Designing Dramatically With Brown: The Rise of a New Palette

Brown is the new black.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “black”? Maybe it is your favorite black sweater. A night sky with jet black hair. An unusual black animal, like a black dog or cat. A black mark you won’t forget. Or maybe a feeling or a black mood. Black can be seen everywhere.

The color “black” is the darkest color. Along with white, black is a color without a hue. And before black came into the world, the black pigment was created with burnt bones, crushed minerals, and charcoal. Black is used to representing darkness—like the night sky, and black is a symbol of evil. You can tell that this color went through a lot of shifting in perception and meanings from time to time, culture to culture, and from era to era. And eventually, black was given a well-known standing in the fashion industry, in which black also symbolizes elegance and simplicity.

silhouette of forest during nighttime

Moving on from black, one of the most recent trends today is a return to the basics! From chocolate to caramel, and to all the different shades of ‘Brown,’ the once forgotten color and was once a seemingly boring choice just made a comeback and is a thing again nowadays!

Brown isn’t just a color anymore. It’s the new black, and as a recent trend, it seems to never be going out of style. It can be worn with just about anything, whether you’re going casual or more formal.

Brown is also the color of the chocolate which everybody loves! Colors come in and out of style, but hope is here to stay.

Brown’s color Psychology

How does the color make you feel? What does it mean to you? According to Color Psychology – or how different colors and shades affects our emotional state and influence people, how we behave and feel. And a person that is surrounded by brown feels secure and safe. Why is that? Because of its association with the earth, it keeps us grounded because of its resilient and calming element.

The earthy color brown is the perfect choice to bring security and comfort into your home. Its association with the earth and its calming element will keep you grounded while being surrounded by this warm hue.

And like other colors, Brown also has positive and negative meanings and associations.

green plant beside white paper on brown

  • Feelings of security, warmth, and comfort

    Brown’s common definition and often described as conventional, natural, and down-to-earth, but it can also be sophisticated.

  • Sense of reliability and strength

    Like the earth, it is mostly seen as solid. And safety, resilience, security, and dependability are often associated with this color.

  • Negative emotions

    it is also associated with negative emotions like any other dark colors.

  • Feelings of isolation, loneliness, and sadness

    can seem empty and vast, like an enormous desert devoid of life.

Brown as the New Color Palette

After years of sticking with the almost blank color palette and minimalist decors, you will love the latest comeback of bold and rich colors. But if you’re the kind of person who’s not into bright colors, you can opt for Earth tones – and more specifically, shades of brown, which also made a huge comeback!

brown Interior of Living Room with Console and Empty Frame. 3d Render

Before and not too long ago, brown home design and decor were cast aside as drab and heavy. But now, we’re seeing aesthetic pop up all over the social media feeds.

You’re in the right place if you’re thinking about decorating with brown, This will give you an idea and will help you with how you will incorporate in your home design.

What to consider when decorating with brown?

With different shades, from light to dark, it offers huge scope for creating different looks, from calm and nurturing to tailored and sophisticated. And decorating with brown should not be underrated, buts sometimes, it can also be difficult to use and style.

‘I see more earth pigment-based warmth gathering favor and would even suggest that more people will find how useful it is as a wall paint in support of clever color in artwork and furnishings,’ says Edward Bulmer, an interior designer and the founder of Edward Bulmer Natural Paints

  1. Brown as a Grounding Earth tone

    If it’s too much for you to get your walls painted in brown, you can still achieve the warmth that brown gives. You can introduce brown by decorating with wood. It is a good and basic way to embrace decorating with brown by introducing wood through furnishings and surfaces. You can also pick furniture pieces with rich deep brown materials that feel heavy and grounded, but make sure to keep the rest of the room airy and light with cool and neutral undertones.

    Home design with wood accent and brown touches bring beautiful texture to your dream home or any room.brown wooden table with white and green book on top

  2. Brown adds Textures and Colors

    From jute to sisal to linen, natural materials are commonly found in their original color – brown! By using handmade objects, accessories that are free of dye, or natural furniture, you can play with different shades of brown.

    Brown can do a lot of enhancement in a house or in a room, unlike any other colors, as it works very well in every material. You can include browns in textiles, but note that brown should appear and pops in the form of flooring, leather, and wood furniture.


    On the contrary, You can also decorate your beautiful patterned fabrics, colorful art pieces, and colored furniture with brown that will serve as a foundation for showing off.

    Embracing nature in your house or in your room creates a soothing space you’ll never want to leave.

  3. Brown enhances the Naturalistic

    Brown is naturalistic, and it works well across textures – like linen and bamboo. It is going to look special when you incorporate brown in its natural form.

  4. Go for Monochrome

    Getting your walls and surfaces painted within a deep brown color is a bold move, but it can also be a stunning color idea when it is well balanced with a lot of textures and with bright elements mixture.

    And decorating your house or your room with a monochromatic color palette is a good way to keep the space simple and calm. And to give your room depth and dimension, you can pull in different shades of brown. But take note to try to find shades with similarly warm and light undertones.

  5. Brown works as a Perfect Accent Color

    Any room that is commonly used for entertainment can be a brilliant space for showcasing your decorative wallpaper. And wallpapers not only add texture to the room but also add visual interest without putting up any art at all. Brown pairs well with any Palette

    Brown has a lot of shades and hues, from light to dark shades of brown. This is why it is important to consider what you mean when you think of brown. And it is also important to get the right shade and tone of brown because it affects the entire room or space.

    And if you are anxious about combining your brown with the right accent colors, any color will be a perfect match – it just only depends on the look and style you want to achieve.

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