Reimagine the New Normal in your luxury home at Vista Alabang

Our life in the “new normal” such as the new realities of home-schooling, working from home, limited physical contact, and even mandatory breaks, require us to use this time to adapt; especially when we’re used to enjoying and exploring the outside life like those that the south towns provide. 

Predominantly, a lot of us identify with and appreciate being at home. While staying at home seemed fun, relaxing, and different at first, too much of everything – even the good – is bad for us. The continuous implementation of some restrictions, leads some of us to still experience cabin fever, also as a result of being cooped up for a long time in order to manage the fear brought by these challenging times. 

Reimagine your Future here in Vista Alabang where all else you need is just within your reach. A City on the rise in the South, a master-planned development consisting of residential homes, business hubs, university towns, medical facilities, lifestyle centers, major road networks, and other establishments that you would want to live next to.


Imagine the things you can discover as you experience living in Portofino by Brittany.


  1. Stay physically active: Physical activities lower your body’s stress hormones. People should aim to at least develop even a simple exercise routine to boost their well-being. With the multitude of online videos and other fitness application offerings currently available, you could put helpful programs together even inside your home. More so, you could also take advantage of living in an enclave estate like Portofino, which offers a wide array of amenities that would help you get fit and healthy while staying safe at the same time. 
  2. Spend time in nature: Spending time outdoors does not require you to go hundreds of miles away. Sometimes, all you need to alleviate the stress is a neighborhood with calming sceneries that might make you forget that you’re just kilometers away from the topsy-turvy life in Manila, and even meters away from your own space. You could also still find ways to appreciate nature by taking care of houseplants or transforming your courtyard into a garden, watching the sun as it rises and sets on your lanai, or just by listening to the birds chirping as you read with your wide windows opened. Of course, tranquility may be the new luxury for most of us, but living in a community that is inspired by the world’s most scenic destinations is like defining luxury as a lifestyle lived every day.
  3. Rebuild and maintain your social life: Social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation. You may not be able to go to cinemas with your friends right now, roam around the museum with your special ones, or have your usual fancy dinners with your relatives outside, but you can still find various advantages in meeting them in the virtual world. You could set up a thematic online party and have a real-time video chat to keep up with the outside world. Stretch your Italian-inspired home a hundred more and think of a clever way to do it by optimizing different platforms to communicate, while putting the charm and appeal of your surroundings and background into good use.
  4. Unleash and express the creative potentials inside you: Don’t let the experiences you had in your respective organizations back in school, and even your interests, or other things you were curious to learn about, be put into waste. This is your chance to re-engage yourself on things you had to set aside and put on hold because life before was too busy. Sharpen your brain and keep yourself occupied to stave off boredom and loneliness by diving into creative outlets. Transform your attic into a music or entertainment room, or even practice your billiard skills there, or convert your den into a Harvard-like library and pretend that you’re playing chess with Ron. Who knows? The limit does not exist, especially if you think imaginatively, knowing that you have the right space, place, and resources to enforce your ideas.
  5. Get that healthy outdoor getaway: If you are able to go outdoors near home, ensuring to check all local regulations and avoiding any enclosures for safety reasons, take advantage of that opportunity by having a great escape. Taking active steps to withstand your feelings of isolation may be enough to make you feel better if you go to a place with an open space that is perfect for healthy outdoor wellness like the Evia Lifestyle Center, that is just a few walks away from Portofino. Make your time to unwind productive, through lively activities or just a good stroll around with your family and pets. Tuck yourself in its alleys, reminiscent of romantic Italy and full of interesting activities to do and premium shops to visit.


It could really take time for people to adjust to these new ways of living. Therefore, you should be patient with yourself and acknowledge the practices that help you cope, by making the best of what’s around you. Likewise, most of us are enchanted by the immensity of the ocean, or have been moved by the breeze around the lush greenery, and some are delighted with the interior of a palazzo. Whatever that may be, we all find healing in the beauty of the people we love, things we use, home we live in, and the community we belong to. We all intuitively know and realize that such beauty is linked to our personality and well-being, but experiencing it is something else. Time will come, but see your future where all luxury of having great memories you shared with the beauty inside and outside your homes will surely last a lifetime. 

Reimagine your future in Vista Alabang and make Portofino by Brittany Corporation your luxury address in the South.