Add 2022’s Color of the Year to Your Home

Very Peri is Pantone’s Color of the Year 2022 | Photo From Unsplash

The tradition continues—every New Year, the Pantone Color Institute releases a shade that becomes the color of the year. And in case you missed it, the star of 2022 is Pantone 17-3938 or very peri. The shade is a subtle blend of blue and red with beautiful violet undertones, a combination that has quickly become the latest trend among designers, marketers, and creative professionals from different industries, including luxury real estate. But what is Pantone and why is the color of the year important?

Pantone is universally recognized as the world’s authority in color. It created the Pantone Matching System or PMS. For the uninitiated, PMS is a standardized color matching system or universal color catalog that guides designers, marketers, and creators all around the world to communicate and match accurate colors for their brands, products, and services. Since 2000, the Pantone Color of the Year concept remains a trendsetter for branding, marketing, design, and the creative society.

Behind the Pantone Color of the Year

This year’s color of the year set it apart from Pantone’s previous picks. This is because, for the first time since the program began, Pantone has invented a new shade that represents the current moment. It aims to create a color that will represent what many people are hoping for this year—new beginnings.

To achieve this, Pantone mixed shades of blue with a hint of red. The blue shade represents steadiness while the red represents energy and excitement. The result is a warm blue shade that conveys fresh beginnings and innovation.

Fun & Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Home with Shades of Very Peri

Changing years indeed symbolizes change, promises, or new beginnings for many people. And these resolutions can be anything. They can be as big as embracing a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle or shifting a career. These can also be as immediate and simple as revamping one’s living space.

If you are thinking of adding a new, refreshing look to your luxury home, you will never go wrong in including very peri to your color theme. After all, the color of the year symbolizes a fresh start after times of uncertainty.

A friendly note: since the color of the year is still new, finding home décors and paint materials with the exact shade can be difficult. The good news is there are a number of shades that come close to very peri. These include shades of purple, lavender, bleached denim, and lilac. Ready to add some color to your luxury home? Ahead is a roundup of fun and simple ways to do so.

Go bold with your wall

Revamp your walls with cool tones of very peri | Image from Unsplash

If you want to embody very peri’s “courageous creativity and imaginative expressions” essence, you can start strong with your home revamp and paint your walls. But the playful shade can be an overbearing choice of paint if you like neutral-toned walls. So if you prefer to go light, you can use light strokes and a small amount of paint to lighten up your living space without going overboard.

While you’re at it, why not add a pleasant pop of color to mundane areas and corners around your luxury home too? Think of an old piece of furniture, the kitchen counter, or dull-colored cupboards.

Catch eyes with an accent wall

An accent wall can serve as the focal point of a rustic-themed living room | Image from Unsplash

Cool colors like very peri give off a calming effect. That is why a stroke of very peri on neutral walls prevents the room from looking bland. But not everyone wants to paint their entire walls, and that is okay. Some simply prefer to keep their walls light while others might be living in a luxury condo that does not permit major luxury condo overhauls.

If you see yourself in any of these situations but you still want to incorporate very peri subtly on your walls, having accent walls or putting up wallpapers with similar shades to the color of the year should do the trick. This way, you can transform your space with minimal paint and effort.

Make a statement with furniture and art

A pop of colored furniture pieces is a nice surprise to minimalist luxury homes | Image from Unsplash

Statement furniture pieces are home décors that stand out on their own. They typically have a dramatic effect on a space and capture the attention of everyone in the room. Since very peri has a subtly striking color against modern spaces and backdrops, it can be a great, head-turning color for statement furniture pieces. Try adding life to your luxury home or luxury condo unit by adding a sofa, chair, or headboard in the shade of very peri.


Adding accessories is an easy way to add a pop of color to your luxury home | Image from Unsplash

If you are a minimalist, bold-colored walls or furniture pieces might not be your cup of tea. And purchasing large furniture involves a lot of work. An easy solution? Accessories. Introduce the color of the year to your Brittany home through pieces of home décors. For a cozy bedroom, you can opt for very-peri or purple-colored art pieces, blankets, bedsheets, curtains, or linens.  For living room accents that are easy on the eyes, you can use periwinkle throw pillows, flower vases, or big rugs.

An important principle in accessorizing your space: follow the 80-20 rule. It is mixing and matching principle used by interior designers and luxury real estate creatives. The premise is to apply a certain theme to 80% of the space, then another theme to the remaining 20%. Simply put, when you decorate something in 80% neutral, your theme for the remaining 20% should be bold or solid colors.

Add natural elements

Adding natural elements to your luxury home gives off a calm and soothing ambiance | Image from Unsplash

Houseplants and other natural elements like flowers and crystals make up great house décors in your Brittany home. Plus, they are also good mood-booster. For instance, lavender plants, which share similar hues with very peri, are known for their anxiety-relief properties. You can place it in your home office to add a touch of very peri in the space and possibly help in improving your focus.

Take it outdoors

Add life to your outdoor spaces through pops of color | Image from Unsplash

Boring luxury home exterior? A true mark of a Brittany home is grandiose architecture from the inside out. Become the talk of the block by sprucing up your outdoor space with colors of very peri. You can go all out and stand out from the street by painting your front walls. For those who prefer a more conservative (but still fun) way to do this, you can add a splash of color to your outdoor space by painting the front door, shutters, or trim.

The bottom line

Revamping your luxury home this 2022 does not have to be a painstaking task. Often, finding the right color and home décor can make a refreshing look and ambiance to your luxury living space. And by using color as versatile as a very peri, you can transform your room into looking cozy, modern, minimalist, chic, traditional—the possibilities are beautiful and almost endless!