Suburbs: Where Home Values Are Rising

Living in the city might be a dream for a lot of people. The abundance of career opportunities and recreational centers attracts a lot of hopeful home seekers into the city. These are factors that contribute to the constant demand for properties in cities, which also leads to higher housing prices compared to rural areas.

However, since the pandemic-, the real estate market has experienced an increasing demand for suburban luxury real estate properties. While increased demand is a huge part of why home values are rising, there are other factors.

The pandemic forced everyone to adjust. Not only businesses and employees but students as well. Because families are forced to stay at home, there is a growing appreciation for larger spaces and surrounding nature. Residents can experience these at luxury home real estate in suburban areas.

Due to this, more prospective buyers and real estate investors are looking for high-end residential properties in suburban areas. As the pioneer builder of luxury houses and condos for sale in the Philippines, Brittany Corporation develops communities at prime locations in suburban areas where residents can enjoy extravagant living spaces surrounded by nature.

Suburban living is becoming more popular leading to rising home values.

Advantages of Suburban Properties in Housing Market

The housing market changes along with the demands of prospective buyers. Housing supply must meet the demand. Otherwise, housing prices are going to increase. However, regardless of the current demand, luxury houses and condos for sale in suburban areas continue to be sold at a fast rate.

This can be attributed to the desirability of suburban properties. Even before the pandemic, there has been an increasing interest in suburban living. These are the advantages of living in luxury real estate properties in suburban areas.

Stable Home Prices

Compared to home prices in cities, house prices of luxury houses and condos for sale in suburban areas are more stable. If prices increase, it is going to be gradual and may happen over some time. On the other hand, home prices in cities are more likely to spike depending on the current condition of the economy.

Manageable Mortgage Rates

Parallel to housing prices is mortgage rates. Because the location of the property is in a suburban, mortgage rates are considerably lower. With lower home prices, mortgage rates are more manageable in suburban properties, making it easier for home seekers to find affordable housing. While it is true that suburban properties are subjected to rising interest rates, mortgage rates are still comparably lower in suburban areas.

Lower Population Density

Cities are becoming more crowded, and this can be a disadvantage for most, especially for families who seek safer and more private properties. With lower population density, suburbs are the better choice for home seekers who want to live in peaceful and private luxury real estate.

Living in suburban neighboorhood has many benefits

Accessibility of Location

Suburban may not be as crowded as city centers, but they are still close to rural areas where major road networks are linked. These road networks make these properties accessible. Commuting and traveling take less time with these road networks.

Proximity to Essential Establishments

Suburban areas are residential areas, but they are still within proximity to cities, which is why they are ideal locations. Residents can easily go to essential establishments such as schools, hospitals, grocery stores, and recreational centers.

Quieter Neighborhood

Lower population density means that communities are less crowded. Therefore, neighborhoods are quieter, and families can enjoy daily life without the noise of crowded cities.

Surrounded by Nature

One of the perks of suburban living is that you get to enjoy the lush greenery surrounding properties. Because there are fewer developments in suburban areas, properties are surrounded by nature.

Better Quality of Everyday Life

What ultimately makes suburban living desirable for home seekers is the quality of life. Away from cities, there is less pollution, which ensures that the clean air you breathe is clean and fresh. Residents can live peacefully and relax in their luxury homes and real estate in suburban areas while enjoying the surrounding nature.

Various factors contribute to rising values of properties in suburban areas

Factors of Rising Suburban Housing Prices

Suburban living is becoming more popular due to the many benefits that it offers to residents. This is one of the factors why home values are rising. Existing home sales might also not be able to meet the strong demand for housing supply.

However, there are various options for high-end residential property, especially with the community developments of Brittany Corporation. Because home values are rising, the developer of luxury houses and condos for sale are seeing that sales and investment are also going to spike.

The housing sector has experienced an all-time high in demand for high-end residential property in the past two years, which led to rising prices. Inflation also affected how home values are rising today. With a forecast of continued increase, it is important to understand what affects rising home values.

Growing Appetite for Suburban Living

Many buyers were interested in relocating to suburban areas, especially when the pandemic began. There is a growing appreciation for larger living spaces that can be customized according to the needs and preferences of homeowners.

Suburban living has many advantages, and these caused the growing appetite for luxury homes and real estate in suburban areas. Residents can enjoy a more relaxing and luxurious lifestyle away from the noise of the city.

Increasing Career Opportunities

The proximity of suburban areas to cities and business centers is not only advantageous for families looking for nearby recreational centers. It also allowed businesses and companies to expand their scope, creating more opportunities for job seekers.

Adaptation of Remote Work and Learning

Since the pandemic, schools and businesses have adopted remote work and learning. Work-from-home setups and remote learning have proven to be cost-effective and convenient. Even when everyone has settled into the new normal, most companies are now allowing their employees to work remotely.

The need for beautiful, quiet, private space is driving more home seekers to relocate to suburban areas where they can find properties that have these qualities. This is one of the major reasons why home values are rising in suburban areas.

Brittany Corporation offers a life of peace and extravagance in their exclusive suburban communities

Brittany Corporation Exclusive Suburban Communities

As the pioneer builder of luxury properties, Brittany Corporation understands what makes suburban areas ideal for home seekers. They have built and developed exclusive communities in prime locations where residents can enjoy a peaceful yet luxurious everyday life.

Tagaytay, Cavite

In Tagaytay, Cavite is where you can find Crosswinds Tagaytay, offering the perfect abode for homebuyers searching for a relaxing and quiet location to live in while surrounded by lush greenery. The development offers luxury houses, condos, and vacant properties nestled amongst nature. Boasting its beautiful views of sloping hills and scenic sunsets, Crosswinds Tagaytay is the perfect home for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of life.

Sta. Rosa, Laguna

With nearby nature reserves, Sta. Rosa, Laguna is a prime hotspot for exclusive communities such as Brittany Sta. Rosa. Inspired by the chic, countryside American lifestyle, each property stands out with simple yet elegant features. Its proximity to recreational centers such as Nuvali and Enchanted Kingdom makes it an ideal family home.

Alabang, Muntinlupa

For homebuyers looking for extravagant and sophisticated properties in suburban areas, Vista Alabang in Muntinlupa should be the first stop. With properties built and designed for those with sophisticated taste, the extravagance of the properties inspired by Mediterranean architecture will captivate its residents.

Everything you could ever desire when it comes to luxury properties, Brittany Corporation can offer it all. With their vision to build dream homes for families, there is a property that is built just for you.

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