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The Raffaello model is a luxury house and lot for sale with a floor size of 292 square meters that has been painstakingly created with close attention paid to detail. This luxurious home with four bedrooms including the spacious Master’s bedroom and an adjacent lot is currently available for purchase, and it offers a glimpse into the grand and sophisticated life with its expansive living and entertaining areas.

Both the interior and exterior of the Raffaello luxury pre selling house and lot that are currently up for sale reflect Italian architecture and design. The Raffaello luxury house is both a house and a work of art; its stunning and regal architecture will ensure that you wake up each morning in a state of amazement no matter where you live in it. Put a little bit of the Italian countryside into your everyday life and enjoy it!

The Raffaello Luxury House | Luxury houses and the community of Amore at Portofino

The Raffaello luxury house is found within Amore at Portofino, a 35-hectare luxury development situated within Portofino’s world-class and themed enclave, has been awarded as “Best Housing Development in Manila” and the “Best Housing Development in the Philippines” by real estate industry professionals. It’s prudent to invest in the acquisition of an available luxury home and lot, according to experts of these awards.

Portofino Alabang’s world-class and luxurious enclaves make it possible to live in one of the world’s most coveted locales without ever leaving your backyard. The atmosphere in these enclaves could be defined as both active and reserved. ]

The environment of Portofino Alabang is characterized by a light breeze, and the roads that connect the city’s expansive residential zones are illuminated by the sun and paved with cobblestones; these characteristics add to an ambiance and setting that are conducive to elegant living.

Amore at Portofino and Portofino heights are widely acknowledged as one of the crown jewels among the Alabang communities.

This is due to the community’s world-class themed master plan, which was utilized in its development. This is the result of Vistaland’s Master builder, Manny Villar, directing the construction of the Amore at Portofino community.

Vista Alabang-Luxury homes by Brittany Corporation within Metro Manila

The exceptional beauty of Portofino Alabang, its picturesque setting, and its combination of elegant and rustic appeal never fail to enchant visitors who see and experience the location.

In a home constructed with the spirit of the Italian Renaissance woven into every aspect of the architecture and interior design, you, your loved ones, your family, and your friends will regularly feel this way.

The luxurious pre selling house of this world-class community will certainly be excellent for you. Any visitor or resident who enters one of its exclusive gated communities is instantly transported to the Italian countryside, where the air quality is markedly superior to that of the surrounding major metropolis.

Portofino Alabang encompasses a number of significant cities and is placed in close proximity to a wide number of economic sectors located around the Metro. It is also accessible to road infrastructures like Muntinlupa Cavite Expressway and the South Luzon Expressway.

The Evia lifestyle center, with its uniquely themed architecture and high-end interior, is one of the most eye-catching elements of the master-planned community. It is the most successful lifestyle hub in the area surrounding Portofino Alabang because its boutiques, shops, and restaurants cater to wealthy people.

The Italian architectural details of Portofino Alabang

As soon as you step foot in the neighborhood of Portofino Alabang, the Italian influence is clearly apparent both visually and physically.

Portofino Alabang has an elegance reminiscent of days gone by as a result of the neighborhood’s stellar reputation, which encourages its residents to lead lavish lifestyles. The Portofino Master Collection is made up of a variety of works of art that take their design cues from Italy.

These works of art help to produce magnificent living spaces that are ideal for the formation of cherished memories and give off an air of refinement. Architecture that is reminiscent of Italian villages sets Portofino Alabang apart from other luxury communities located in the general vicinity of Las Pinas, Alabang, and along Daang Hari Road.

Imagine owning a luxurious home that exudes an atmosphere typical of Europe right here in the middle of Asia, and that country would be the Philippines.

Experience luxury with Portofino’s world-class amenities

In addition to its stunning aesthetics and Italian architecture, Amore at Portofino is also home to a number of world-class facilities and services of the highest standard, making an ideal place where the Rafaello luxury house should reside in.

The community’s clubhouse features a swimming pool for members to utilize whenever they wish to beat the heat and splash about with their children. It also features a meditation garden and running routes that loop through the surrounding natural terrain, ideal for an energizing morning jog.

All of these amenities are available to Amore at Portofino residents and those looking to purchase the Raffaello luxury house, allowing them to live a healthy lifestyle and reap its benefits. The community’s attractions offer something for everyone, whether they want to relax or work up a sweat. Because it offers so much to its residents, Amore at Portofino has quickly become one of the most popular communities in the surrounding area.

Inquire about the Rafaello luxury house and other Pre selling houses in Portofino Alabang | Contact Information

Due to its convenient location and close proximity to a wide range of attractions, establishments, schools, and leisure parks, the development of Brittany by Vista land along daang hari, Portofino Alabang, is an ideal location for making long-term investments as well as building a permanent home or place of residence. This is because of the accessibility of the location.

Inquire about how you would begin your investment with Amore at Portofino, Portofino Heights. or Portofino South by calling the Portofino Sales office at 0999 887 3142. This will allow us to assist you further and discuss the luxury properties that are available to you if you decide to broaden your portfolio by working with Brittany Corporation.

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