Palawan Neighborhood Guide: The Philippines’ Last Frontier

Bearer of many titles from the “Land of Promise” to “Paradise Island”, no other place compares to Palawan. An item found in most Filipino’s bucket list of places to visit, Palawan Island is an absolute visit, especially for nature lovers.

Famous for its activities like scuba diving and island hopping, Palawan is the place to be if you want to get up close and one with nature. Located far from the urban life found in the metro, Palawan offers a serene environment perfect for those looking for a place to destress and unwind in.

The Philippines Best Island: Palawan

Palawan is well-known all over the world for its beaches and exciting activities that gives people an experience with nature unlike no other.

Palawan is considered the biggest province in the country, having a land area of approximately 17,000 square kilometers. Among its municipalities, El Nido and San Vicente are some of the most popular for their beach resorts.

Its capital, Puerto Princesa is also prominent and highly urbanized compared to some of the province’s other cities and municipalities. Tourists both local and foreign alike are all captivated by the beauty of Palawan, retaining its spot as one of the top tourist destinations in the country.

What to do in Palawan Island: Learn More in this Palawan Neighborhood Guide

Palawan is mostly known for its attractions and activities near ocean life, but it can be hard to choose because of the many options available at your disposal. This neighborhood guide in Palawan will list down the activities you can do at the land of promise:

Palawan Neighborhood Guide

Palawan Neighborhood Guide Activities #1: Go Island Hopping

One of the most famous activities for those travelling in groups, island hopping is especially fun in Palawan. Each island offers its own beautiful scenery which is unique and worth the trip. Coron Island and Honda Bay are some of the tourist-favorite destination spots for island hopping.

Availing an island-hopping tour package is the most convenient way to go about island hopping to give you a hassle-free experience. Most of these packages offered by different tourism agencies are already optimal, but they can still be customized to your preference.

All islands in Palawan are exquisite and have their own attractions to boast of, so rest assured that you’ll be having a great time visiting these islands regardless of what set you come up with for your island-hopping tour.

Palawan Neighborhood Guide Activities #2: Discover Stone Formations

Palawan is home to numerous biodiversity, especially marine life. The Subterranean River National Park in Puerto Princesa is an absolute must for those interested in geology. Limestone cliffs and other stone formations form a mesmerizing view.

In order to reach the exquisite, naturally occurring stone formations in the Subterranean River National Park, you’ll have to go through an underground river. This river ride by itself is already an experience worth the books, and seeing the beautiful stone formations serve as the perfect cherry on top.

Barracuda lake in Coron City offers a different experience than simply riding a boat. One of the top diving destinations in Palawan, diving in Barracuda Lake gives divers a unique experience due to its thermocline and halocline. Surrounded by sharp limestone cliffs under the water, this experience is an absolute must for scuba divers.

Palawan Neighborhood Guide Activities #3: Explore Biodiversity

There are several plant and animal species native to the province of Palawan. Palawan’s unique wildlife is also one of the top reasons of why tourists flock to the island. There are 297 bird species that can be found in Palawan, as well as 60 species of terrestrial mammals and 24 unique species of reptiles.

The Philippines Best Island Palawan

However, what really makes people plan a trip to Palawan are its up-close activities with marine life. Scuba diving in Palawan allows you an experience of being closer to nature than ever, swimming among the life found in the oceans.

Various locations in Palawan allow you to swim with marine wildlife, of course given a set of strict rules to be followed to ensure that both animals and humans are safe. There are a few spots just near the coast of Port Barton which offer these activities for you to enjoy.

Palawan Neighborhood Guide Activities #4: Unwind in Beach Resorts

Of course, tourists need a place to stay when in Palawan. There are luxury beach resorts available in the island if you want a hassle-free and comfortable experience that will really let you get that destressing breath taker you deserve.

Sabang beach in Puerto Princesa and Secret Paradise Resort in Port Barton are some of the popular beach resorts to rest in during your stay in Palawan. These resorts their own set of amenities and fun activities to keep you entertained during your entire stay.

Several activities, such as spelunking, parasailing, zipline riding, and of course swimming, are often offered at these beach resorts for you to try out. There are numerous outdoor activities for you to enjoy even just at the comfort of the resort that you are staying at temporarily.

Palawan Neighborhood Guide Activities #5: Visit Historic Sites

The reason why Palawan has gained its title of “The Philippines’ Last Frontier” and “The Promised Land” is because of its deep involvement with our country’s history. Palawan has several historical sites and heritage homes to remind us of this fact.

The interactive museum at the Palawan Heritage Center with modern architecture to keep you interested as you journey through the deep history of Palawan. The Palawan Museum is also another popular museum in the country which houses several artifacts that have been well-preserved throughout the years.

If you want a more up close and personal experience with an actual historic site, take a visit to Plaza Cuartel. Plaza Cuartel may be a peaceful outdoor park at present, but it is a site that has witnessed dark events in the past. This is the site where the Palawan Massacre was located and serves as a reminder to everyone of what sacrifices heroes in the past have done in order to give us the freedom we have now.

Unwind in Beach Resorts

How to Get to Palawan Island

The fastest and most efficient way to get to Palawan Island is travelling by air. The province has two main airports – namely the Puerto Princesa Airport and El Nido Airport. Both of these airports host numerous flights every day, booking a flight would serve as no problem.

You can take a flight travelling to and from Palawan itself, but there are several options to choose from when travelling within Palawan. There are also flights available between the province’s two airports, but travelling by sea and land are also available.

Depending on how long your stay is and what the places you wish to visit are, it is crucial to plan ahead and allot for travel time in your itinerary.

Living a Comfortable and Serene Lifestyle

Because of the amazing experience people have in Palawan, most tend to dream of a lifestyle similar to what they experienced in the province. You don’t have to do something bizarre like buying your own private island in Palawan in order to experience a lifestyle full of relaxation and luxury – most people wouldn’t think of that anyways.

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