Quest For Life’s Purpose and Better Quality of Life

Many people associate the purpose of life with acquiring wealth, improving one’s self-esteem, and elevating one’s economic status through a successful career path or educational attainment. While all of these can be true, the strong sense of the quest for one’s own life purpose is undoubtedly dependent on the individual’s perception as well as the determining factors used by governing bodies for measuring the quality of life.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), people tend to define their quality of life based on the standards, goals, and expectations set by the environment or society’s culture and value systems. Having said that, a person can be more inclined to be controlled by these standards, which can eventually affect his or her ability to live his or her life. This means that failure to meet the status quo can result in a poor quality of life, whereas acquiring success in fulfilling life’s expectations may result in a much greater sense of self-improvement and stability.

Quest For Life's Purpose and Better Quality of Life

What is a meaningful life mean to you?

An in-depth inquiry about one’s desire to find purpose or search for meaning always starts with religious beliefs. When religion defines the quality of life, a broader concept of it stems from a supernatural being who is capable of elevating one’s sense of self-worth, identity, and purpose through upholding moral laws and helping other people. For any kind of religious belief, a higher quality of life lies outside of oneself.

This means that measuring quality of life is shaped by the values instilled by the religion and by exercising one’s faith in accordance with the practice of the religion. Moreover, people who are more inclined to improve their quality of life through spirituality not only develop an excellent plethora of values to get them by but also discover a different kind of truth and direction which leads them to a higher sense of living.

In a Christian nation just like the Philippines, to lead one's life based on spiritual beliefs is a common aspect in the life and tradition of many Filipinos

While others find purpose in the bounds of religion, some tend to find a higher quality of life within themselves and the lives of their families. This entails a kind of perspective where the person does not rely on the world to define what his purpose in life is but on the meaningful goals that the person has set for himself and the leisure time he gets to spend with his family.

Finding purpose in this way helps the person to commit himself to a cause that is bigger than himself. It may be in pursuit of bigger dreams and the happiness of the people who endear him the most.

At the end of the day, it’s essential to ground your purpose in the kind of life you’ve always envisioned. Remember that it need not be as impressive as what others have. A significant life, after all, is one that places importance on both one’s own well-being and the lives of those around him.

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A better quality of life means adapting to different possibilities

Finding a life’s purpose and pursuing a higher standard of living can be challenging for many people, especially when presented with options that will either support or jeopardize their highest good. For three years and counting, the worldwide pandemic put a halt to the entire world’s continuous pursuit of purpose and a better quality of life.

Take, for example, the effects of the recent worldwide pandemic on the civilization and life quality of man. With COVID-19 taking its toll on us, many families have realized the importance of health care in order to achieve a more meaningful life.

Others discovered that one’s well-being could be associated first with the condition of health-related quality of life. With this in mind, health-related quality of life is now more crucial than ever.

Due to the threats of the COVID-19 virus both to the well-being of many people and the economic condition of the world, more people now realize the importance of anchoring one’s purpose to medical care in order to uphold a better quality of life as well as healthy and balanced well-being.

The good thing is that the world’s ability to adapt to impending possibilities, including the worldwide pandemic, in order to live their lives in the best way possible went on. This goes to show that a better quality of life always starts with resilience.

When people do their part to contribute to the betterment of their lives and their well-being, not only do the aspects of their lives get better but as well as their resiliency. After all, resiliency enables a person to find happiness in the most unlikeable and unfavorable circumstances in life.

A better quality of life means adapting to different possibilities

A better quality of life starts at Brittany homes

The ability to strive for a better quality of life in accordance with your purpose always begins with setting meaningful goals. And nowadays, goals not only pertain to educational attainment or the pursuit of the wildest and biggest dreams but also to the improvement of your life. This means that you will strive to gain a comfortable life by investing in quality investments that will last you a lifetime.

And speaking of which, what is a better way to start building your own slice of a better quality of life than to invest in a luxury community with luxury houses for you and your family? Good thing Brittany Corporation, the premier name in luxury real estate development in the Philippines, is your perfect partner for that.

With Brittany’s rich history of giving home buyers an artful living through its thematic projects in excellent locations in the country, rest assured that the quality of life you’ve always been dreaming of can be reached within your fingertips.

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The term quality is best defined by the kind of choices you make in order to ensure that your living your best life possible. With Brittany, this is a dream come true.

Your best quality of life through Brittany living

Since Brittany Corporation is best known for its thematic development projects where all of its luxury houses in the Philippines are inspired, it is a guarantee that your best quality of life through Brittany living is secured. And what is a better quality of life than living in a safe, exclusive community with houses known for their luxury house design?

If Brittany living is what you are dreaming of, secure your luxury house and lot property in one of the finest thematic projects that Brittany offers—Crosswinds Tagaytay. Known as a private sanctuary with a 100-hectare Swiss-inspired community, Crosswinds Tagaytay is the perfect community for your slice of a better quality of life!

At Crosswinds, your expectations for a Swiss-inspired lifestyle for you and your family are truly achieved! Moreover, your quality of life is further elevated because of where this luxury community is situated and the perks that come alongside living in here.

Crosswinds Tagaytay is surrounded by a picturesque view which will make you and your family feel like going home to paradise. In an environment just like in Crosswinds, a lot of things can be done in order to uphold your well-being through a health-related quality of life.

With 35,000 pine trees, Tagaytay’s signature cool climate and lush terrains, and the royal feeling of living in a Swiss-inspired community, Crosswinds Tagaytay will inspire you and your family to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Go and stroll around the community and expect that you will not be acquiring any sickness because of its cool atmosphere and green scenery.

You may also want to take a jog before you head to work every morning in order to boost your mood or walk your pet and enjoy the benefits of just being under the sun.

Moreover, a better quality of life is not complete without easy access to modern conveniences you are accustomed to. Good thing, in Crosswinds Tagaytay, you are just a few inches away from establishments and hubs that will make your life easier. After all, when life is so much easier, you can be assured that a better quality of life is greatly achieved, for you are finally experiencing the life events you were only used to dreaming of.

A better quality of life can be assessed by a variety of factors, but if you are not willing, to begin with your own home, what exactly are you striving for in this endeavor?