Must-Try Secret Menu in Ruined Project?


What happens when an ambitious project is delayed and nearly abandoned as a result of the pandemic? You get the Ruined Project! Famous for its rustic and open air structure, the Ruined project was supposed to be another branch of the Coffee Project, but protocol restrictions caused by the pandemic put the construction to a halt.

ruined project entrance in crosswinds tagaytay | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The Question [is the] Mark that visitors are in the right place

Why Call it the ‘Ruined Project?’?

As most guests would notice, the name of the namesake coffee shop contains a question mark. This represents the question “Was it really a ruined project?”. The management was eager to jumpstart the operations of the cafe in order to recover operational costs and provide job opportunities for the hired staff.

worker inside ruined project with face mask and face sheild | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Protocols are still observed within the premises of the Ruined Project


Guests and future visitors should be reminded that pandemic protocols are still being followed, such as wearing face masks and age restrictions. The Ruined Project can be found at Crosswinds Tagaytay.

The Secret Menu?

It is no secret that the Coffee Project has delicious meals and drinks that are offered in every branch. The  Ruined Project tries to step up their game, being the only coffee shop of its name, by offering a menu unique to their establishment.

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The Ruined Secret? Or Secret Ruins?

bacon and egg plate | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Crispy by sight and by bite.


Cajun Bacon and Egg

Not your typical fridge-ready meal, the Cajun Bacon and Egg is served with freshly sliced and toasted bacon, garlic rice topped with an egg, and balanced out with cherry tomato slices with basil.The crunchy bacon is the perfect start to any visitors’ day at the Ruined Project.

romesco penne | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Crispy chicken, crunchy garlic bread, and well done pasta as everyone likes it.


Romesco Chicken Penne

The Romesco Chicken Penne is made with a crispy, deep fried and breaded chicken fillet, served on top of penne pasta generously lathered with a Romesco dressing made with fresh tomatoes. A pair of garlic bread slices is also provided to make sure the remaining Romesco dressing satiates the guest.

black sesame karaage rice meal in ruined project | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Chicken Karaage for the rice loyalists.


Black Sesame Karaage Rice

More of a crunchy chicken fan rather than crispy breading chicken? Try out the Black Sesame Karaage. Deep fried chicken cubes that are seasoned to taste, the bigger cut makes sure that the juicy interior is maintained until it reaches flavortown. It is served with garlic rice, a side of salsa, and a signature dipping sauce which makes every bite fulfilling.

fried chicken burger | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Fresh buns guaranteed with every order.


Fried Chicken Burger

A deep fried chicken fillet burger layered with pickles and dressing, this meal comes with a side of potato chips. Not as oily as the usual burger, but still a contender for the classic beef patty. The flavor of the pickles and dressing complements the crispy chicken fillet just right, and is a good snack for any occasion.

beef queso duo | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Que? Queso


Beef Queso Duo

Most establishments just serve ground beef or ground pork with a taco shell and ready made salad mixes, sometimes only lettuce. This item on the secret menu in Ruined Project dares to be unique. The well seasoned ground beef is submerged within the tomato based sauce, which is then infused with a secret combination of cheese. It is garnished with freshly sliced tomatoes and onions, with a bit of cilantro, to lessen the oily musk. What’s more is that it is recommended to be consumed with the provided potato chips as the dip, even if it is indeed the main course.

3 different drinks from ruined project | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Assorted Cold Drinks by the Ruined Project


Ghirardelli Drinks

The Ghirardelli Mocha is a coffee based drink infused with Ghirardelli Chocolate, a quality Italian brand of chocolate. A variant of this drink is the Ghirardelli White Mocha. For the sweeter tooth, try out the Ghirardelli Carmelo.

Special Strawberry Charcoal Lemonade

A mouthful of words no one expected to be said in a single breath, this drink can only be found in the secret menu in Ruined Project. The fruity flavor of the strawberries, the bitterness of the charcoal, and the tart and tang of the lemon flips a switch that gives people a Ratatouille moment. The only thing that can make this amazing drink is if it had a shorter name. TIP: Befriend the barista and say: “Same old drink, dear friend”.

Yoga Yogurt

Something unique, this item on the secret menu in Ruined Project is something Yogurt enthusiasts would love. Customers can choose between Blueberry, Strawberry, or Mango Pineapple flavors. All of them are served with crunchy edibles that are delightful and enjoyable.

The Promise of Safety

ruined project employees showing their vaccination cards | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The Ruined Project staff members are guaranteed to be fully vaccinated and fit for serving every customer’s needs.


Because safety should be every person’s number one priority, the Ruined Project management has a fully vaccinated service team for every visitor’s ease of mind. However, please be reminded to review and follow the local area’s current protocols regarding visits to public establishments. You may visit The Ruined Projects Facebook page here.

Sooner or later, these items on the secret menu in Ruined Project will be revealed to the food community. Some menu items might come and go based on seasonal occasions, but it remains a guarantee that the Ruined Project at Crosswinds Tagaytay will remain to be one of the top destinations for foodies and casual adventurers just looking for a place to dine.

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