorative cupolas, and grand columns decorated by corbels, Villar City has the same Italian class and sophistication when it comes to architecture since the entire luxury community evokes the magnificent display of Italian beauty in every ultra luxury lot for sale in Villar City.

As a matter of fact, wherever you lay your eyes on this luxury community, you will only see the consistent design of Italian inspiration in luxury homes and on the streets.

Balancing Work and Play in Villar City

Exploring more of what Villar City has to offer

Villar City is not only known for its sophistication and Italian-inspired lifestyle but for its exclusivity for safety and security as well. Rest assured that the entire community is gated and equipped with state-of-the-art home security features. There are 24-hour security personnel as well to ensure that the entire neighborhood is safe including the residents’ assets. In addition, the premises around this luxury community are also exclusively safe and secured.

Aside from the security and safety that Villar City offers to its residents, this luxury community is also equipped with modern amenities to promote a balanced lifestyle to the residents. This is vital since not all gated communities offer amenities that cater to the preferences and needs of the residents. At Villar City, residents’ needs are prioritized and so, Villar City offers Olympic-sized swimming pools for recreation and having fun.

There are also specific areas in the community where families and their kids can do various sports such as basketball, badminton, and volleyball. Creating these spaces in Villar City is Brittany Corporation’s way of fostering a more active and healthier lifestyle for all the residents. In addition, Villar City also has clubhouses and function rooms for important events and milestones in the lives of its residents. This is another way of encouraging them to enjoy to the fullest all the perks that luxury living at Villar City has to offer.

Furthermore, your family no longer needs to commute or go to other places to experience such valuable moments. At the premised of Villar City, important moments with family and loved ones are well-kept and celebrated.

Villar City Heritage Tree Lighting

Furthermore, Villar City is a luxury community that is closer to nature despite being in close proximity to the Metro. If you are dreaming of settling in a luxury home where being one with nature is also a perk, Villar City is the ideal residence for you. In Villar City, you have easy access to green spaces and colorful blooms of pocket gardens.

This is specifically designed for residents who prefer to live in a modern and booming community but are closer to nature at the same time. With this beautiful scenery surrounding you, rest assured that your stay at Villar City will be vibrant and refreshing.

In line with this, Villar City is actually known for its sustainable properties. The said luxury community is committed to a greener future, including other luxury properties constructed by Brittany Corporation. Two of its luxury estates in Villar City are nestled within the lush landscapes of Villar City. These properties are Forresta and Portofino Alabang. Each luxury property estate has its own charm but both are designed with property values that live up to sustainability and a greener future.

This includes open spaces in the community as well as lush greenery and family leisure activities. In addition, Villar City is envisioned to be a center for economic growth through a tech valley and modern CBD that promotes multifunctional development in Las Piñas, Alabang, and some areas in the Cavite province. This vision is rooted in creating a new center of gravity for the expansion and growth of many businesses.


Fusion of Sustainability and Luxury Living at Villar City

It’s rare to find a luxury community that promotes a greener future. At Villar City, a sustainable lifestyle without leaving the city is a possibility. Indeed, this is what makes Villar City an ultra-luxury residence reserved for a few. Be refreshed and relaxed while you are being lulled by one million trees around the estate and encouraged to spend more active hours outdoors. This luxury community is constructed with beautiful and fine Italian architecture and is equipped with green spaces, several parks, walking routes, and biking trails to ensure sustainability for the entire estate and a healthier lifestyle for the residents as well. This kind of community is a rarity these days. And so, if you are thinking of investing in a luxury real estate property where sustainability and luxury living are well-combined together, this is your time to check out the sustainable ultra-luxury lot for sale in Villar City. Consider sending Brittany Corporation a message now for inquiries.

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