Best Luxury Skincare Brands 2021


Luxury skincare has been one of the few bright spots in terms of beauty products over the past year. With almost everyone studying or working at home or a flexible working schedule, skincare brands have been the saving grace for many. Moreover, there are fewer chances of putting on makeup to go outside. 

And if you have to, wearing a mask tends to defeat the purpose of wearing one. Sometimes, the frequent wearing of masks can lead to the dreaded maskne. As such, there’s more emphasis not just on getting great skin behind the mask. Nowadays, there is a greater emphasis on skincare, anti-aging for women. Who doesn’t want great skin that can easily transcend Zoom closeups and that complements the pretty background of your living space in your luxury home?

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Check out this article if your luxury skincare favorites have made the cut.


If you are one of the many who have been scouring the internet and social media for the latest luxury skincare brands and other beauty products that are anti-aging for women, you are not alone. There is a real need to understand what skincare brands are at the top of their game, and not just being the top vocabulary of beauty influencers. 


What defines luxury skincare nowadays?


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Skincare is more than just the product – it’s an experience in itself.

Luxury skincare, according to industry norms and beauty professionals, simply means products that include higher concentrations of active ingredients or unique components. While not always, most of the time they are touted to be harder to source or get. Unlike commercial-grade ingredients, the harder-to-get ingredients are one of the primary reasons why almost all luxury skincare brands are more expensive than drugstore brands. 

This rings true, at the very least in one research. According to the research, 60 percent of the customers strongly agree that luxury skincare brands with active ingredients or unique ingredients perform better. 61 percent of the subjects in the same study are also consumers of such luxury skincare products and do not mind paying higher price points for such items.

The study also lists the following as factors contributing to why certain skincare brands are seen as “luxury” are:

  • High-quality packaging
  • Name recognition
  • Getting a high-end experience, which may or may not be from a past activity (such as getting a sample, or during a spa or hotel service)
  • The psychological feeling of owning a high-end product
  • Conscientious business and organizational practices such as using vegan ingredients, implementing sustainability methods, and offering benefits to employees

And as more people adjust to living their daily lives at home, more people have also increased the number of luxury skincare brands in their shopping carts. Even if it means spending over a monthly amortization of a Swiss luxury home. The research discovered that 27 percent of the surveyors feel that luxury skincare is the third most prioritized item in their shopping carts, just behind groceries and cleaning products.


Top Luxury Skincare Brands


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These luxury skincare brands are at the top of their game because of how their products revolutionize what luxury skincare should be.

So what exactly are the best luxury skincare brands in the market today? Will they cost you a full downpayment on a Brittany luxury condo or a Brittany luxury house and lot? We list the best ten brands you should look out for, especially on products that are anti-aging for women and men alike.


​​1. Dr. Barbara Sturm – starts at P2,500++

Dr. Barbara Sturm commands an impressive number of celebrity fans: Emma Roberts, Emily Ratajkowski, Kim Kardashian, and more. Celebrities and luxury brand aficionados swear by the good doctor’s products, especially those who cannot make it to any of her clinics located in Los Angeles, Munich, and Düsseldorf, Germany. Initially starting out in orthopedics, the doctor shifted to skincare and worked on science-backed ingredients and treatments. She also avoids using ingredients that actually harm the skin and body more. Her skincare products are glow-inducing and are best for people who are looking for anti-inflammatory effects.

The creams and treatments start at P2,500, and her problem-specific serums are at the P5,000++ range. Popular products include Glow Drops, which is an anti-aging serum that hydrates and rejuvenates your skin; and the Hyaluronic Serum, which is infused with long- and short-chain hyaluronic molecules that sink better into the skin at different rates. All of her products feel luscious as if your skin drank a full glass of water.


2. La Prairie – starts at P10,000++

La Prairie is a Swiss luxury skincare brand and a pioneer in anti-aging cellular therapy. When used correctly, the luxury skincare products under this brand have the power to minimize the effects of aging. 

La Prairie is known for its powerful formulations that use platinum, gold, caviar, and white caviar as its ingredients, with studies backing its ability to help the skin produce its much-needed collagen and ceramides. The luxury skincare brand recently launched Platinum Rare Haute Rejuvenation Protocol, and claims that you only need to use it only four times a year to enjoy its amazing benefits – increased collagen production and cell proliferation for firmer, youthful skin and skin tone. At P36,000-P76,000 for a full bottle, the price point alone can definitely get people talking.


3. 111 Skin – starts at P5,000++

111 Skin was born out of the need of American and European board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Yannis Alexandrides to provide after-care services for his patients after their plastic surgeries. Alexandrides, who specializes in facial reconstruction and rejuvenation surgery, felt that there are no skincare products in the market to his satisfaction to aid his patients in getting better. 

The name 111 Skin was inspired by the location of his London surgical practice, which is at 111 Harley Street. All of the products under his luxury skincare brand are backed by over 20 years of scientific research. Sure, he uses diamonds in his products, but the patented NAC Y2 is quite powerful in terms of brightening the skin and improving the skin’s resilience against environmental aggressors. Fans of the brand also love the luxury sheet masks, which are effective for those who wanted products that increase collagen production, detox, and protection from pollution particles, and make the skin more lifted and firm. 111 Skin also offers oral supplements like the brand’s Reparative Beauty Dose. The Reparative Beauty Dose comes with NAC (which products glutathione), vitamin C and A, Coenzyme Q10, cultured greens, and L-Methionine.


4. Augustinus Bader – starts at P3,600++

Augustinus Bader is a cult favorite among luxury skincare enthusiasts. The brand is named after its 62-year-old scientist-founder, who is also a professor at the University of Leipzig in Germany. His decades-spanning research on the effects of stem cells, particularly for burn victims, inspired the brand, which offers products that are incredibly effective. All of the brand’s products come with the patented Trigger Factor Complex, or TFC8, which combines amino acids, peptides, and vitamins to activate cells, essentially “telling” the skin to self-regulate.

Don’t believe us? Simply mention The Cream to any product-loving person and you bet that they treasure it more than a prime luxury house and lot. Dubbed as a “holy grail” product, it is said that The Cream can heal literally anything from acne to skin dryness. The reparative properties of The Cream allow the skin to return to its healthy state, and fans who use it love its ability to reduce breakouts, fine lines, and even instances of skin dehydration or hyperpigmentation.


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5. Biologique Recherche – starts at P2,500

Wonder why the French are good-looking? It’s because of their joie de vivre approach to everything, including their skincare. Cult skincare brand Biologique Recherche, which was developed in the 1970s by husband and wife Yvan and Josette Allouche, is known for its effectiveness, simple packaging, and very potent formulations. 

Almost all of their products have the ability to transform skin. For example, Lotion P50 may feel like a watery exfoliant, but is quite potent in getting rid of dark spots, acne, and regulates your oil production. It also gives you a very nice glow as if you have just come out from a luxury spa getaway. The placenta serum may be made from sheep placenta, but it is a contender in terms of keeping acne and eye bags away. If you are seeking products with ingredients that are anti-aging for women, check out the brand’s creams and serums.


6. Dior – starts at P5,500

Dior is a recognizable luxury brand, but only skincare fanatics know what their luxury skincare line can offer in terms of anti-aging. The Capture Totale skincare, for example, relies on active botanical ingredients extracted from flowers, including Longoza, harvested from one of Dior’s gardens in Madagascar (the brand has six more all over the globe). The Capture Totale skincare range is best for people who are seeking to add plumpness and vitality to their skin. Check out Super Potent Serum and Capture Totale Intensive Restorative Night Creme, which are great additions to your nighttime care routine.


7. MBR Medical Beauty Research – starts at P118,000++

Can you afford to drop serious cash to get the coveted fountain of youth? If yes, then go ahead and check out luxury skincare products from MBR Medical Beauty Research. This German luxury skincare brand works with a network of aesthetic experts, surgeons, chemists, dermatologists, estheticians, and other skincare professionals in order to develop the most effective products that work to address a variety of skin issues. The MBR Liquid Surgery is said to be literally life-changing, and if you choose to combine it with Augustinus Bader’s The Cream, you will definitely recognize your younger self in the mirror in no time.

MBR actually makes products in small batches and tests them rigorously to ensure the best possible results. Their concentrated products purify the skin, stimulate dermal tissue, and nourish the skin. Moreover, the products are made in Europe, which has considerably more strict regulations on ingredients as compared to US regulations.

MBR does have other more affordable skincare products, but if you do want results, it’s always best to get the best.


8. Vintner’s Daughter – starts at P9,000+++

Of course, we need to add Vintner’s Daughter to this list. Founded by April Gargiulo, her winemaking skills inspired her process of creating revolutionary products. Surprisingly, this brand only offers two products: Active Botanical Serum and Active Treatment Essence. However, dermatologists, estheticians, celebrities, and even your favorite beauty influencers love the products so much because of how they are effective to the skin. Moreover, the products do not have any toxic ingredients in them.

The serum, for example,  can be added to your favorite moisturizer to boost the effects of the latter. It has 22 high-quality active, clean ingredients, including minerals, phytonutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, phytoceramides, aminos, and omega fatty acids. Before applying the serum, pat the essence on first. The essence has over 30 botanicals and has a super watery texture, so it really feels like a refreshing drink for your skin. Both products work on all skin types too.


9. Sisley – starts at P8,900++

Here’s another French brand to add to your beauty arsenal. Plant-based Sisley Paris was one of the first brands to use botanical ingredients for its skincare products. As a luxury skincare brand, they make sure that each plant extract used is backed by science, meaning it will deliver the refreshing, anti-aging benefits your skin needs the most.

Fans of this luxury skincare brand love the fact that they have glowy, hydrated skin, and that the products have gorgeous luxury packaging you would love to show off on your vanity table. The Black Rose Cream Mask is another cult favorite, especially for people who love its plumping and moisturizing effects. The other products are also an extravagant experience to have in your luxury home, thanks to it lovely, delicately scented floral mists or toners. Their anti-aging collection, Sisleÿa, uses exotic ingredients like Persian acacia and Lindera extracts with yeast and soy protein complex, Atlas Cedar extract, and pomegranate extract. Now, who wouldn’t want that on their skin?


10. Chantecaille – starts at P4,300++

This award-winning European skincare line Chantecaille relies on its botanical-focused formulations to deliver on its promises. This brand started when founder Sylvie Chantecaille discovered a meadow of rose de Mai, which is the main ingredient of her famous Rose de Mai Face Oil. Fans love this face oil for its firming benefits. 

The rest of the brand’s line also includes retinols, which are a favorite among many who wanted to erase years off their face. Retinol can also brighten the skin, and is considered by dermatologists and skin experts the backbone of every skincare regimen. Chantecaille’s Retinol Intense+ is a favorite thanks to its retinol properties and botanical ingredients.

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