Color Influence On Our Emotions

Monochromatic Color influence us differently

What do you think it feels like to live in a world where everything you see is black and white? From the leaves and flowers of your plants in the garden and the trees in your backyard; to the clothes you wear and the movies you watch, the house you live in, and even your meals – all of these in monochrome.

DULL: The most exact qualifier that should be used in simply thinking about this.

You cannot even begin to imagine how bland it will be like. I bet all you can think of right away are the mainstream movies filmed in black-and-white during the 60s. It will be a lifeless and stale feeling whenever you turn your head around to look at things.

What, then, if everything is red? Or blue? Or Yellow?

Will it be as monotonous as when it is in monochrome?

Color Influence in Architectural Design

Color infused in architectural design can affect our emotions

Color influences us more than we can realize. It is often interlinked with our emotions. As the renowned Pablo Picasso once remarked, “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” It can affect our tempers, feelings, and behaviors. Although perceived as somewhat subjective, there are some effects of colors with meanings that are universally accepted. Colors like red, orange, and yellow, for example, are known as warm colors in the color spectrum, which induce a wide range of feelings such as warmth, passion, comfort feelings of anger, and hate.

On the other hand, colors like blue, green, and purple are known as cool colors, which call to mind feelings of coolness, calmness, solitude, and sometimes sadness and indifference. The concept of color psychology has just begun to emerge, and while there is still a lack of sufficient research on this area, this has, however, already become a controversial subject in the fields of marketing, art, design, and other related expertise. Even psychological experts have started experimenting with the soothing effect of colors on depression and the like.

multiple Color Influence on your emotions

The psychology of colors has also begun to be applied in building designs and architectures and is becoming more and more prevalent in its application to spaces. Many painters and interior designers have since believed that colors can drastically affect moods, feelings, and other physiological reactions. Hence, other than showcasing specific constructive detail or creating mimic images of certain features of space, artists and designers often use a variety of chromatic colors to produce the specific sets of emotion or visual effects they want to get from their audiences. It can also make the environment look spacious or cramped, which may, in turn, induce either feeling of irritation or comfort and the like. For architecture in general, from interior decoration down to landscaping, colors are vitally important.

Crosswinds: A Blend of Color Influence 

Lush View of Crosswinds Tagaytay, Its multiple Color Influence on your emotions

One of the many considerations of Brittany in the overall design of its real estate land developments is the blend of colors in the interiors and exteriors of its top-notch luxury residences. The artistic landscape and the scenic natural wonders around the premise of these land developments are also taken into account to add to the vibrant and inviting beauty of the place.

Interior of Chatelard at Crosswinds Tagaytay, Its multiple Color Influence on your emotions

The Swiss-inspired land development of Crosswinds in Tagaytay is a proud architectural innovation of Britanny that makes use of the color harmony of artificial (unit’s exterior paintings) and natural (environment) hues that not only heighten the experience of the European countryside but also strum the heartstrings of tourists and locals.

Beautiful View at Crosswinds Tagaytay. Its multiple Color Influence on your emotions

It features the combination of over 35 000 lush greenery of well-maintained pine trees, which contours parks, walking trails, and jogging paths, and the earthy feel of high gable roofs in every crosswind condominium Alpine Villas to enhance the somewhat rustic vibe and aesthetic feel of the mountainside. The wooden interior designs of this swiss-themed community are also painted with the traditional wall color choice of white to visually break up the copious wooden elements and increase the refraction of light inside the unit, while some others also add a splash of light-blue color to bring in the clear sky experience in the Swiss Alps.

Giant Red Chair at Crosswinds Tagaytay, Its multiple Color Influence on your emotions

The warm and cozy atmosphere oozing out of the brand’s overall themed color makes the place an all the more natural attraction to people visiting the city of Tagaytay. From the “instagrammable” Giant Red Chairs and the aesthetically attractive wine cellars of NAPA to the premier Swiss luxury resort with its swimming pool’s crystal blue water, this iconic land development is a prime to-go destination like no other.

The Windmill Lausanne, Its multiple Color Influence on your emotions

Another indisputable beauty that tickles everyone’s sweet spots is the featured Lausanne at Crosswinds. This Tagaytay City’s Little Europe boasts its recently launched Windmill, a Solvang-inspired restaurant that not only offers alfresco dining but also the relaxing ambiance of a European countryside experience. Built with wooden boards and colorful walls, Windmill at Lausanne exudes the festive and breathtaking beauty of a luxurious European encounter. It is accentuated with a variety of radiant flora fashioned in an intuitive and artistic arrangement like a natural receptionist at noontide.

Crosswinds Tagaytay, Its multiple Color Influence on your emotions

With its proximity to the metropolitan, Crosswinds Tagaytay can be considered to be the alternative summer capital of the country. This iconic tourist destination offers the outstanding scenery of Laguna de Bay, the panoramic view of Taal Lake and Volcano, and the verdant sanctuary of pine trees in Tagaytay itself.

Explore more of Crosswind Projects and Discover How its Color Influence Your Emotions

Imagining living at the colorful enclaves of Switzerland may be beautiful but experiencing it firsthand without living in the country is something magical. So, leave your imagination at home and skip over to the Crosswinds in Tagaytay on your next travel to explore these magical villages instead.

The Alpine Villas

The Alpine Villas, Its multiple Color Influence on your emotions

Just at the entrance of the first Swiss Luxury Resort Crosswinds, a collection of Swiss chalet-inspired luxury condominiums called the Alpine Villas is ready to welcome you. These six to eight-story mid-rise villas have everything a perfect getaway place would offer. The beauty and peaceful vibe that you will get by having an overnight escape from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila is something worthy of your memories. Safety and security are also at its best because of the safety protocols observed along with the 24/7 CCTV cameras in every common area.

The Grand Quartier

The Grand Quartier, Its multiple Color Influence on your emotions

During the summer months, if you want to also embark on exploring the spectacular hillsides of Tagaytay, where you can find the Crosswinds Resort Suites or The Grand Quartier buildings, still inside this Swiss-inspired luxury resort. The pure beauty of this picture-perfect place should not be underestimated; it can give you the relaxation and lifestyle that you deserve. The Grand Quartier offers options whether you will use your unit or earn from it by renting it out.

The Swiss Quadrilles

Swiss Quadrilles, Its multiple Color Influence on your emotions

The Swiss Quadrilles lies on the natural contour and curves of the hills. Each of the four units features two floors and a balcony, where you’ll surely enjoy the pine-scented gentle wind of Crosswinds. Living on the Swiss Quadrilles feels like living on the edge but surely pleasurable because of the serenity and tranquility in this exclusive place.

Lausanne at Crosswinds

Windmill Lausanne, Its multiple Color Influence on your emotions

Another real estate development by Brittany Corporation is the Lausanne at Crosswinds. Just when you thought that Crosswinds Swiss Luxury Resort already perfect, this 24-hectare area and its color influence prides of the enchanting panorama of the Tagaytay lush hills, the calm Laguna de Bay, and the skyline of Metro Manila. The Danish-inspired restaurant café called the Windmill Lausanne is a top luxury tourist destination.

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Deux Pointe

Deux Pointe, Its multiple Color Influence on your emotions

Surrounded by pine trees, Deux Pointe is a popular tourist spot inside the Swiss Luxury Resort of Crosswinds. Those who love to take a stroll at night should visit this private and exclusive peak location. The adorable Swiss architecture, the ambiance of the cold breeze, and the romantic lamps are all something to look forward to when visiting Crosswinds Tagaytay.

These, among many others, make Crosswinds Tagaytay on the top list of favorite spots for globetrotters and those who look for luxury investment in real estate. Not only because they are provided with the highest standard of living and experience but also because its architectural design connects with their feelings and longings. The rich blend of chromatic colors in all its places invites anyone for the best retirement from the busy life of Metro Manila. This is Crosswinds Tagaytay – the multicolored haven that keeps you wanting.

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