Benguet Postal Codes, ZIP Codes, Phone Area Codes

The Philippines is internationally known for its amazing islands and beaches such as Boracay, Puerto Galera, El Nido, and many more. However, these natural attractions that are best for the summer have a low season. It is because a tropical country like the Philippines has two main seasons: dry and rainy. During the months when much rain is expected, people opt to look for other locations to visit.

One of the top vacation spots that is great for both the hot and cool climate is found up north, no other than Baguio City. It is always the main article when it comes to vacation spots in the country. Although, many people fail to realize that Baguio City is located within a much larger province that is Benguet. Nowadays, cities near Baguio are continually gaining attraction from visitors and some were even featured in several films shown through mainstream media.

Basic Information About Benguet

For anyone who is craving for picturesque mountain views, along with some cool breeze and peaceful atmosphere, Benguet is the place to be. It is located in the Northern part of Luzon, at the southernmost part of the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR). It is a big province with 13 municipalities, one independent city, and 140 barangays which makes up a total area of 2,769.08 square kilometers.

Benguet is a great place to be whether a visitor is looking for either a tranquil or an adventurous experience. Although, aside from being a famous vacation spot, Benguet is also popular for being one of the main sources of fresh produce in the country. Due to the cold climate in the area, it became one of the best places for vegetables, fruits, and other crops to grow which earned it the title ‘Salad Bowl of the Philippines’. Its capital, La Trinidad, is one of the top producers of vegetables and strawberries that are being supplied all over the Philippines, and some were even exported to other countries.

benguet  Postal Codes, ZIP Codes, and Phone Area Codes

Living in the Summer Capital Of The Philippines

Since Benguet is a really nice place to stay in for a vacation, some people decide to move to this area and reside in the province for good. During the pandemic, when remote work became the norm, many people thought to make the best out of the crisis and move somewhere they want to spend their days in—not just for a short trip but for their every single day.

Baguio City alone, famously known for being called the ‘Summer Capital of the Philippines’, has so many beautiful attractions where residents can hang out on a daily basis. Living in the city center, somewhere near Marcos Highway, gives residents easy access for a daily stroll in Burnham Park, Bayan Park, Camp John Hay, The Mansion, and many others. For nature-lovers who are seeking for a more adventurous time, they can easily arrange a hike at Mount Pulag to see the breathtaking sea of clouds.

There are also a number of market area that residents can choose from, or better yet, they can turn shopping for produce to a more fancy experience by taking the leisure of picking their own batch of the most fresh vegetables and fruits at the farm. Doing this also comes at a fair price unlike the ones that people can buy at a highly urbanized city in the nation’s capital region.

Last but not the least, it would be a special treat to wake up each morning with easy access to tourist favorites such as the must-try strawberry taho—hot silken tofu with sweet strawberry syrup and smaller boba-like pearls. There are also other treats made with strawberries all over Benguet such as ice cream and pastries that are best paired with strawberry jam.

Who would not want to live a place with constant cold climate, easy access to fresh produce, and an overall luxury living experience residing near some of the best natural and scenic landscapes in the country? It is a dream!

Planning to move to Benguet? Or recently moved to the area? Here is a list if the the zip/postal codes and area code in Benguet in case there is a need for it.

Benguet ZIP/Postal Codes

A zip code and a postal code are basically has the same purpose, the term just differs for each country. For example, the term zip code is mainly used in the United States. However, in the Philippines, the two terms are being interchangeably used.

See below for the list of the different locations in Benguet and their respective zip/postal codes.

  • Atok Zip/Postal Code: 261274
  • Baguio City Zip Code: 260074
  • Bakun Zip/Postal Code: 261074
  • Bokod Zip/Postal Code: 260574
  • Bugias Zip/Postal Code: 260774
  • Itogon Zip/Postal Code: 260474
  • Kabayan Zip/Postal Code: 260674
  • Kapangan Zip/Postal Code: 261374
  • Kibungan Zip/Postal Code: 261174
  • La Trinidad Zip/Postal Code: 260174
  • Lepanto Zip/Postal Code: 260974
  • Mankayan Zip/Postal Code: 260874
  • Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Zip/Postal Code: 260274
  • Sablan Zip/Postal Code: 261474
  • Tuba Zip/Postal Code: 260374
  • Tublay Zip/Postal Code: 261574

Benguet Phone Area Code

Unlike the zip/postal code, the province of Benguet has one area code. Since it is quite far from Manila which area code is very much known to people, it is pretty obvious with its area code. Benguet’s 74.

Living in benguet

Why Move to Benguet

There are plenty of reason why many people are choosing to change their residence to the province of Benguet. One of the top reasons is the worsening weather condition during the hot season especially in the highly populated areas in the country.

Despite being considered highly populated, Benguet is one of the exceptions for this though. The top reason why people loved visiting this province is because of its well known cool climate even during the summer. This is good not only for comfort but it helps people experience better sleep and helps one’s immune system to work harder. Also, with the trend of Korean skincare in the country, the cool climate is known to be excellent for people’s skin condition. And most importantly, it will help in saving since there will be less expenses spent on electric bill.

Aside from the climate, Benguet is also home to many great schools which is definitely a priority for families. In Baguio alone, there are a lot of great institutions that offer top-tier quality education from elementary to college. If this is a cause for concern, rest assured that finding a good school for children will not be a problem in this province.

Lastly, Benguet is slowly being urbanized which can make the residents experience both a piece of province life and city life. Baguio, for example, is already a well-developed city where residents can experience accessibility like living in the metro. On the other hand, there is always still a space for tranquility and comfort that only a life in the province can provide.

enjoying benguet

Experience Luxury Living in Baguio

For many years, Brittany Corporation brought the luxury living experience in the South of the metro. Now, a new view has been reached to give homeowners the best experience of nature living.

Soon, the doors of Bern Baguio will open to give its residents the life they deserve—a life of solace, wellness, and nature. Celebrate life and luxury at Bern Baguio! To know more, check Brittany’s official website or follow their social media pages for the latest updates.

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