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Images of the obelisk in Brittany Santa Rosa the interior of a luxury home with a couch and blue and stiped pillows | Luxury home by Brittany Corporation

Check out the newest properties of Promenade in this e-brochure by clicking on the image.


Brittany Corporation recently released their newest e-brochure featuring Promenade of Brittany Santa Rosa. See what Brittany Promenade has to offer with the Promenade e-brochure. Nestled within the thriving 300-hectare Sta. Elena City in Santa Rosa, Laguna, Promenade is a master-planned community inspired by the quaint English Countryside, where hedged cobbled paths surround cozy luxury mansions for sale in Santa Rosa, Laguna.

Perfect for the grand lifestyle of English nobility, Brittany’s Promenade offers enticing amenities like a Clubhouse inspired by a stately English country manor. It comes complete with function halls, a basketball court, and a secret garden. At the center, you will find a grand fountain with a cobblestone path that brings you back to the clubhouse.

Outside the romantic English-inspired enclave of Brittany’s Promenade, you can find two of the top golf courses in the South, the Sta. Elena Golf and Country Club and the Country Club Philippines. This makes Promenade Santa Rosa the perfect community for all golf enthusiasts whether new or old. Enjoy the candid luxury lifestyle of Brittany Santa Rosa.

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