Christmas in Brittany Santa Rosa: Your Dream House Location


Dream big dreams. 

To dream big dreams is to dream your God-given dreams. Have you thought of your dreams lately? The career you want to take? House you want to build and own? The car do you want to drive around the city? The family you want to make memories with? Are there dream that you think is too big for you? Then dream about it more, and work hard for it because that dream is God-given, and if it’s God-given, surely He will provide the way to it.

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Your Dream Location

If you will ask people around about their dream location for their dream house, Santa Rosa, Laguna will be on the list. If you will ask people about retiring and where do they want to settle for good after retirement, many have listed Santa Rosa, Laguna. Good ambiance. Beautiful greenery sceneries. Breathtaking mountains. Fresh air. Cold Breeze. Various places to visit. Countless restos and coffee shops perfect for a day out.  A location that will give you a city and province in one. If you love nature, Santa Rosa, Laguna has proven itself one of the best locations to build your dream house. 

At the heart of the city-province-like location is a well-developed community- the Brittany Santa Rosa. This masterpiece was established by a well-known real estate company in the Philippines, the Vista Land Company specifically under Brittany Corporation

Brittany Corporation: Top Developer in the Philippines

Brittany Corporation offers the most beautiful houses in the Philippines. It was the first to conceptualize rich communities with charming modern house designs. Brittany Corporation also brings the most expensive houses in the Philippines, yet Brittany homes are sure to deliver. Situated in the different locations in the Philippines it has surely made itself known just by the houses it gives the public and the customer service it provides. 

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Brittany Santa Rosa

Brittany Corporation’s luxury homes in Laguna are an example of its wonderful work of art. Brittany Santa Rosa’s location is in the prime area of the South. It has multiple house and lot near Nuvali, a famous go-to-place for families and friends. Consisting of the most expensive houses in the Philippines, Brittany Santa Rosa has proven itself worthy of its value. From the architecture to the designs and colors, you can really say that the price is just right. 

This luxury house and lot in Santa Rosa under Brittany Santa Rosa consists of model houses namely: Georgia Club, Augusta, Promenade, and Belle Reve. Each is unique and has its own strength in appearance and build. This subdivision offers themed communities that pleases the eyes and give you American South-inspired houses. These luxury homes in Laguna may be open to the public but these are homes for the privilege few.

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Living in the Perfect Spot 

Living in places that are not crowded is a desire of every family. Since the pandemic happened, to be surrounded by so many people is quite alarming. This is what’s good with Brittany Santa Rosa, it may consist of multiple luxury house and lot in Santa Rosa but it gives you a safe environment because the construction of one house to another is well designed and calculated. The houses were not forced to be built side by side but each space where maximized giving each homeowner full confidence in their property and the whole neighborhood. 

If you would want to invest in a real estate property of this kind, you may check Brittany Santa Rosa’s Facebook page or visit the Brittany Corporation’s website

Christmas in Brittany Santa Rosa

As Christmas is fast approaching, there are a lot of things that consume the mind of people. The things to do, things to buy, places to visit and people to meet. Christmas is a season of celebration with our loved ones that is why we wanted the best for it. 

There are beautiful things you can consider when you celebrate Christmas in Brittany Santa Rosa.

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Go for a Drive

Feel the cold breeze of air in Santa Rosa, Laguna. A perfect way to celebrate Christmas in Brittany Santa Rosa is getting out of your beautifully made luxury homes in Laguna, getting in your car, and driving your way out wherever the wheels will bring you. Brittany Santa Rosa is surrounded by beautiful sites and perfect spots for unwinding. Santa Rosa Laguna is considered as one of the top places to visit for relaxation and going for a drive around it on Christmas Eve is surely a good idea. Bring your family or friends with you. Enjoy each stop you will visit and take a deep breath as you commune with nature. This might be a weird way to celebrate your Christmas in Brittany Santa Rosa, but sometimes being weird and different is really cool and good for the soul. Communing with nature helps us to reset our minds to properly function in our personal tasks and life in general.

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Coffee shop/ Restaurant Hopping

Christmas is nearly coming. Less than a month from now and you will enjoy the happiest time of the year. This time, why not make something unusual in your Christmas tradition? Instead of just staying at home in your luxury homes in Laguna and devouring your own prepared tasty meals, why not go out for a drive and do some restaurant/coffee shop hopping? Christmas in Brittany Santa Rosa can be so flexible for it operates around many commercial outlets and stores that offer awesome treats. You can check around your neighborhood and see for yourself the shops that offer awesome dishes and the best café in town. 

Visit the Famous Sites near Brittany Santa Rosa

The past year or two is one of the most toxic seasons for everyone. The pandemic is so uncertain, and people are trying to cope up in any way possible to survive. Celebrating Christmas seemed impossible to many but to some Christmas is a part of life that can never be suspended. 

Another thing to do to celebrate Christmas in Brittany Santa Rosa is another outdoor activity. Visit beautiful places within the vicinity of the sought-after province. It is truly relaxing and a quick escape from the hustle of work. There are sites you can try as you celebrate your Christmas in Brittany Santa Rosa. You can go to Seven Lakes, Dampalit Falls, Hidden Valley Springs, and more.

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Go on Camping

Want to go to another level of excitement as you celebrate Christmas in Brittany Santa Rosa? You can enjoy it next to your luxury homes in Laguna. Why not try to set up camping in your place? Do you know that when you are surrounded by trees and cool fresh air, your body benefits so much from it? It releases a higher level of serotonin that helps in your mood, appetite, and sleep. You can also set up a tent, put on a mat, and while looking at the dark night sky gazing at the millions of stars above your house and lot near Nuvali. This is a unique celebration of Christmas in Brittany Santa Rosa that you can enjoy with family and a few of your friends together. Add some good food and snacks, and you’ll have one of the best Christmas celebrations in your whole life.  

Create Crafty Cards

Staying in one of the most beautiful houses in the Philippines is already something to be grateful for but spending your Christmas in Brittany Santa Rosa in one of its luxury homes in Laguna is truly something to be grateful for. Due to the pandemic, a lot of us have been away from family, friends, and relatives to be safer. Because of this, we have lots of things that were not able to do together. We have missed so many moments of each other, and if this Christmas the scenario would be the same, one of the things you can do in celebrating Christmas in Brittany Santa Rosa is creating crafty cards for your loved one. This might sound boring and lame, yet the idea of creating your very own cards then giving it to the people you love is so special. Let them feel that they are missed and being thought of. Send them cards, share stories they missed, and you can put in photos of you for them to know you’re doing fine. This is a simple yet amazing idea in celebrating Christmas in Brittany Santa Rosa.

Line up Christmas Songs to Sing with Family

Filipinos are known to love music. When gathered, karaoke or sing-along will never be out of the program. Celebrating Christmas in Brittany Santa Rosa, singing along beautifully written Christmas songs while the cool breeze of air surrounds your beautiful luxury home in Laguna is a great combination. Gather your family together and take time to choose your favorite Christmas Song as if you are doing choral caroling.

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Movie night with popcorn is perfect| Photo from Unsplash Website

Movie Night 

Another yet simple and effective thing to do to celebrate Christmas in Brittany Santa Rosa is movie night in your house and lot near Nuvali. The time spent watching brings the family together and creates an emotional bonding. This also allows families to communicate with one another opening doors to get to know each other more. Movie watching night also is powerful because it allows us to reflect on our lives, and to create a conversation with our loved ones. You also don’t need to spend much. You just need to download movies or watch on Netflix, add some popcorn and other good snacks and you are good to go for an amazing movie night experience. 

These are a few of the non-traditional Christmas get-togethers and activities for families that you can try. Some may seem new, but these are an effective tool to nurture your relationship within your homes especially during Christmas in Brittany Santa Rosa. There is no way that your relationship will not be healthier after trying and doing these things. 

Christmas is best spent with family and being together in this important time of the year is both healthy for parents and children. Children gain self-security when important occasions are being celebrated together, and they will feel like they are being valued since time is being spent with them. Let every member of the family feel special this Christmas by doing extraordinary activities. It doesn’t have to be costly, doing things together is still the best. 

Keep in mind that all these may vary from one family to another, but whatever might be effective to your family will surely help in your relationships. Our hope is that as you do these things together you will be able to extend love and joy in this Christmas season. 

Merry Christmas to you and your family! Cherish and embrace each time you are together. The best Christmas gift to one another is your time. 

More About Brittany Santa Rosa

The most expensive houses in the Philippines are actually the most beautiful houses in the Philippines as well, and the majority of them are from the established real estate developer- the Vista Land Company. To get to know more of the houses they build, check their website

Invest today in the luxury house and lot near Nuvali under Brittany Santa Rosa and have it one of the best decisions you can make in this lifetime. You can visit their sales office to schedule tripping in their luxury homes in Laguna. You can also visit for your sales inquiry. 

In Brittany Corporation, houses were made with customers’ satisfaction in mind. Brittany Corporation would want to give its customers the best experience by providing good quality luxury houses and a competent sales force and customer service.

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