Coming Soon: Grand Amenity area at Portofino South

The spacious 1,200 square meter Parco de Portofino of Portofino South will be fully functional very soon. Aside from the interactive water & play park and fitness area, the clubhouse will also feature two function halls namely, Gran Milano and Piazza Del Campo. Gran Milano is an air-conditioned 256 square meter hall with a capacity of approximately 200 pax for round table arrangement while Piazza Del Campo has an area of 164 square meters suitable for Al Fresco or an Outdoor event set-up.

Portofino South’s grand amenity area will be surrounded by a beautifully Italian Renaissance inspired landscaped gardens and other features designed to delight Portofino South’s homeowners and impress visitors.

While Portofino South is a fully occupied enclave, nevertheless, Amore at Portofino Phase 3 is now open for sale with new prime inventories. Amore at Portofino is right beside Portofino South and Vista City’s University Town where prestigious schools, international medical centers and world class sports hubs will be located.

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