Why Forresta Is The Ideal Place for Retirement

Everyone deserves to be rewarded after many years of hard work. Retirement is one of the biggest turning point in one’s life. Depending on how you prepare and live through retirement, it can either bring you great happiness or stress. One of the key factors that determine your life as a retiree is none other than your own home.

There are many things that you should consider when choosing your retirement home. Different factors like comfort, accessibility, and safety should always be taken into account when searching for a new home. You’ll be spending most of your time at the comfort of your own home, so it’s essential to make sure that you’ve got the right one.

Forresta Luxury Lots

The ultimate combination of luxury, nature, and community – Forresta Villar is the ideal home for those who wish to find solace in mind, body, and soul as they go through their everyday life. With its picturesque environment partnered with the most beautiful homes, these ultra luxury residential lots are bound to give you a lifestyle unlike no other.

And when it comes to retirement, Forresta is undoubtedly one of the best options you have. From its strategic location in the central business district, all the way to its eco-smart residences made with high quality materials, Forresta has got you covered.

Why Forresta Is The Ideal Place for Retirement

Reasons to Choose Forresta as your Retirement Home

Forresta offers more than just having a serene environment with its vast greenery in every corner. Here in Forresta, ideal place for retirement is already a given:

Forresta Ideal Place For Retirement #1: Tranquil and Dynamic Living

As compared to high rise office towers and rowdy townhouses, the relaxing environment offered by Forresta is sure to give the peace of mind that retirees long for. This solace vibe can be found not just in your home, but in the whole subdivision of Forresta Luxury Lots.

With its iconic park and fields, you can have a dynamic and stress-free leisure lifestyle to keep yourself active even after retiring. It is extremely important to take care of not just your physical health, but also your emotional and mental health, especially during retirement.

Forresta Ideal Place For Retirement #2: Nature and Environment

Forresta Villar Land is known as an exclusive forest city with its vast green spaces with a million trees everywhere. Rejuvenate yourself in more ways than one with the elegant yet alluring homes and environment in Forresta.

Experience urban wildlife with the natural settings found in Forresta through its lush gardens and parks, perfect for all your getaway needs. Be one with the earth in nature’s midst and reconnect yourself with our environment in the best way possible.

Forresta Ideal Place For Retirement #3: Accessibility to Different Facilities

Located in the heart if Villar city, Amore Avenue, Forresta can be found in the promising central business district with various establishments to suit all your wants and needs.

The Evia lifestyle center is simply a short distance away from Forresta, along with other nearby commercial centers. Education is also not a problem when Forresta is strategically located near numerous schools, such as San Beda College Alabang, FEU Alabang, and Southville International School and Colleges.

Country clubs can also be found within the area to fulfill your recreational needs in sports and various other luxury activities. Surrounded by different infrastructure and expressways, travelling is a breeze both to and from Forresta.

Forresta Luxury Lots

Forresta Ideal Place For Retirement #4: Hospitals and Medical Centers

Most importantly, access to health facilities doesn’t pose as an obstacle here in Forresta. Most of retirees reach the age where health becomes their main concern. Hence, accessibility to medical facilities is no small matter.

Forresta is located near not just one, but four major hospitals and medical centers. Forresta Villar is located at the short distance of 3.4 km from the South City Hospital and Medical Center, 10.6 km from the Asian Hospital and Medical Center, 25.5 km from the Makati Medical Center, and 26.7 km from St. Luke’s Global City.

Forresta Ideal Place For Retirement #5: Top-notch Security Systems and Leading Edge Technology

Security is no small matter in the ultra-exclusive residential lots of Forresta Villar. Equipped with a fully electric perimeter fence, RFID Subdivision gates, and 24’7 security, your safety is guaranteed here in Forresta.

Forresta has numerous places for relaxation, top notch amenities with energy efficient lighting solutions can be found everywhere that are ensured to give you the best experience every time. With its seamless internet fiber connection, connecting with your loved ones from far away has never been easier and hassle-free.

Forresta Ideal Place For Retirement #6: Beautiful Residential Buildings

After retirement, one of the places you’ll often stay at is none other than your own home. You spend much more time at home than you used to, and you’ll start noticing the little things you didn’t notice before. Investing in a home that makes you feel safe and happy is one of the main goals you should have in your retiring years.

Forresta’s residential buildings are the perfect place to house your new home. Each home is made sure to give you just the right amount of space for your personal needs in order to not let you feel cramped, but also not alone. A project of the award-winning luxury real estate company, Brittany, Forresta is sure to give you only the best homes with unparalleled class and luxury in every single aspect.

Reasons to Choose Forresta as your Retirement Home

Forresta Ideal Place For Retirement #7: Friendly Neighborhood

Forresta creates premier themed communities to foster a sense of camaraderie between past, present, and future residents in the area. Coming from affluent families is not a requirement to own residential buildings in the luxury residential arm of Forresta, allowing future residents to feel at home in our community.

Everyone is welcome in Forresta Villar Land. Out green spaces in nature’s midst is the perfect place to foster relationships and create new ones. The parks and field spaces partnered with our tree-lined pedestrianized streets and car-free zones are perfect for making small talk and activities.

Forresta Ideal Place For Retirement #8: Ultra Luxury Residential Estate

Forresta offers more than just ultra exclusive residential lots – you get a meaningful living experience unlike no other. An exclusive forest city, Forresta Villar Land is the perfect place to get some peace and quiet without having to compromise convenience.

With everything all planned out to give you the best luxury lifestyle, Forresta truly is the ideal place for retirement. The main estates of this ultra luxury residential lots are sure to give you only the best leisure lifestyle that you deserve.

The Best Retirement Home

At the end of the day, having a fulfilling retiree life all boils down to personal preference. However, we guarantee that you’ll have a hassle-free yet top quality experience when choosing Forresta.

There are many more benefits to choosing Forresta as your next new home – even outside retirement. A breathable environment that fosters good health and wellness should always be the goal for every home, not just for retirees.

Luxury properties by Brittany Corporation

Brittany Corporation is a multi-award-winning luxury real estate company owned by none other than the real estate tycoon, Manuel Villar. Brittany takes pride in providing our residents with only the best residential buildings with our luxury house and lots for sale.

With numerous luxury homes in different parts of the country, Brittany is sure to have the ideal home of your dreams. From the luscious green spaces of Forresta in Villar City, to the Swiss homes in Crosswinds Tagaytay, Brittany ensures only the best luxury living experience in every one of its ultra exclusive residential lots.

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