Digital Business Cards: What To Know

First thing you need to know, what is a business card? Business cards are made for a very important reason. Traditional and physical business cards are rectangular in shape and contain information like the company name, name of agent, and contact details. Another straightforward reason why business cards are still useful is that they are targeted. Aside from the given details, it is a representation of your company’s branding. If someone asks inquiries about your work, a business card is a trustworthy and easy way to answer them.

Now, what is a digital business card? Since the pandemic, one of the things that changed was the concept of all traditional business matters. There has been a tectonic shift toward everything digital. According to a McKinsey analysis, the pandemic has sped up customer experience digitalization by at least 3 to 4 years. The majority are leaning toward technology, most rely on devices, and others have started thinking futuristically. This is the “new normal.” To make a digital business thrive and prosper, a virtual business card is the best way to create a reachable connection with other clients, other business owners, and investors.

But is there really an upgrade and benefit to this digitalization? Are digital business cards really offer ease of use? Find out more about the advantages and ways to make your digital business cards exemplary by reading this article.

Are digital business cards worth it

How to create digital business cards?

There are a lot of free digital business card maker applications or websites that can help you to create a digital business card. It allows you to have a simpler work and is the best way to promote your business instantly. Also, the most effective weapon for any industry competition is the best digital business card.

Here are the ways that you can take note when creating an effective digital business card:

  1. Upgrade the visuals.

Above everything else, the visual presentation catches the attention of every individual. When your digital business card has a good color palette and creative components, it will surely be remembered.

Many components of your digital business card should not have complicated functions, but you should also think about the colors. Remember that the purpose of the card is to draw attention to your specifics and promote pleasant emotions rather than astounding viewers with its effects.

When creating your own, begin with a clear image of yourself. Anyone who takes a quick glimpse at your business card needs to see that you are competent, assured, and personable. However, if you can, add more images to your card so that it stands out.

A logo is an excellent choice. Whatever you choose, make sure it is carefully positioned and doesn’t take up the entire card. Determine what you want people to focus on and what impression you want the entire card to have before choosing the card’s design, whether you do it yourself or get ideas from online color palette generators.

  1. Make it readable.

You must have a distinct identity and job description, but you also want to make it as simple as possible for others to contact you. The way in which this information is presented helps to better understand who you are and may help to find areas of agreement. You need to remember that it must be attractive but not overly designed. Use fonts in your virtual business card that are minimalist and can be easily read.

You don’t have to use fancy contact information. You can list them in a plain font along with any other elementary details. So that you can put more features on your digital business card, be succinct. Put in mind that the retainment of people’s minds is a digital business card that is not complicated.

  1. Affiliate your social media accounts.

For the clients or investors to easily find you, you can share your links in your digital business card. Whichever platform they can reach you, add it. Your social media accounts are a fantastic supplement to your digital business card, much like your website. Although one is preferable to the other, you can include them in the same ways.

  1. Include Links and Files.

You can showcase some of your work on your digital business card. When sharing files or websites, pick the most useful and flattering ones, but don’t share too many.

Additionally, you should confirm what each card-designing service accepts. Some allow you to add links and documents. Some just permit online links. If you produce your own business cards, think about how to showcase your projects using either one or both techniques. If you do choose to include files, make sure they are error-free. More information than you can place on your card in its pre-made space, on a few pages, can increase its efficacy.

Create a PDF portfolio or list of your services and accomplishments. Add a link or digital file to your professionally written and published e-book so that readers may access it right away. Be imaginative when showcasing your abilities.

include links and files in digital business cards

  1. Apply smart features.

A new technique to exchange information and specifics about an individual or an organization is through digital or electronic business cards. Websites, images, social networking connections, phone numbers, and other information can be included in the data and transferred via emails, NFC tags (which are chips similar to RFIDs), a QR code, and other means. Currently, scanning QR codes is the most common method of sending digital business cards, much like how we pay for goods and services online.

Sharing business cards and gathering information will be quicker and more successful while conversing with clients or coworkers. Your staff, process, and other areas can all benefit from a single high-quality solution.

Are digital business cards worth it?

The simple answer to this question is definitely a YES. We have listed down the top reasons why creating a digital business card is a non-negotiable asset to your company or business.

  • It is an efficient way to share your and deliver your details.

Electronic business cards instantaneously convey contact information, in contrast to the physical business cards. The recipient can quickly save the information on their cellphones by simply scanning, tapping, or clicking a digital business card.

In addition, sharing e-business cards is simple via a QR Code, URL, email, social networking, Apple Wallets, etc.

What’s best? No app is necessary to access digital business cards. Upon interacting with the card, a user can instantaneously and directly access the encoded information. Your business card in the virtual world is your advantage in creating a digital connection.

  • Tracking client-to-agent engagement is monitored.

Without the client contacting you, it is impossible to tell whether a client interacted with traditional business cards.

Did they accidentally throw away your card or tried to call you, but you were unreachable? You wouldn’t know.

However, if you use a digital business card, it allows you to monitor how your client interacted with it and, if they haven’t yet done the necessary step, retarget them on Google and other social media platforms.

Make it readable

  • In demand for Hybrid and Remote work setups.

Client-facing professionals are looking for ways to exchange their contact information digitally as more and more businesses operate remotely. This is encouraging more people to use electronic business cards.

Companies are actively looking for dependable and durable digital business card solutions as a result of the rising demand for digital business cards.

  • It helps save the environment.

Each year, almost 7 million trees are felled for the purpose of producing paper business cards. Businesses are conducting business more ethically and sustainably thanks to the switch to digital business cards.

Another way that makes it more eco-friendly is that it does not need reprinting whenever you need to modify your information. You may utilize editable QR Codes to produce a digital business card when you use a dynamic code generator. You can update your contact information on the backend using an editable QR Code, also known as a dynamic QR Code, without having to print or share the QR Code again.

Your potential clients or consumers can keep scanning the same QR Code to see the most recent information in real-time. This aids in saving money on reprinting costs as well as the time and labor needed to distribute the updated digital business card again.

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