Creative and Stylish Ideas for Easter Egg Designs

Easter Sunday is an important celebration for Christians. It is a reminder of Jesus’ resurrection after three days. But are you curious how eggs represent Easter?

Many beliefs say that eggs are symbolism of new life or rebirth. To some, it means fertility, resurrection, and life eternal. And looking back to history, people in Mesopotamia have practiced the giving of eggs as a form of thanksgiving. In no time, different churches adapted the tradition especially in Western Europe.

Over time, eggs are customized and artistically decorated. Even adults and kids will love to conduct different activities such as egg designing and egg hunts.

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History of Easter Egg Designs

Eggs were painted and decorated to signify the conclusion of the fasting and penance period because it is believed in Christianity that they were once a prohibited meal during the Lenten season. Eggs were colored crimson by early Christians in Mesopotamia to resemble the blood that Christ shed at his crucifixion.

How to make designs on Easter eggs?

In preparation for this year’s Easter Sunday on April 9, the most enjoyable spring activity for the whole family is decorating Easter eggs. Without eggs, Easter will not be complete. The common ways of designing eggs are dying or painting them with one color. While bright, solid-colored eggs are timeless, discovering ones with unusual designs is considerably more exciting. Take it up a level this year with some Instagram-worthy Easter egg ideas that are so fashionable that you’ll second-guess concealing them. You will undoubtedly find a smart design that appeals to you. Start making stylish Easter eggs by gathering your paint brushes, markers, food coloring, and nail polish. All of these DIY projects are so simple that anyone can complete them. Try out some new egg dyeing techniques and host a craft table for friends and family this Easter.

To make your Easter more special, creative, and EGG-cellent, here are some designing tips and ideas:

  1. Floral Design

Who would not love flowers painted on eggs? It is like a handy bouquet. To do this, you just have to make a colorful and creative flower painting on a pastel color base. Roses, tulips, or any of your favorite flowers, you name it.

  1. Face Features

Make your easter eggs livelier and more attractive. You can make their faces by cutting stickers like eyes, mouth, or nose, or you can just simply use black paint and a fine paint brush.

Easter Egg Design Ideas

  1. Ice Cream Design

Thinking of desserts? You can just imagine them by creating ice cream easter egg designs. If you do not have an ice cream cone, you just paint it on the egg instead. Start with brown eggs to form little cones. Use a copper paint pen to make cone-shaped lines, then use craft paint to adorn the top half and add faces.

  1. Pen Stencil

This is an easy egg design. You can create a beautiful art piece with a paint pen. To make the magic appear, you just have to draw anything you want with lots of dots.

  1. Sparkly Egg Design

This fancy design is one of the easiest ways to decorate eggs. To prepare the base, you just have to sand it, then apply glue, sprinkle with glitter, and allow to dry.

  1. Gold never gets Old

If you want to make your white eggs into an elegant home design, you will never go wrong with gold. Just dye your eggs with neutral colors first, and then you can use metallic gold stickers or pen to make your desired design.

  1. Tie-Dye

Eggs can be transformed into tie-dyed foods by first wrapping them in a coffee filter and securing it with a twist tie. Food coloring should be applied randomly on the filter’s surface, and it should be left to soak for a few minutes. Repeat in as many different hues as you desire. Wet the entire coffee filter with a spray bottle, then gently squeeze it to ensure that it fits the egg tightly. Before opening the package and giving it a cold-water rinse, let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes.

Tie Dye Easter Egg

  1. Black and White

If you are not into fancy and elegant styles, you may opt to the basic. You can choose if you want the egg base black or white. It does not matter which color is the base, it depends on your preference.

  1. Polka Dots Easter Egg Designs

Add some texture to your eggs to make them more 3D. You may either paint the background color and then use puff paint to make the polka dots, or you can dye Easter eggs the usual way.

  1. Emoji Design

These emoji-themed eggs will make you smile no matter what kind of mood you’re in. You can also paint whatever emotion you feel while making these Easter Egg designs.

  1. Nail Polish Design

The nail polish you will need to get this marbleized appearance is surely in every home. Drop your egg into some water that has been tinted with your preferred color of nail polish- with that simple step, you have created an aesthetic egg.

  1. Designing with a Pressed Flower

Gather a profusion of dried and pressed flowers, buds, and leaves before you begin to build these Easter eggs that are inspired by nature. Then use a flat paintbrush and glossy Mod Podge to attach them to the egg’s surface. On top of the flowers or leaves, apply thin coats of Mod Podge and allow them dry fully.

Another simple way to make easter egg designs with pressed flowers is by simply tying it with a jute string or a washi tape.

  1. Washi Tape Eggs

Have any washi tape? Who would have thought that your leftover tapes from your high school project can be used to decorate an Easter egg. For a cute pattern, try cutting out geometric shapes from it and sticking them to the eggs.

  1. Thread-Wrapped Easter Eggs

How wonderful is the texture of the twine used to wrap the Easter eggs? Using a glue stick, attach twine to one end of a ceramic egg. Next, apply glue and securely coil the twine around the egg, working in sections, until the entire surface is covered.

  1. Splatter-Painted Eggs

Add some water to a tiny bowl with a dot of acrylic paint. To paint and fleck paint on eggs, use a small flat-edged paintbrush. The design is more realistic because to its imperfect “splats”!

  1. Coat with a Quote

For a unique way to design Easter eggs, add a humorous or motivational message on your Easter eggs using this simple DIY technique.

Easter Egg Design with Quotes

  1. Pastel Colors

Opting to pastel colors is a smart idea. Even without a design, the colors will pop out because of its soft hues that are pleasing to the eyes.

  1. Marble Design

Did you know that whipped cream can be used to color eggs? It’s simply as simple as conventional dyeing them and produces a nice, subdued watercolor-like tone. If you want to eat your marbled creations, use whipped cream instead of shaving cream to create these lovely eggs.

  1. Gem-like

If you are into geometrical designs, you will love this! Who would have thought that this piece is an egg? It becomes the center of attraction by mimicking a gem.

  1. Crochet Bunny

A cute way to design an Easter egg is to wrap them into a crochet piece like this bunny hat. Put them in a dish for the cutest centerpiece or place them on your family’s pillows as a charming Easter gift.

  1. Botanical Designs

If you are a plant-lover, this idea is for you. The secret to creating these all-natural stamps is using plant foliage. Put a leaf on the shell with the face down and fasten it with a square of pantyhose.

  1. Mosaic

Make mosaic Easter egg designs with discarded shells, washi tape, paints, or plain construction paper.

  1. Buttons, Gems, and Studs

A different way to design your Easter eggs is to get your loose buttons and studs. You just need a hot glue to make it stick. You can make a pattern using those, something like flowers, initial letters, etc.

Designing Easter Eggs with Family at your Dream Home

Easter Egg Making

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