The Best Home Items for Dad

One of the best ways to show our dads some appreciation this coming Father’s Day is by giving them thoughtful gifts that will make them feel special. This article aims to showcase the best home items for dad. 

If you think about it, dads are probably some of the easiest people to give gifts to. After all, most dads seem to be happy with almost anything their kids give them. But if you really want to make an effort, then you might find it quite challenging. In this article, we’re going to discuss the best home items for dads that they’ll surely love to get this coming Father’s Day.


Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Home Item Gifts for this Father’s Day


Father and son walking along the shore of a beach during sunset | Brittany Corporation

A father’s love is like no other – they deserve the best gifts on their special day.


Before we go into the specifics, we first have to think about what makes a good gift for fathers.


Not to stereotype, but most Filipino fathers out there are the handymen of their homes. This means that the best type of gift for a dad is something that’s practical and can be used in everyday life.

First, it should be something that your dad doesn’t own yet. After all, it won’t be as memorable if there’s a lot of it around. Second, think about how much use your dad will get out of the item that you want to give him. If you’re gifting him a home item that he will likely use every day, then make sure to buy only the highest quality so that your gift doesn’t break apart after just a few uses.

If you give him something unique, long-lasting, and practical, your dad is more likely to not only keep your gift for a long time but actively use it as well.

His Personality

Consider getting something that will fit his personality to the T. Is your dad an outdoorsy kind of guy? Then give him something rugged, something that will withstand the elements, or something portable. Is he hip and trendy? Give him something that is up to date, like fashionable clothes or the latest gadgets. Does your dad like his own company? Then give him something that he can enjoy by himself, such as a new console or a bottle of his favorite wine.

His Lifestyle

This one has a lot to do with your father’s age and preferred activities. 

Is he relatively young and leading an active life filled with career meetings? Is he an energy-filled retiree who enjoys the fruits of his hard work by traveling around? Or maybe he’s a homebody, content to spend time in his luxury home with his beloved family? Simply put, what kind of life does your dad live? Your special gift has to fit into his lifestyle; otherwise, it’ll most likely end up gathering dust on a shelf somewhere.

His Hobbies

Another consideration for giving a thoughtful gift to your father is his hobbies. Maybe your father has a green thumb, which means a great gift could be a premium gardening tool kit that will last for ages. Maybe he loves fixing up properties for sale in his spare time. You might want to give him high-quality tools and materials to make the job easier.

Maybe your dad loves to read within the comforts of his luxury homes. If so, wireless earbuds, a new reading lamp, or a new footrest could be worthy choices. Once you pin down something that a person truly likes, it becomes much easier to give them things they’ll appreciate.


The Best Home Item Gifts For Father Day


Now that we know what aspects to consider when picking a gift, it’s time to dive into the actual items that you can get your beloved dad.


Home Furniture


Ergonomic furniture in a luxury home in the Philippines

Ergonomic furniture would make great gifts for any dad out there with a home office.


Bespoke Post Ergonomic Wooden Laptop Stand

Let’s face it, more often than not, design is the farthest thing from our father’s minds when picking a piece of home furniture. Well, if you buy him an ergonomic laptop stand this Father’s Day, you wouldn’t need to worry about that!

Not only does it save your father’s neck from aching all day, it also looks gorgeous. No matter the interior design of your father’s luxury home, the stand’s walnut finish and geometric design will surely fit in. Great for the body and well-designed to boot, this laptop stand is an excellent gift for all techie dads out there.

Couch Arm Side Table

Is your dad the kind of laid-back person who would enjoys staying in his comfy bed all day? If so, he’s undoubtedly going to love the added homey touch that this postable side table will afford him.

Made of elegantly-designed bamboo, this small side table has foldable legs that you can easily mount into the side of the bed, couch, or lounge chair. It can accommodate all kinds of small things, from phones and remote controls to snacks and beverages. Elevate your father’s comfort with this cleverly designed small furniture!

Grovemade Desk Tray

For the work-from-home dads who love keeping their office space organized at all times, Grovemade’s furniture products are perfect.

Well-crafted with several shallow slots for different objects, this desk tray from Grovemade can organize the odd bits and pieces of necessary clutter that always seems to appear on the desk.

Not only that, but the premium materials and clean contemporary aesthetics give this product a top-notch design that is pleasant to look at and doesn’t look out of place no matter what kind of setup your father has.

FlexiSpot Ergonomic Office Chair

We spend most of our days sitting, so it’s not surprising that improper posture during sitting has been linked to several medical conditions. If your dad works from his home office, replace his standard office chair with this specialized ergonomic office chair.

It features adjustable armrests, adjustable height, and an ergonomically designed backrest that will keep his back supported throughout the day. With this chair in his arsenal, your dad no longer has to worry about aching backs!

Stance Ergonomic Standing Desk

Like the ergonomic chair, no expense should be spared in ensuring that our father’s posture is well taken care of throughout the day. This work from home setup means that most of us earn our living without leaving our room. While this has reduced the time we spend commuting or stuck in traffic, it has also made us drastically less active.

A standing desk will help keep dad healthy even if he might have to work all day. Studies have linked simply standing instead of sitting to various health benefits, such as lowering sugar levels, weight gain, and even heart disease.

Outdoorsy Home Items

Outdoor desert with a tent for a camping trips

If your dad is the outdoorsy type, consider giving him something he can bring on his trips.


Weber Q1200 Portable Gas Grill

Is your dad the kind to constantly hold outdoor barbecues to socialize and low-key show off his magnificent luxury house and lot? If so, you can get him this premium outdoor grill that will surely elevate his barbecues to the next level.

Made with rust-resistant aluminum and specially designed to be portable, this gas-fueled grill won’t just shine in your lovely backyard. It can also be taken along with you on your family vacations so that your dad can show off his cooking skills no matter where you are.

Coleman Insulated Cooler Backpack

Does dad like to go out on nature camping, mountaineering, beach, or fishing trips? Does he like cracking a cold one whenever he can on those said trips? Does he hate the idea of lugging around a box cooler?

If the answer to those questions is a resounding yes – well then, we’ve got just the right Father’s Day gift for him.

This cooler and backpack hybrid from Coleman has a fully insulated and leak-proof, water-proof interior, which guarantees a 6-hour insulating capacity using just ice cubes.

More than beverages, this backpack will also keep other perishable items just as well. Since it’s specially designed to seal and keep the temperature constant, there’s no more need to worry that your lunch will spoil during your camping trip.

Leatherman OHT Multi-Tool

No outdoorsy dad can go without a good multi-tool in his hands. Everything from a saw, a blade, to a screwdriver and a bottle opener – the Leatherman OHT Multi-Tool has it all.

It also has a sturdy stainless steel construction that is guaranteed rust-free and a rugged aesthetic fit for the great outdoors. If your dad loves immersing himself in nature, working with his hands, or fixing up properties for sale, he will surely love having the Leatherman in his belt.

EastHills Outdoors Camping Hammock

Is your dad eagerly looking forward to the end of the quarantines so that he can go out into nature and camp? Or maybe he just wants his place to chill out in your own house and lot?

If so, he’ll surely love the Easthills Outdoors Camping Hammock, a double-protected, waterproof camping hammock to beat the country’s two most vicious enemies: the summer heat and mosquitoes.

Not only can your dad chill out in the backyard with this hammock, he can now instantly gear up and get ready for his camping action after the quarantine.

Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack

Rolling luggage is fine and all – but a pro traveler knows how difficult it is to carry around uneven streets and stairs. With the Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack, your traveler dad can quickly put all of his essentials in one easy-to-carry item.

Electronic Home Items

White marble floors and walls of a luxury dining room | Brittany Corporation

Make your dad’s luxury home a modern home with the latest technology.


Sonos Intelligent Voice-Controlled Speaker

If your dad is a techie and a music lover to boot, then this intelligent voice-controlled speaker is just the right stuff for him. The Sonos Intelligent Voice-Controlled Speaker offers one of the most brilliant audio outputs in the market. Its wireless connectivity to computer devices and the internet is a dealmaker when it comes to connectivity.

Nespresso Essenza Plus Coffee Machine

If your dad loves a good strong cup of joe first thing in the morning, then this heavy-duty espresso maker will undoubtedly get good use every day. 

Eufy Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner

Does your dad want things neat and tidy? This Amazon-Alexa compatible robot vacuum will surely get a lot of use if you give it to him.

With its 2-in-1 sweeping and mopping functionality, dust-collection capacity, and whisper-quiet vacuuming, your dad will surely love the cleanliness that this tiny little robot will bring him.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

For the intellectual dads who love to spend their days with their heads buried in a book, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect gift for them.

With its ultralight weight and easy operation, a Kindle makes sure that reading is always a pleasure. It eliminates the most common reading problems with paper books, such as weight, light source, and text adjustability.

Snailax Heated Back Massager

Maybe your father is an active person that frequently gets a sore back. Or perhaps he’s the complete opposite and loves the relaxation of back massages. Whatever his reasons might be, he’s undoubtedly going to love this heated back massager that can melt his stress away.


The Best Home Items for Dad


One of the best ways to show someone your appreciation is through a gift. Here at Brittany, we believe that the best gift one can give their family is a beautiful, functional, and secure home. Of course, not everyone can just give a house and lot, as grand a gesture as it is. Instead of that, consider these best home items for dad that will make a great gift for him this Father’s Day.