Redefining Condo Living At Alpine Villas


Living in a condominium is the closest anyone can get to achieving the live-work-play lifestyle. This is due to the fact that most condominiums are situated in prime locations, require less maintenance, and have amenities at arms’ length. In short, in condo-living, you can have everything you need under one roof. In a condominium, you can swim, work out, throw parties, and host business meetings all from your building. No wonder why it is the kind of environment where young professionals who are striving for independence while making a name for themselves are attracted to, not to mention that condominiums are versatile investments that provide value for money.

Redefining Condo Living That Suits Your Lifestyle

Living in a condominium is actually a great way to live the way you want to live. | Photo from Unsplash

Furthermore, if you are new in the world of real estate investment, condominiums are beginner-friendly investments for you. Here are the reasons as follow:

– Urbanization is increasing. Hence, condominiums are highly in demand.
– Millennials and younger generations like Gen Z prefer living in the city or neighboring prime locations around the metro.
– New development condominiums typically have a generous deposit structure.
– When it comes to condo living, some prefer smaller spaces to avoid the cost and the hassle of having to maintain their space.
– Condominiums typically offer a range of stellar amenities that easily attract renters.
– You can acquire a premium resell price/demand or monthly rental for your condo unit which gives investors a good exit strategy if they need to sell or rent.

And the list goes on.

For entry-level investment, condominiums make a great purchase for those who are just getting into the real estate market as well as for those who are downsizing, retirees, and would like to build some equity for a single-family home later on. However, if you want to elevate your condo living experience, the best way to do that is to invest in a luxury condominium.

What Does Luxury Mean For Others?

For some, luxury looks like celebrating life amidst the pinnacle of the hustle and bustle of the big city. For others, it is flying high in the sky, reclined and relaxed, choosing from the most expensive menu of champagnes. And, for yet some others, it is the sound of the engine of an expensive car, whizzing away. But, along with all these comforts of life, something that sits at the heart of all luxurious leisurely pursuits is the existence of a place you can call home or can be your hidden paradise during weekend and holiday getaways. The ultimate dream luxury condo project, Alpine Villas in Crosswinds at Tagaytay by Vista Land Inc., truly embodies the charm of luxury condo living and the sentiment of home.

The Luxury of Staying Connected with Nature at Alpine Villas

Alpine Villas is the luxury condo development of Crosswinds, Brittany’s esteemed development flagship in Tagaytay.

How Brittany Takes Luxury Condo Living to the Next Level

Imagine a home with all of the luxury vibes and convenient access of a downtown low-rise, but with the beautiful, peaceful nature views of Swiss-inspired community perfumed by 35,000 pine trees. Imagine a home where you don’t ever need to shovel the driveway or mow the backyard just so you can have room for outdoor activities, but with plenty of space for you and your family including your pets to roam outdoors and get some fresh air. Imagine a place where work, wellness, and play come together, where amenities mean more than just a swimming pool or a gym, and where community is not just a buzzword. Sounds too good to be true, isn’t it?

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Well, with Alpine Villas, Brittany envisioned an elevated condo living by ensuring that Alpine Villa units have the highest vantage point in Tagaytay. The result is luxurious condo living with breathtaking views from sunrise to sunset. However, this philosophy of luxurious condo living goes far beyond condo buildings with the best views in town. It is important that your real estate developer is infusing every aspect of life to the condominiums themselves. This means that everything you are looking for in a condominium should exceed what you commonly see in a standard apartment or condominium in the metro.

For instance, many people settle with condominiums with smaller spaces for as long as they are near high-end eateries, important social infrastructures, or educational institutions. However, in Alpine Villas, space is no longer a problem since it has low-rise buildings. This means that the units have more space and are closer to nature. Moreover, it is ideal for those who desire for a lowkey maintenance of their condominiums since low-rise buildings are known for lesser floors which entails better maintenance and a sense of community with other residents.

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02 - Alpine Villas’ newest tower, Biel, was named after a famous Swiss village and was inspired by the concept of bathing one’s senses in the forest atmosphere

In Alpine Villas, the priority is your comfort and it always starts with a generous space for you and your stuff. 

Redefining your condo living also means being able to live in a community where the location and the architecture match your inspired style or even your dream destination. If you dream of going to Switzerland, why wait a couple of years to achieve that when you can go to a Swiss-inspired community like Alpine Villas? Its aesthetics and lifestyle can be likened to Swiss Alps from inside out. There are three properties you can choose from: Bernese, Blanc, and Brienz. All of these are well-designed, space-efficient vertical residences, equipped with 24/7 safety protocols. Furthermore, you may have friends and guests over to enjoy the aesthetics of the property and have your photos taken against the backdrop of its picturesque surroundings.

Condo living is not complete without superb amenities and optimal work-life integration in mind. Luckily, Alpine Villas is located in one of the best cities in the country which is Tagaytay City, specifically in a top-notch Swiss-inspired haven, Crosswinds Tagaytay. Known for its pleasant weather, Tagaytay is the home for various tourist spots that you can easily go to without having to travel for a couple of hours, not to mention its proximity to neighboring provinces like Laguna and Batangas, which makes it the ideal place for quick weekend getaways. Plus: did you know that Crosswinds Tagaytay offers top-notch facilities that your family and even your friends can enjoy? Explore Crosswinds’ facilities such as Sommet Center Pavilion, Banquet Hall, Training Center, and Santa’s Treasure and Souvenir Shop.

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Moreover, Crosswinds Tagaytay introduces you not only to a luxurious Swiss lifestyle but to becoming one with nature as well. With its sprawling and well-maintained 35,000 pine trees, you can now enjoy your daily routine whether that includes jogging, running, or roaming around without worrying about higher levels of pollution. Other beautiful views such as the lush hills of Tagaytay, sunrise and sunset above the clouds, and Laguna de Bay can be enjoyed as well.

Alpine Villas in Crosswinds Tagaytay not only take pride in its architecture but in its environment and beautiful views as well.

Alpine Villas in Crosswinds Tagaytay not only take pride in its architecture but in its environment and beautiful views as well.


Alpine Villas is not all work and no play. If you are thinking of bringing your family and friends to recreational spots around Crosswinds Tagaytay, fret no more because you can now have recreational activities at arms’ length. When it comes to unwinding and entertainment, Alpine Villas in Crosswinds Tagaytay have plenty of options. Choose from Alpine Greens View Deck, Pinecone Trail, Trone Giant, or Stone Pillars. Or you may visit and explore them all! If you are a foodie, there are also Instagram-worthy and prominent restaurants that you can go to for your ideal breakfast or dinner dates. For cafes, you have the Coffee Project, Ruined Project, Cafe Voila, and Napa at Crosswinds to satisfy your cravings for signature coffee and cakes. Moreover, these cafes come with awesome dining settings and beautiful views.

Crosswinds Amenities 202 ruined project | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Lounge, sip your coffee, breathe in the fresh, cool air, and take in the view when dining in one of your new favorite cafes in Crosswinds Tagaytay. 


Working At Alpine Villas

Did we mention about infusing work-life integration in Alpine Villas’ condominiums? Brittany knew that even before the pandemic made remote working the new normal, having a space where residents can work, collaborate, be inspired, and be creative is highly important. Now, with many professionals working at home, Brittany knew that a co-working space is a must. Whether you need a gathering space to meet in-person with colleagues to discuss about a project or a quiet place to join a Zoom or Google meeting, Alpine Villas’ units have you covered.

Crosswinds’ beautiful views, luxury Swiss-inspired condos, unique amenities., and lush greenery all combine to take your condo living experience at Alpine Villas to the next level. Indeed, Alpine Villas is more than just your home. It is your sanctuary equipped with all the resources you need to live your best personal and professional life to the fullest.

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