Affiliate Marketing as a Career in Brittany

Times have changed. Most businesses and business sectors are getting into digital marketing where there is far wider audience reach. Real estate professionals are delving into social media and various digital platforms, allowing them to connect more with their target market. If you want to have a career in Brittany then you might need to have such knowledge and skill.

However, digital marketing is not all about curating social media accounts, advertising, boosting posts, or optimizing website content. One of the cornerstones of effective digital marketing is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing helps these brands reach their audience and potential customers with the help of third parties. If you are a real estate professional, you must learn how to utilize affiliate marketing like the elite team of Brittany Salesforce which offers the world-class properties of Brittany Corporation. Find out more about affiliate marketing and how it works for real estate.



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Affiliate marketing is a strategy that allows a brand to expand their network and audience reach.


What is Digital Marketing?


Most businesses have become digitalized, taking their operations into virtual platforms such as websites and social media. Even before the pandemic, there has been an exponential growth in internet usage, which still continues to increase today.


According to Pew Research Center, around 31% of adults in U.S. are almost always online, with an overall 85% population going online on a daily basis. This just shows that there is high exposure to digital advertisements and sales strategies from companies. In marketing, audience reach is essential as it allows you to engage your customers.


When most of your potential and current customers spend time online, you must take your marketing efforts where you can reach them. This is where digital sales marketing comes in. It is any form of marketing that you conduct online in various platforms.


Compared to the traditional way, digital marketing is definitely more effective and yield more results. This type of marketing includes utilization of various channels such as social media platforms, email marketing, website traffic, and search engine optimization.


Digital Marketing in Luxury Real Estate


There are different strategies for many types of businesses when it comes to digital marketing. In luxury real estate where the target market is the few affluent in the country, it is important to make use of modern and results-oriented strategies. A career at Brittany Salesforce will teach you that you can succeed in boosting sales as long as you adapt to the changes in real estate marketing.


Marketing has become revolutionary for the field of real estate. In the traditional way, looking for the perfect property, whether a house or condo, that suits your taste means visiting sites personally. Traveling, setting schedules, and interacting with real estate agents can be quite stressing. However, with digital marketing, there’s no need to do these anymore. Instead, interested people who wants to purchase can just go online and search.


When you are searching for a particular thing or subject, the internet is your first stop. This has become a reflex for most people as the internet provides relevant and accurate results. The first step to actualizing modern marketing strategies in real estate is to have a strong online presence. This can be done through optimizing websites, curating social media posts, and creating effective online advertisements.


Real estate has several niches and targeting a particular one can increase the chances of boosting sales. Other than optimizing social media accounts, one of the most effective ways to expand audience reach and build networks is to employ affiliate marketing.

Effective sales marketing teams are utilizing digital marketing to boost their sales.


Utilizing Affiliate Marketing in Real Estate


Luxury real estate is a particular niche, which makes it easier for marketing teams such as Brittany Salesforce to reach their target market. With affiliate marketing, generating leads is even more convenient. It is possible to increase brand awareness while also bringing in more interested clients.

There are also a lot of perks in affiliate marketing due to its cost-effective and low-effort processes. Businesses and companies are free to choose third parties that can represent them or allow them to reach more audience through their channels and platforms.

What makes affiliate marketing even more effective is that it can be done through multiple third parties, whether they are brands, influential individuals, or even websites. These third parties promote real estate services and properties to generate leads.

The payment for generating leads from these promotions are based on commissions or a certain percentage of total revenue made from their lead. This makes affiliate marketing a pay-per-performance or performance-related program. Pursuing a career at Brittany Salesforce gives you a chance to experience these marketing strategies on hand, deepening your understanding of real estate marketing campaigns.


How Affiliate Marketing Works in Real Estate


There are various types of affiliate marketing methods that businesses utilize according to the services or product they offer. To maximize the benefits of affiliate marketing, most of the methods they use are appropriate for the type of business they are in. In luxury real estate, these methods include the use of affiliate links, affiliate marketers or influencers, networks, and listings.

However, there are differences in how affiliate marketing works in real estate compared to the common digital marketing. The largest difference is the commission. While a career at Brittany Salesforce rewards you with commission based on total sale transaction, third parties are not going to get commissioned based on this metric, unless specifically mentioned in a contract.

Most third parties in real estate affiliate marketing earn commissions by introducing interested clients to agents or redirecting them directly to a real estate company website. This can be done through affiliate links or advertisements that earn them a flat or fixed rate for every customer they drive into the website.

Basing the commission in a pay-per-performance metric works for the different types of affiliate marketing in real estate.


Three Types of Real Estate Affiliate Marketing 


There are three types of affiliate marketing being used in the field of real estate. These marketing strategies allow them to maximize their efforts best in order to generate the most leads. Each one has benefits as well according to what is being prioritized by the brand.

For Brittany Salesforce, these methods have their own merit, which is why they try to utilize all three in order to maximize their marketing strategies especially in the new normal. Discover more about these affiliate marketing strategies and how they work here.



An image of an analytics graph.

Affiliate marketing can collect data and track the engagement of audiences through affiliate links.


1. Unattached Affiliate Marketing


The most common type used in real estate is unattached affiliate marketing where leads are generated through pay-per-click campaigns. This type of marketing does not require the third party to be related or in the same niche as the brand. There are no connections nor relationships built between the company and users, which means there’s no need to promote services or properties of the same niche.


For example, Brittany Corporation can generate leads through affiliate links with the help of third parties that offer online advertising platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Clicking the links can redirect the client directly to a specific page in the website. Each link  generated are tracked, which makes it easier to trace the traffic and sales driven by third parties.


However, there used to be issues with this type of marketing as it is easier to generate fraud traffic and subscriptions though malicious software. Today, the terms and methods for affiliate marketing are stricter. The security has also improved, reducing the vulnerability of this type of marketing from being exploited.


2. Related Affiliate Marketing


The main difference between unattached affiliate marketing and related marketing is that there is some relation between the affiliate and the services or products being promoted, but they do not necessarily need to be in the same niche. This makes the third party affiliate a source of authority that can be trusted.

However, even when these affiliates are trusted sources, it doesn’t mean that they have availed the service or product they are advertising. Related affiliate marketing can be done by third parties that use digital platforms and have considerable presence online. The links can be posted in blogs, videos, podcasts, websites, and even on social media accounts.

Some brands and companies collaborate with influencers or individuals that have significant following. However, it is also important to put down a certain set of rules on how the products or services should be promoted in order to build relevant content that can be trusted by the audience.


3. Involved Affiliate Marketing


Involved affiliate marketing, as the name suggests, is a type of marketing strategy where the affiliate is in the same niche or has a deep relation with the service or product that they are advertising. This is probably the most effective and result-oriented marketing strategy because the affiliate has personally used the product or experienced the service that they are promoting.

In involved affiliate marketing, the third party shares their positive experience that can encourage audiences to avail the service or buy the product. In real estate, bloggers and specialists in the real estate industry are some of the best prospects for affiliates. They know what they are talking about and their followers trust their decisions. There are also those who pursue career at Brittany who can provide insight on their experience and serve as another source of affiliate marketing.

Another common example of involved affiliate marketing is listings, where trusted and licensed Multiple Listing Service (MLS) sites are often visited by interested buyers. These types of sites often lists the available properties of real estate companies and refers visitors to real estate agents.

Involved affiliate marketing is based on the credibility of the affiliate, increasing the chances of audiences clicking the provided affiliate link since the third parties are known as people of authority in the said industry.


Start your Affiliate Career in Brittany

With that said, it is up to you as a real estate agent or as a brand to utilize the different types of affiliate marketing. Brittany Salesforce marketing team maximizes various types of affiliate marketing not only to boost their sales but also to help their valued clients find the home of their dreams.

If you are interested in being a part of Brittany Salesforce, visit their careers page.

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