Summer Vacation Homes: A Guide to Finding Your Dream Luxury Property

March to May are the so-called summer months in the Philippines and the ideal time to travel for a restorative holiday. Every hardworking Filipino deserves to relax with their loved ones after spending most of their time working themselves to death to make ends meet, whether they are traveling abroad or to a stunning local tourist destination.

You will undoubtedly need a place to stay in the form of a vacation house rental whether you want to stay at your trip destination for three days, a week, or a month. Yet there are several things you must first consider before making a decision. In this blog post we’d like to assist you choose the ideal vacation rental spaces to spend your break this hot summer.

What is a Vacation Home?

A vacation home is a a second home that is not the owner’s primary residence and is mostly used for leisure activities, such as vacations or holidays. A vacation home, which is often referred to as a recreational property or dwelling, is frequently located apart from the owner’s regular abode. Many owners rent out their vacation homes while they aren’t using them because they are only used during specific times of the year.

What is a Vacation Home

Where to Stay?

The ideal setting for a trip to the Philippines is a hotel or condominium. Condos give more space and privacy while hotels provide luxury and comfort at a reasonable price. Instead of making multiple hotel reservations for a large group, think about renting a property.

Guide to Finding Your Dream Luxury Property

With more room than a hotel room, vacation homes are ideal for the gatherings of family and friends. Depending on the sort of property you choose and the amenities offered, it might also be less expensive. If you are looking for a place to stay, learn about the key considerations below before choosing a vacation rental for your upcoming trip with your family.

  • Check previous guests’ reviews

It goes without saying that the majority of landlords will only have positive things to say about the property they’re renting. Spend some time reading and check out evaluations left by past visitors and based on their experience to get a more unbiased and fair perspective on the quality of the property. The people that provide insightful evaluations are frequently the ones who have either a wonderful or awful stay.

If there is no feedback available, the proprietors are probably just starting out in the vacation rental business. However, this does not imply that they are unreliable as a provider of home-sharing services. Instead, you can speak with the property’s owners directly to learn more about it and determine whether it’s worthwhile to pursue.

  • Location is the key

In the Philippines, there are certain prime places that draw many buyers to the real estate properties there. For vacation rentals, the same holds true. Imagine a rental home in a neighborhood with no close groceries and no reliable public transit, to mention a few. A rental home that lacks even the most basic conveniences will make your trip more difficult. Hence, before selecting the ideal holiday rental home, do some local research.

  • Consider the vacation home rental type

It’s ideal to pick the kind of home rental you and your family prefer to rent before you even go for your trip. Would a townhouse, inn, or condominium appeal to you? Since that not all vacation rental accommodations are created equal, this can assist you in reducing your alternatives. This will also enable you to calculate your property costs, as they differ depending on the type of rental.

  • Rental Cost

Knowing a property’s costs in advance will help you choose the ideal vacation rental for your family trip while staying within your means if you’re on a tight budget. You can choose from more economical vacation rentals without sacrificing necessary features.

summer vacation homes

  • Look for quality amenities

Don’t forget to check for high-quality amenities for your vacation rental while we’re talking about bonuses and extras. Your experience may be made or broken by this. If not, do you need to bring your own towels, toilet paper, soap, and shampoo? Choose a rental home with a functional kitchen area as an amenity if you want to prepare meals at home to save money rather than eating out.

  • Factor in accessibility and transportation

Consider accessibility and the availability of transportation in addition to the on-site amenities. It should ideally be close to markets, malls, and other important locations you might need to visit while on vacation. Your house rental needs to have access to main roads and highways where commuting wouldn’t be difficult if you don’t have a car.

  • Research the neighborhood

Make your research about the area, and this includes finding out whether, if at all, the area has lower crime rates, whether there are any loud clubs nearby that might interfere with your ability to sleep at night, and pretty much everything else you need to know about your travel location and the rental home.

Get Ready for Summer: A Unit Owner’s Checklist

The best season of the year for many people is summer. But before you can completely enjoy your summer vacation, condo owners have one more thing to think about: preparation. Here is a checklist of things you should complete before departing to make sure your condo is prepared for your well-earned vacation.

Check your airconditioning unit

Your air conditioning unit is among the most crucial things to examine before departing for your summer vacation. Call a specialist right away to fix it if it needs fixing or properly management. This can help prevent any further damage from happening while you’re away in addition to ensuring that your condo stays cool throughout that time.

get ready for summer

Check your appliances

Checking all of your appliances is an additional crucial step in getting ready for summer enjoyment. This entails checking that they are in good functioning order and looking for any symptoms of deterioration. Now is the moment to replace or fix anything that needs it! In this way, everything will be in order when you get back from a restful holiday.

Check your windows and doors

Finally, before leaving on vacation, check your windows and doors. In order to prevent heat or cold from entering or leaving your condo while you are away, make sure they are properly closed. Moreover, make sure all of the locks are secure and working properly; otherwise, a burglar might easily enter your home while you are away.

How to buy a vacation home?

You can start your journey of owning a Brittany luxury home by checking our property offerings to choose a community you want to be a part of and proceed with the Online reservation form tab on the website. Check out our properties page here.

Start Planning Your Summer Trip

The Philippines has experiences for everyone, whether they’re seeking for a luxury hotels or a roomy condos, historic sites or bustling cities, mouthwatering regional food or fare from around the world. This stunning nation guarantees an amazing summer vacation this year with its wide variety of outstanding summer sites and experiences.

In the heart of cities throughout the Philippines, Brittany provides a variety of top-notch serviced condo lodgings. Living areas that are roomy and comfy with breathtaking city skyline views are available. To experience the best of the Philippines, book your stay right away!

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