Lifestyle Centers in Pontevedra Santa Rosa

When it comes to making the most of your time, what you are most probably looking for is being able to do many things, including all the necessary errands in one place. This is especially true for those who are always busy but at the same time want to fulfill personal things on the side. For instance, you are the type of person who resides in such a busy city and you only have one day to do the necessary things such as going to the grocery store and a shopping spree while at the same time being able to do bank transactions. You want to make sure that you do these things conveniently in one place. Well, this is what lifestyle centers are for.

Lifestyle centers are built for modern comforts and convenience. At lifestyle centers, you can do many errands in a single place. A lifestyle center is a shopping center that aims to go beyond traditional retail by offering a combination of stores, entertainment buildings, leisure activities, and dining restaurants. The goal is to create an immersive environment where can people do many things such as shopping, dining, and relaxing in one place. Apparently, the false conception falls on the reality that lifestyle centers are only situated in highly urbanized places or cities. This is not true, though.

Lifestyle centers are often situated in residential communities for convenience. | Photo from Unsplash

Whether in the cities or areas of the town that are more likely to be urbanized sooner than later, lifestyle centers are found in most residential and commercial properties. We will take Santa Rosa City in Laguna as a good example.

Pontevedra Estate in Santa Rosa City: A luxury Spanish city with a serene and secure community for the affluent

Masterplanned by Brittany Corporation, the premier name in luxury real estate development in the Philippines, Pontevedra Estate is situated at the heart of Santa Rosa, Laguna, and is known for being the luxury development that interplays the artistic heritage and modern charm. Future residents should expect a mixed-use development that merges old and new in architecture. It is a 34-hectare state with residential and commercial properties. And since it is a mixed-use development, there will also be a group of commercial and retail businesses to ensure that future residents can get the best of their life in the said luxury community.

When it comes to architecture, the charming Pontevedra Estate will draw its inspiration from Mission-style architecture. This style is reminiscent of the Mediterranean region. This means that elements such as warm rubble cut stone, carved wood accents, and earthy terracotta roof tiles are the distinct features of the architectural style. The luxury houses are designed for functionality as well as the entire community. This means that the Pontevedra Estate in Santa Rosa is a sanctuary where everything that the future residents need is just one step away from them. From entertainment establishments, parks, and tree-lined avenues to lush gardens, Pontevedra exudes of functional, convenient, and luxurious living. Let us look at the lifestyle centers you can generally find in the generously-sized commercial areas around Santa Rosa City.

Pontevedra Santa Rosa Pinnacle of luxury living

Where to go for lifestyle centers: Pontevedra Santa Rosa and its unique take on the city’s urban life

An integral part of Pontevedra Estate in Santa Rosa lies in its distinct seven districts. These districts will serve multiple purposes for future residents. On these districts stand the luxury villages and other property developments with the same classical Spanish design. Because of the modern comforts they offer and the functionality that lurks in between these districts, they truly stand as a lifestyle center in the loose sense of the word.

Lifestyle Centers Pontevedra: Aveiro

With a modern and historic interplay in the architectural style, the first district which will be known as Aveiro by Pontevedra is an exclusive high-rise vertical village where nature and architecture are embedded. This distinct neighborhood is known for its mesmerizing ambiance because of its natural surroundings. It’s atypical for urban cities to have such a community but at Aveiro by Pontevedra, you will hear the birds chirp in every corner and even the sound of coffee spoons. Pocket gardens, of course, are situated between private spaces such as private balconies and buildings.

Lifestyle Centers Pontevedra: Vizcino

Deemed the estate’s growth center, Vizcino by Pontevedra is a modern infrastructure that will offer retail spaces, office buildings, shopping opportunities, and restaurant options to aspiring residents. In short, this is the particular part of the community where various industries will thrive to complement the residential communities. This particular district stands at the heart of the near and neighboring communities.

Lifestyle Centers Pontevedra: Viento

This district is also known as the Land of Picturesque Patios. Viento by Pontevedra is a series of low and mid-rise residential buildings amid landscaped gardens and open courtyards. This district takes pride in promoting natural ventilation for aspiring residents. With its beautiful and unique views, Viento by Pontevedra is the perfect place for interacting and having fun with family and loved ones.

Pontevedra gives off the sense of a peaceful refuge

Lifestyle Centers Pontevedra: Valenza

A 22-hectare residential community where modernity meets history. This district will be your sanctuary away from the vibrant city that surrounds it. With amenities such as pocket gardens, a basketball court, and a pool, the families that will reside in the array of luxury homes in Valenza at Pontevedra are guaranteed tranquility and beauty.

Lifestyle Centers Pontevedra: Segovia

For future residents that aim to achieve a “live, work, and play” lifestyle, Segovia by Pontevedra is the perfect match for you. This is a mixed-use project where condominiums, offices, and restaurants will be situated. This project carries modern city views and seeks to convey the urban life of Santa Rosa City by encouraging a “live, work, and play” lifestyle against the backdrop of its rustic luxury.

Lifestyle Centers Pontevedra: Huesca

Considered the charming neighborhood in the estate, Huesca by Pontevedra is a residential building full of nature and contrasts. This is your little getaway to the city with promenades where you can enjoy a relaxing stroll any time of the day.

Lifestyle Centers Pontevedra: Ramblas

For those who want to enjoy local commerce, this particular district offers its aspiring residents a wide array of shops and places meant for entertainment. From quaint cafes to unique restaurant concepts, Ramblas by Pontevedra will have it all. This district will be known as the place where the party never ends. And so, whether you want to relax on your own or enjoy a night out with your friends after a long productive week of working, Ramblas by Pontevedra will give you the party you are looking for.

Better your life at Pontevedra Estate in Santa Rosa

Because Laguna is situated in a growing urbanized region, luxury living is highly deemed as the next big thing. With Pontevedra Estate in Santa Rosa, you are assured that your investment is truly worthwhile. This project is one of the largest developments at Brittany Corporation and the steps to ensuring that aspiring homebuyers will have their expectations met is brewing. At Santa Rosa City where Pontevedra Estate will soon rise, a dynamic environment is guaranteed and all the necessities for quality of life are provided for you and your family. At the same time, you are also near various places of work in the Metro as well as other enjoyments that can be found in neighboring cities. Top-notch schools and universities, medical facilities, and even country clubs are also a few steps away from you. All of these perks and more are never out of reach at Pontevedra Estate! Consider booking an appointment now.

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