Why Spend Your New Year In Tagaytay

The last day of the year is called “New Year’s Eve” and is celebrated with a variety of traditions around the globe, like singing, dancing, and bonding with loved ones. People make a countdown, and when the clock strikes 12 at midnight, the first day of the year is made remarkable by making it a time for change and new beginnings.

The history of the new year celebration began when the Romans celebrated the year’s first day by sacrificing offerings, exchanging gifts, conducting parties, and decorating homes. Since the re-establishment of New Year’s Day in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII, different traditions and celebrations have been conducted around the world. In Spain, the new year celebration is done by pinning down a dozen grapes before midnight. The symbolism of the 12 grapes is the success and hope for the coming year. In countries like Portugal and Cuba, pork dishes are commonly served at a New Year’s Eve table because they believe that pigs represent progression and prosperity. Norway and Sweden have different new year’s celebrations because on New Year’s Eve, they hide an almond in the rice pudding, and whoever gets the nut will get luck for the coming months of the year.

How is New Year celebrated in the Philippines

How is New Year celebrated in the Philippines?

  1. Lighting Firecrackers and Watching Fireworks Display

Commonly, the most known way of a new year’s celebration consists of making loud noises and bright lights. In order to drive away the bad luck and spirits, you have to make louder noises. By the time of New Year’s Eve, all the firecrackers are lit up and family members watch together. The colorful firework display has a lot of colors which is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity. If you are going to observe the displays, there are different colors and designs. If you wish for good health, love, and prosperity, a specific color is meant for different types of luck.

As for the children, since they cannot light up the firecrackers for safety purposes, they are given alternative equipment like horns and toy trumpets to make a loud noise.

  1. Eating with Loved Ones

The new year’s celebration in the Philippines is like a reunion. The family members gather from different places to celebrate the new year together. During the Media Noche or the meal on New Year’s Eve, Filipinos unite. They prepare different dishes brought by each one of the members and eat together. One of the most common foods served at the new year’s table is something sticky. Tikoy, Bibingka, or any dessert made of sticky rice are believed to attract and make good luck stick to the family throughout the year. It also signifies unity making the family stick together.

  1. The Concept of Round Fruits

Another set of food from the new year’s table is the set of 12 round fruits, and for some, they make it 12 different kinds of round fruits. The round shape resembles coins which is a sign of prosperity. The most common fruits are tangerines, oranges, pineapples, and grapes. The colors such as orange, which is close to gold, mean wealth and prosperity.

  1. Playing Games

If you want to maximize the time with the family during the new year celebration, playing games is going to save the day! Filipino families are used to preparing games like Pinoy Henyo, Balloon Popping, and many more. It is an activity that will be cherished the best. Families in the Philippines stay up until the morning of January 1 doing the things that keep them together.

  1. Wearing Polka Dots Outfits

Aside from families having color-coordinated outfits during this special holiday, you can also notice a distinct feature of their dresses during the new year celebration. If you are wondering why most Filipinos wear polka dot dresses or shirts during New Year’s Eve, here is why. Similar to the reason for preparing round foods on the table, the shape is thought to bring wealth and prosperity. Wearing dresses or outfits with a lot of circles resemble coins that bring a wealthy future.

  1. Jumping when the clock strikes 12

One of the traditions during New Year’s Eve is when the countdown to 12 midnight has ended, people, especially children, jump for a minute in the belief that they could grow taller throughout the year. Adults, however, also jump with their pockets full of coins in order to have a wealthier year. Aside from the folklore, jumping is also an action showing joyfulness and hope for the new year.

  1. Throwing Coins

Filipino families desire wealth and health on top of everything. For a prosperous year, a member of the family throws coins starting from the doorstep into the rooms and corners of the house. This signifies fortune to enter the house and welcome good luck and spirit.

Another tradition also includes gathering all the members of the family and throwing coins in the middle. Everyone is free to catch and pick up the coins that were thrown. It is a tradition of giving and sharing blessings.

Why spend your new year in Tagaytay

Wy Should I Spend My New Year In Tagaytay?

The typical New Year Celebration includes a merry countenance, noise-making, and traditional activities. But as people get their minds opened, the celebration is more than just a tradition. You may believe in folklore and all, but you can also enjoy a new year’s celebration with peaceful and quiet observance. Do you know where you can have a joyful yet peaceful celebration? Tagaytay, City is the answer!

Tagaytay is a whole new different environment from Metro Manila. The busy and wild parties are the opposite of the chilly and peaceful location of Tagaytay. Along with that, here are some of the reasons that can convince you to celebrate the new year in the city:

  • New Year In Tagaytay: Near to many attractions

If you want to lure around the city before New Year’s Eve, it won’t be a problem! Various attraction places are just around the corner. May it be restaurants, amusement parks, cafes, name it all. Some of these are Sky Ranch and Crosswinds.

Crosswinds Tagaytay prepared a Christmas Market this year, in which you can visit the most luxurious and serene restaurants and cafes.

  • New Year In Tagaytay: One with the Nature Experience

Away from the busy and loud celebrations in Metro Manila and other nearby cities, the new year celebration in Tagaytay is on another level of serenity. The atmosphere of the city, which is surrounded by pine trees and cold breeze, provides the energy to have a sound mind. Just by looking at the surroundings, you can feel the positive energy that you can carry from the first day of the year. It is a good starter with just having a breather and having a positive outlook to start out the year.

New Year Celebration at Crosswinds Tagaytay

Looking for a place to stay or even live in Tagaytay? You can find the best luxury house & lot, lot only, and condo in Tagaytay Crosswinds. Find the peace and serenity you are looking for in a brand-new year. Meditate and reflect on yourself as you make your own resolution with Crosswinds Tagaytay!

It features a lot of promising amenities, views, and nearby attractions that you can reach and experience.

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