Feng Shui in Real Estate This 2023 According To Experts

Our home is such an important and meaningful part of our lives. Feng Shui lets us make the most out of it.

-The Feng Shui Studio

According to its definition, feng shui is the art of placing objects in homes in a way that promotes harmony with the environment.

The goal is to bring balance to one’s life by directing the flow of energy.

The ancient Chinese practice known as feng shui involves placing structures, possessions, and open areas in a way that promotes balance and harmony.

The term “the path of wind and water” refers to feng shui.

Although it has roots in ancient Taoism, it is still widely used today in China, and has reached Western cultures as well.

The Taoist concept of chi, or the life force that permeates everything, is the foundation of feng shui.

The yin and yang aspects make up the chi; these are incompatible forces that are opposite but complementary.

Taoists held that people can boost the positive flow of chi and keep the bad chi at bay by harmonizing the yin and yang aspects.

The term the path of wind and water refers to feng shui

Feng shui is a technique for harmonizing yin and yang, as well as enhancing the flow of chi by strategically placing decoration, furniture, even buildings and entire cities.

To ensure good health, enhance interpersonal connections, and bring success and riches, the ancient Chinese believed that setting up objects to make positive chi should be done.

Even though little is available about the feng shui’s history, there is proof that the Chinese have already been planning their cities and dwellings according to its principles for more than 4,000 years.

The arrangement of ancient Chinese grave sites—areas where conveying good chi was crucial—provides some of the earliest examples of feng shui.

Modern homeowners apply feng shui principles to design their homes across the world.

Did you know that many Hollywood elites practice Feng Shui?

Some famous people who have embarked on the feng shui journey include Julia Roberts and George Clooney.

Successful entrepreneurs Bill Gates and Tommy Hillfiger practice fen shui as well.

Because chi can move in and out using doors and windows, many feng shui principles concern what objects should be placed close to or far distant from those openings.

The five elements of fire, earth, water, wood, and metal are the simplest ways to alter the feng shui of a space.

These five sorts of materials can be used to categorize all materials.

Practitioners claim that adding, removing, or merging these things will significantly increase the flow of good chi.

Everything should be given consideration in the practice of feng shui.

Everything should be given consideration in the practice of feng shui

According To Feng Shui Experts, here are things that are lucky in real estate for the year:

1. Feng Shui Real Estate: Lucky colors of the year

In 2023, azure blue and apple green are the year’s lucky colors according to feng shui. Use these colors in your real estate.

Azure Blue

According to the principles of feng shui, water is the energized element of this color. Freedom and calmness are its defining symbols.

While it is true that this color is great for stimulating the water elements, an excess of it might bring about a bad chi of depression and sloth.

Apple Green

Apple green, another prominent shade in 2023, belongs to the wood color family and is associated with new beginnings and growth.

New beginnings, like moving into a new home or starting a new work, call for the usage of this color.

A negative spiral of envy, insanity, and failure can result from excessive use of apple green

While this year’s emphasis is on a cooler color palette, it is important to remember that blazing red, imperial yellow, and pearl white are all necessary for perfect elemental balance and synergy.

All 12 of the Chinese horoscope signs rely on these hues.

2.) Feng Shui Real Estate: Area-Specific Feng Shui Decorations to Bring You Luck

In feng shui, different areas of a home are linked to various facets of one’s personality and existence.

One such spot is the front door, which is called the “mouth of chi” since it is the point at which incoming energy first enters the house.

However, the bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation, therefore it is important that the space be set up in a way that promotes both of these goals.

Making a place that serves its purpose while also being aesthetically pleasing is the ultimate goal.

A.) Feng Shui Real Estate: Plants for the Living Room

The addition of plant pots to the living room is a popular home improvement trend for the Year of the Water Rabbit.

This is done to bring in the beneficial chi of the wood element. Select plants with round leaves for container gardening, like the Chinese Money plant or Jade Plant. Avoid going near any thorny shrubs or cacti.

As an alternative to decorating with plants, a fish tank is another option.

You should also avoid placing any pieces of furniture so that their backs face the exits. Furniture and sculptures should have rounded corners rather than sharp ones.

Pay particular attention to the hind left corner of the living room as seen from the front door, as this is the wealth corner.

Guarantee your success by incorporating wood and water into your design.

Plants are great, but you may also decorate this area of your living room with natural materials like bamboo, wicker, and wood.

B.) Feng Shui Real Estate: The Flow of Chi in the Bedroom

The bed should be in a prominent location, with access to the door within sight, but the two should not be directly opposite each other.

Next, decluttering the bedroom will let the energy flow more smoothly.

This, however, does not include cramming items underneath the bed, as this still disrupts the natural flow of chi in the space.

May we bring mirrors into the room? Sure. Throw them in a far corner of the room, away from the bed and the door.

Some feng shui practitioners advise against using any mirrors at all in a home or office since they might serve as visual clutter and lead to distractions.

Plants for the Living Room

C.) Feng Shui Real Estate: Salt and Water for the Kitchen

According to feng shui principles, the stove should be placed in a prominent location in the kitchen, just like the bed is in the bedroom.

Next, you should clean up the kitchen, which includes putting things away in the fridge. Make sure any broken kitchenware is thrown away.

Take note that the negative vibes can be washed away and the good ones attracted with a cleansing mixture of salt and water, so say the experts.

The months of August, September, and October of 2023 are excellent for initiating the process of building or purchasing a house in the Philippines, according to feng shui.

Meanwhile, the months of March, June, September, and October are the most propitious months to move into a new home.

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