InstaPay and AllBank Payments Now Available

Infographic on Brittany payments through AllBank and InstaPay | How to pay your luxury home | Luxury homes by Brittany Corporation

Steps on how to proceed with paying for your luxury home through AllBank and InstaPay.


For faster and more convenient payment options, Brittany continues to offer solutions for easier and smoother transactions. With the flock of investors and families who are eager to search for luxury house and lot properties for sale, Brittany attracts them further with seamless ways to transact. Payments for your amortization dues and downpayment are now made easier with AllBank and InstaPay! You may pay these through any of your preferred banks.


How to pay for your Brittany Luxury Home with AllBank and Instapay:


1. Log in to your bank’s mobile app or website and select Transfer to Other Local Bank or similar option.

2. Choose or enter AllBank as the ‘Destination Bank’.

3. Enter your 10-digit SO number.

4. On the Remarks, or similar field, input Client name, Subdivision, and Block Lot Number.

5. Enter Amount to be Paid. Review Transfer details.

6. Wait for Transfer Confirmation. If successful, this will automatically be passed through Bancnet, up to Brittany’s account.


For More Information


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Technology has truly made life easier. Paying for amortization dues and downpayment is just a click away on your phone. Especially now that the pandemic hit and going out is not as safe as it used to, having the option to pay online is a blessing for everyone. Your safety matters to Brittany and Brittany Corporation will do everything to make life the most luxuriously easy for you.

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