Meet Pietro, Your Luxury Dream Home 

“The state of great comfort and extravagant living” is one of the definitions of the word “Luxury” when you search it through the internet. Meet Pietro, your luxury dream home.

To provide high-quality living, a community of refinement, elegance, and comfort.

This has been the holy grail of Vista Land ever since. It is no doubt that Portofino Alabang is home to many influential and elite individuals. It was designed for the good life and everyone’s dream home. The ultimate goal is to establish a community that gives you the full luxury living experience and hassle-free daily routine.

This is why Portofino Alabang offers state-of-the-art Italian-themed homes in strategic locations. Living in this community, you are provided with world-class facilities and high security.

Luxury House and Lot in Daang Hari | Portofino by Brittany

Vista Land offers different property developments at the Brittany Vista Alabang, including luxury houses and lots. They offer luxurious and spacious houses and lots for you to establish your dream house with your loved ones. Living in this kind of community gives you comfort, security and boosts your morale. From the moment you open your eyes and step out your door, you are already living the good life.

Image within the world-class community of Portofino Alabang

Situated at Vista Alabang, Daang Hari, we offer Pietro luxury home.

Pietro is a ready home with a 296+ sqm lot area perfect for nuclear families. This home has unique features that make it shine among others. It has a 2-car garage, two bedrooms, one master bedroom with its walk-in closet and toilet & bath, an extra guest room with its toilet & bath as well, Maid’s room, a family area, two additional toilet and baths, kitchen, dining, living area, a balcony, and its foyer. All combined to make a home for your dreams.

Image of Pietro luxury home

It was honed with the best quality materials from its concrete roof tiles, ceramic floor tiles, quartz slab countertops, toilet and bath finishes, kitchen accessories, balconies, and every detail it composes. Italian homes are known for using high-quality materials, which Brittany never fails to provide.

Image inside the Itallian-inspired Pietro luxury home within the community of Portofino Alabang

Pietro luxury home is an Italian-themed home best for families who enjoy rustic themed houses and the likes.

This unit exudes lushness and fanciness from the colors of the wall, the landscape, the floor plan, and the height of the structure; everything was prepared and planned to create this stunning RFO home. Italian homes are known for their rough corners, bricks and stones, and high ceilings, all featured in this unit, perfect for your luxury living.

Image of a luxury home inside the community of Portofino Alabang

The house itself has very spacious areas that you can use. Because of that given factor, it is very flexible to renovate and re-arrange inside. For example, you would want to have your bar area, coffee nooks, baking station in your kitchen for your hobbies.  You could also make the extra rooms your home gym, game room, library, or office area, considering that most of us are already shifting into permanent work from home setup.


Amenities that Portofino offers

Portofino’s amenities such as swimming pools, fitness gyms, basketball, and tennis court are all available for residents to enjoy for the full experience of luxury living. Aside from these, they have 24/7 security personnel that roams around the area, CCTVs, and security guards, to make sure you are living in a community safe and sound.

All their facilities for utilities were designed underground for power, cable, water, and communication to create a neat environment and to avoid any safety risks.

Image inside the world-class community of Portofino Alabang

Everything is offered within your reach in Vista Alabang to give you the full luxury living experience

Aside of course, from the house specifications, your dream Italian home should also be in your dream community. One of the most essential factors that you should consider is its accessibility. From your workplace to the schools and universities, restaurants, malls, hospitals, and other places necessary for a person’s everyday life.

Through social media, friends, and family, we already see the trendy establishments we could visit for leisure. Considering the pandemic and with the restrictions slowly being removed, most of us may be longing for social interactions and visiting public places. Of course, with safety precautions and with still obeying the safety protocols, our country is slowly reverting back to normal with the malls and parks already beginning to open for full public use.


Everything is within reach

We all missed getting a cup of coffee with friends or watching the latest movie in a bigger screen. Coffee shops nowadays already offer al fresco dining for people who are not comfortable in enclosed areas and to also enjoy the city breeze which we all missed while staying at home.

Image of Evia Lifestyle center

Portofino Alabang is in near proximity to Evia Lifestyle Center which is the best hangout place in the South these days. We all know that safety has been our top priority this pandemic and we’re scared to hangout to usual places.

But we all know that physical stores still give you a different experience from just browsing online. Good thing Evia Lifestyle center is very near Portofino Alabang and is also part of Vista Alabang. They make sure that all safety protocols are strictly implemented and they offer alfresco and open space dining.


Pietro, a home inspired by Italy

Italian homes such as your Pietro luxury home may be considered almost inessential but getting to give yourself and your loved ones the luxury living experience is definitely the best thing. May it be from your hard-earned salary, business income, and such, giving yourself the

Good life and rewarding your self comfortable place to enjoy and build your family in is never too much. Living a life with peace of mind and relaxing surroundings isn’t something you deprived yourself of.