Best Generators For Your Luxury Home

Luxury living is all about convenience, comfort, safety, and preparedness. When building your dream home, you should not only consider the extravagance of your interior design and the fixtures that will bring personality into your space.

A family home such as luxury lots in Daang Hari should be equipped with equipment and devices for your own convenience and comfort. Some of these devices are also vital for emergency preparedness, which will be a big help during calamities and such.

When it comes to emergency preparedness, a portable generator should be on top of your list. For those who live in places that are often ravaged by storms, having a portable generator at home is a big help.

Invest in a good generator that can supply power even during a power outage. Luxury lots in Villar land and other prime spots are fully equipped to give residents a comfortable everyday life. However, no house is truly safe from the risks presented by calamities.

In light of recent events, the onslaught of Paeng, internationally known as Tropical Storm Nalgae, highlighted the importance of emergency preparedness, especially for those living in the Philippines. Most were caught off guard by the strength of the storm and suffered from various damages.

emergency preparedness

During the monsoon season, the country suffers from storms that come one after the other, which increases the risk of flooding, landslides, and more commonly, power outage. Being prepared at all times and having the necessary equipment and devices can help you during times of emergency and might even be able to save lives.

With this in mind, if you still have no portable generator at home, consider buying one of the best portable inverter generator on the market. High-end residential homes in Forresta and luxury lots in Daang Hari are known to have inverter generator at home to prepare for emergencies.

Emergency Preparedness

What sets apart Forresta and luxury lots in Villar land from other properties are the equipment and devices that are installed at each home, ensuring their preparedness for calamities. A fully equipped home can make a difference in your safety and survival during emergencies.

Emergency preparedness should start at home and is not only vital on a large scale. When disaster happens, people tend to panic, which can lead to bad decisions. Avoid this by having emergency plans that reduce the risks you might encounter during emergencies.

It is even more important for families to have backup power when the electricity goes out. Emergencies such as power outages can become risky during calamities. This is why investing in an inverter is important. You can find the best choice depending on your preferred price in the Philippines.

You should also prepare items and a survival kit that you might need such as batteries, flashlight, candle, canned food, water, first-aid kits, radio, and a whistle. Important documents should also be stored in waterproof containers that will be easy to carry.

How to Be Prepared During Power Outage

Power outages can be a real problem, especially during storms. If you live somewhere that is often ravaged by typhoons, it is important to have a plan for emergencies. A power outage can become serious if it happens during a storm.

The best way to ensure preparedness is to invest in an inverter generator that can provide power during power outage. It is not only establishments such as hotels that should have backup generators. It is also recommended for luxury lots in Daang Hari and Forresta and other high-end residential properties.

Consider stocking candles, lighters, flashlights, lamps, and batteries as well. Keep these in areas where they will not get wet or exposed to sunlight. Most of all, make sure that you have charged portable inverter generators with battery or that you have a stock of fuel for inverter generators.

Why You Should Buy A Portable Inverter Generator?

When you live in communities where power outage is a common occurrence, a portable generator is a good investment. They provide power for essential appliances to run even without electricity.

Depending on your preference, you can get inverter generators with batteries or a diesel powered one. The only difference is how they produce electricity. You can choose the right generator that fits your needs the best. There are also choices depending on prices Philippines.

best generators for luxury homes

Compared to regular one, a portable generator is less expensive, especially those that are permanently installed at home. Aside from providing backup power during an emergency power outage, these generators can also be used for recreational activities.

Most portable generators are gas powered and can be recharged with fuel. These are easier to use because you don’t need to charge them for a long time and worry about not charging them enough for emergencies.

Inverter technology efficiently controls, monitors, and adjusts a system, which can help reduce the waste of charge, electricity, or fuel. Inverter generators are also better because they can reduce the consumption of fuel or charge of a generator. This helps extend the longevity of the machine.

Top 5 Brands of Portable Generators for Your Luxury Home

There are different types of generators that you can buy for your home. If you’re choosing based on generator price Philippines, then there are many choices ranging from affordable ones to more expensive types. Here are our recommendations for portable generators you can buy.

Honda Generator

Honda offers different types of generators including inverter generators and portable ones. There are also generators with batteries and ones that use gasoline as fuel for backup power. Honda is one of the most trusted brands of portable generators in the market.

Among the portable generators that they offer, our top choice is the Honda EZ3000CXS Portable Generator. It is a gasoline-type of generator and has an air cooling system with a maximum output of 3 kVA. This portable generator is fit for large houses and can provide backup power enough to make essential appliances run.

Generac Generator

If you’re looking for a portable generator that has enough capacity to provide power to your home, Generac is a brand that you should look into. They offer a wide range of generators that are gas-fueled and those that have batteries that can be charged as well.

One of the most outstanding portable generators that they offer in the GP Series is the GP17500E, which has a large capacity tank for fuel so you can have backup power for an extended time without any problem. It is also designed to be durable so it can last for years.

Generac generator

Navigator Generator

When it comes to portable generators for backup power, Navigator is a brand that you can trust. They offer a wide range of portable generators that are powerful enough to supply power for your house. Our top choice of portable generators is the Navigator NG22000.

This generator uses unleaded gasoline as fuel, which is preferable during power outage since you can ensure that it can provide power during times of emergency. It has an output of 1 KVA and a fuel tank capacity of six liters.

Honda Generator

If you’re looking for a brand that offers a variety of excellent generators, Honda is the choice for you. Their line of generators include conventional onses, inverter generators, standby generators, and natural gas generators. What makes Honda’s different is their lightweight and economical design.

Honda offers portable generators that are suitable for your needs. There are choices of generators for outdoor and indoor use. If you’re looking for a portable inverter generator, you should check out Honda’s EU32i S. Its fuel-efficient design puts it at the top of the list.

It is also equipped with bluetooth, making it capable of connecting to your phone. This allows you to monitor and control the generator remotely.

Yamaha generator

Yamaha Generator

A brand that is trusted by the experts, Yamaha offers portable generators not only for your home but for outdoor use as well. If you’re considering buying one from Yamaha, consider checking out the Yamaha EF4500ISE, it is designed for maximum efficiency while keeping the noise at a low level.

The Yamaha EF4500ISE is an inverter generator as well. This doesn’t consume as much fuel, which also helps extend its longevity. It has unique features such as carbon monoxide detector and an automatic shut-off feature.

Preparing Luxury Homes for Emergency Power Outages With Generators

High-end residential properties in luxury lots in Villar land are known for having state-of-the-art appliances and equipment. For an uninterrupted lifestyle, they have invested in the best portable inverter generators that can keep essential appliances running even during power outage.

Brittany Corporation is the number one developer of luxury properties in the Philippines. They create communities and build luxury homes that are equipped with modern appliances so the residents can live in comfort and luxury.

Brittany Corporation built communities in various locations that are considered prime spots. Each of these communities is built with thematic designs that are popular among the few affluent clients of Brittany Corporation.

For those who prefer a charming, countryside lifestyle that uses Old English architecture, Brittany Sta. Rosa is a great choice. Choose from different enclaves inside the exclusive community. For those who prefer quiet everyday life amongst nature, Crosswinds Tagaytay is the luxury residential property for you.

Clients who have a taste for luxury living will fall in love with the extravagant architecture of Vista Alabang. With its Mediterranean-inspired architecture, you can live in a high-end residential property boasting beautiful, intricate details of architecture.

Live in luxury with Brittany Corporation without any interruption to your lifestyle. The best ones in the market will keep those appliances running even during power outage so you can live comfortably.

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