Pontevedra Santa Rosa Pinnacle of Luxury Living

Craving a modern house with a touch of culture? Say no more!

If you think a one-of-a-kind amenity or unique architecture is what will generate an exciting vibe in your dream home, then you’ll definitely like the Pontevedra estate in Santa Rosa City, Laguna. An excellent example of modern luxury and historic interplay is a mixed-use condominium complex.

Santa Rosa Laguna is such a busy city surrounded by residential and commercial properties. It’s home to several rising residential property developments; however, not all of them have the unique cultural and luxurious appeal as Pontevedra. This massive estate has some of the best luxury house and lot in Laguna that are up for grabs in the market.

Intrigued? Take a look at Pontevedra, Santa Rosa’s pinnacle of luxury living.

A Classic Spanish Artistic Heritage

Pontevedra is envisioned to give a Spanish City feels. Deriving its name from one of Spain’s cities, Pontevedra provides a sanctuary in Santa Rosa where everything is just a step away. Having a fitting name that means “old bridge” in Latin, Pontevedra’s districts have a neighborhood that leads to its own major courtyard that defines its identity.

An active lifestyle is promoted

The stone-and-glass buildings of the colorful business center are adorned with potted vegetation, bringing nature with you wherever your feet take you. Pontevedra Santa Rosa’s pinnacle of luxury living has tree-lined avenues, fountains, gardens, and parks, as well as business enterprises and bustling cafés pavements that mark the interconnected streets.

Pontevedra Santa Rosa luxury living allows you to take a step, explore and discover the vast land. It wants its tourists to wander through its charming squares, experience the ambiance of its Spain-inspired streets, eat from a wide range of delectable cuisine, and discover Pontevedra’s character by immersing themselves in this luxurious intimate community.

Modern and Historic Interplay in Pontevedra Estate in Santa Rosa

This 34-hectare estate in Santa Rosa, Laguna is Brittany’s recent property development.  Pontevedra’s architectural design got its inspiration from a lovely, tiny riverbank city in Spain with the same name. When heritage meets modern luxury, it results in an elegant community where culture meets contemporary living. It blends different motifs from the old and current periods, effectively turning its residential and commercial structures into art themselves. Pontevedra boasts its artistic yet timeless quality of modern design.

Luxury living at Pontevedra Santa Rosa is a reachable dream. It’s truly a feast for your eyes. With its charming squares, interconnected streets, and plazas filled with cafés and innovative restaurant ideas, it’s truly a social sanctuary. In fact, La Unidad, a kilometer-long park that runs from its Viento to Aveiro neighborhood, connecting the estate’s rivers via groomed walks and water features, is perfect for keeping your social and physical life active.

Future residents can use La Unidad to explore the different districts at Pontevedra while enjoying nature and appreciating the visual appeal of the area. It will also be enhanced with a variety of flora in layered landscaping, adding color and texture combinations to get that natural and tropical vibe.

Pontevedra Santa Rosa’s pinnacle of luxury living is indeed a piece of art, resting in the center of Santa Rosa Laguna, offering a one-of-a-kind and engaging luxury living experience.

The Charm of Rustic Architecture

The rustic charm of the Mediterranean era inspired the mission-style architecture at Pontevedra. Adding a few modern elements made it suitable for the city setting at Santa Rosa Laguna. Walls made of warm stone rubble carved wood accents window frames, and earthy terracotta roof tiles are the trio that makes luxury living at Pontevedra Santa Rosa a cultural treat.

Despite the basic Spanish-styled soft arches, stone terraces, and outdoor patios, this useful architectural theme really highlights the materials used and makes a charming Pontevedra Estate.

Pontevedra Santa Rosa Pinnacle of luxury living

New Luxury at Pontevedra Estate

Pontevedra may be inspired by foreign architecture but it still has its own character and individuality. This luxury lot in Laguna for sale will be divided into seven connected areas. Each district caters to the different and specific likes of modern urban residents. Filled with creativity and culture, here are the districts to expect at Pontevedra Santa Rosa’s luxury living property:


Pontevedra’s Aveiro will soon be an elite high-rise vertical village. Complete with nature and classical Spanish design, this soon-to-rise district provides the finest luxury living at Pontevedra Santa Rosa. This skyscraper will have pocket gardens that bring environmental appeal to Aveiro along with private balconies for its future residents.


Another district to watch out for is Segovia. This mixed-use property will have residential areas as well as offices and restaurants. This undoubtedly enhances the living, working, and even playing aspects of urban life. Both its residents and visitors will have access to a panoramic view of the vibrant city thanks to a Spanish-styled enclave that can provide a breath of fresh air. Segovia embodies Pontevedra Santa Rosa’s pinnacle of luxury living.


In the Viento district, there is a collection of low to mid-rise residential areas situated between groomed courtyards and picturesque patios. This district creates the ideal pleasant atmosphere with open spaces where Pontevedra’s residents can spend moments socializing with their neighbors.


Not to be confused with Viento, the Vizcino district is identified as the estate’s growth center. If you’re looking to start a business near your luxury home, then this is the place to be as it will feature commercial areas alongside its residential community and transportation hubs. Vizcino offers a dynamic environment that allows its occupants to venture into business and investments.

Ramblas is a district at Pontevedra Santa Rosa’s pinnacle of luxury living that invites residents and visitors alike to live life to the fullest luxury in its stretch of high-end retail spaces, quaint and quiet cafés, and unique restaurant concepts.

Pontevedra Future Developments


Also found at Pontevedra’s 34 hectares of luxury space is the town of Valenza. This district makes Pontevedra Santa Rosa’s luxury living a serene and safe experience. It’s a secure community that’ll let your family take a dip in a pool, have a picnic at a pocket garden, or play a game at a basketball court because Valenza has all these amenities. This serene and secure community is charming and convenient as it connects to the metro easily.


At last, Ponteverde has Huesca district. It’s a residential tower designed to be that of Mediterranean castles as well as promenades where you can do just about anything from taking a quick stroll to a full-on workout routine.

Without question, Pontevedra Santa Rosa’s pinnacle of luxury living has given the real estate market a new taste for old-world design. With modern city views, landscaped gardens, and a charming neighborhood, anyone would surely want to invest in this property. It achieves the appropriate mix of style and livability in the form of both contemporary and traditional, refined and rustic, urban and rural themes.

This is just one of the many luxury lot in Laguna for sale that Brittany Santa Rosa has to offer.  Being a premium residential and leisure developer, Brittany Santa Rosa provides a diverse range of luxury house and lot for sale, high-end condominiums, and lot-only homes in well-planned locations such as Georgia Club and Belle Reve. Aside from that, you might also want to take a look at the luxury house and lot for sale in Tagaytay, Alabang, and Baguio under Brittany.

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