January 19, 2022

Art Exhibits To Witness This 2022


Art Exhibitions To Witness This 2022 - Medicine

The kind of art investment for some | Photo from Unsplash

This is the scenario for more than 22 months now. People were hardly involved in any other activity except looking after each other’s health. Business, technology were second grade since the COVID-19 had an outbreak and one of the most affected were the art exhibits, with the enthusiasts for art investment.

Art was quite forgotten by many but not by the artists, art collectors, dealers, investors, and enthusiasts. Museums were empty for some time where galleries were filled with dust, and most of the art exhibits and auctions were canceled. As same as the other industry, the pandemic affected the art market.

But on the brighter side, this made the art market boom into another way of showcasing fine art where art galleries were converted into online auction houses. Some were sold through social media channels and some were even converted into a non-fungible token (NFT) sold with cryptocurrencies, where emerging artists have been recognized with this new platform.

Art Exhibitions To Witness This 2022 Brittany Corporation - Cryptocurrency

Photo by Tezos on Unsplash


Even with this resiliency and adjustment, art lovers still think that is not just about the art piece, it’s about the experience in understanding and appreciating the art in actual or physical form.

Benefits of Art Appreciation

That stepping at a gallery and looking at an artwork improves health and makes the heart happier.

Art Exhibitions To Witness This 2022 - Art Investment

Art Appreciation | Photo from Unsplash

According to a study of a University Professor in London, Semir Zeki, looking at an artwork have the same psychological effect as the experience of romantic love. Studies show that creating art or looking at someone else’s can make a person happier and more relaxed. Another study showed that looking at an artwork has a good impact on health and gives lower rates of having anxiety as if you are attending a concert. People who are inclined to the art may it be creating or just enjoying it are less to experience depression.

So, if you feel like you need to maintain your health in good shape and want to add joy to life, why not try looking into art if you are not an artist yourself?

For the Art lovers out there, Brittany created a list of must-see art exhibitions in 2022, worldwide. These art exhibitions 2022 may be the door for you to see the artworks that you might want to consider adding beauty to your luxury condo or luxury houses in the Philippines. Get ready for these masterpieces that will surely take your breath away. This might also be the start of your art investing.

Art Exhibitions To Witness This 2022 - Art Appreciation - Brittany Corporation

Art Apprecitation | Photo from Unsplash

Art Exhibits You Must Add To Your 2022 Bucket List

Art Exhibit | Francis Bacon: Man and Beast

This has been a long overdue; long-delayed exhibition being awaited by many art investors and enthusiasts but will now be part of Art Exhibits 2022. Francis Bacon: Man and the Beast feature the artist’s unerring love with animals and how it shaped his artwork. Bacon may be controversial at some time because of his choice of themes that usually go around sex, suffering, and death yet his work is still awarded high prices and can also be considered as a luxury art. This art exhibit is dated between January 29 through April 17, 2022, that will happen at the Royal Academy London.

In fact, one of his artwork was sold on an online auction house worth 50,380,000 USD. This is according to Sotheby’s, which is one of the famous auction houses where you can buy art from well-known artists to include on your art investment portfolio.

Art Exhibitions To Witness This 2022 - Brittany Corporation

FRANCIS BACON | Study for a Head

Art Exhibit | Cezanne

 Could a painter create artworks one sensation at a time? And, if so, would pictures made this way somehow be truer to life than those made by other means?

These were the questions asked by Post-Impressionism French Painter Paul Cezanne. The story behind his art pieces will be featured on the Art Exhibits 2022 entitled Cezanne. The exhibit will be open from May 12 to 24 as exclusive previews for members at the Art Institute of Chicago but will be open to the public for appreciation starting May 15 to September of this year. Visitors will be able to experience and understand the artists’ 90 oil paintings and 49 watercolors and drawings. Guests will also be able to listen to the insightful reasons behind each work of art.

Art Exhibitions To Witness This 2022 - Brittany Corporation

Auvers, Panoramic View, 1873-75 | Photo from Art Institute Chicago Website

For those who are planning to experience this event in person, Art Institue of Chicago is now accepting membership registration on their website. You can also check out their online Museum Shop for a unique collection of different forms of art.

Art Exhibit | Tutankhamun: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh

Art Exhibits 2022 will include the debut of the Grand Egyptian Museum that was delayed several times but will finally open in the fall of November 2022. This Grand Egyptian Museum will be the largest yet most important archeological institution in the world. Something to watch out for if you are an aspiring archeologist of your generation.

Art Exhibitions To Witness This 2022 - Brittany Corporation

The Canopic Coffinette of Tutankhamun, one of the 150 ancient marvels featuring in the upcoming Tutankhamun

Art Exhibit | Jassper Johns: Mind/ Mirror

One of the most awaited Art Exhibit 2022 will be Jasper Johns: Mind/Mirror, so big that it will happen simultaneously in two exhibitions. One in Whitney Museum of Art and the other in Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Jasper Johns’ name became famous during the 1950s where he broke boundaries. His usual art pieces often include elements of mirroring and doubles. Watch out for his double artwork shows that might be a good fit on the most beautiful houses in the Philippines on February 13, 2022.

Art Exhibitions To Witness This 2022 - Brittany Corporation

Jasper Johns’ artworks usually include mirrorings and doubles. | Photo from dontdiewondering.com

Art Exhibit | Queer

Another part of the art exhibits 2022 list is the “Queer” wherein the National Gallery of Victoria will showcase its very own artworks over 300 pieces. The art exhibit as stated by Gallery Magazine will explore how queerness “an expression of sexuality and gender, a political movement, a sensibility, and as an attitude that defies fixed definition” impacts art. This art exhibit will happen from March 18 and the end date is still to be announced.

Art Exhibitions To Witness This 2022 - Brittany Corporation

Photo from Unsplash Website

Art Exhibit | Picasso: UNSEEN PICASSO

Freedom of expression. This is just one of the meanings Pablo Picasso conveyed in his artworks. Pablo Picasso was born in Spain in 1881 and started working as an artist in France in his adult life. After his death in the year 1973, his artworks have been part of history with perceived value. According to the Economic Times, one of the most expensive art investments made last year was Picasso’s ‘Marie-Therese’ Painting which was sold at 103.4 Million USD.

Art Exhibitions To Witness This 2022 - Brittany Corporation

Picasso Marie-Therese Painting Achieves US$103.4 Million at Christie’s | Barrons

The Spanish painter, sculptor, ceramist, and stage designer Pablo Picasso will be back in the spotlight as his masterpieces will be one of the most anticipated Art Exhibits 2022.

The art exhibit entitled UNSEEN PICASSO will showcase the artist’s rarely seen art pieces from his etchings, lithographs to linocuts. The art exhibit Unseen Picasso happened from September 3 until the 10th of January at the Norton Simon, Museum, Pasadena, California.

Art Exhibit | Barbara Kruger: Thinking of You. I mean Me. I Mean You.

Art Exhibitions To Witness This 2022 - Brittany Corporation

Barbara Kruger, Thinking of You . I Mean Me. I Mean You, 2019. | Photo from galeriemagazine.com

Happening from March 20, 2022, through April 17, 2022, one of the most awaited Art Exhibits 2022 will include Barbara Krugers largest art exhibits in over 20 years. Los Angeles County Museum of Art will cater to the mass media artist’s art pieces usually rooted in pop culture and influenced by her magazine graphic artist experiences resulting in black and white style of photos.

Philippine Art Exhibits To Look Forward To

When it comes to art and masterpieces, the Philippines always has a say. Since the pandemic happened, Art Fair Philippines is still hanging when to execute another art fair for the Filipino People though last year a virtual Art Fair happened. For over 9 years, the Art Fair Philippines has exhibited and sold the best Philippine visual arts. Art Fair Philippines announced that the official date of the return of the exhibit this year will be from February 23 to March 2. It will be a series of events and activities that everyone will enjoy.

Aside from these exquisite art fairs, some museums and art galleries in the Philippines will also be available for viewing to the public:
– National Museum of Anthropology
– Pinto Art Museum
– Escolta Museum
– The Mind Museum
– Bencab Museum.

For potential investors who would like to try buying art from the comfort of their homes, investing in art through online auction houses is a good alternative. Here are some of the trusted sites to consider with the auction prices readily available:
– Leon Art Gallery | Fine Art, Auction House, and Furniture
– Live Auctioneers | Trusted Auction House
– Sotheby’s | The Premier destination for auctions

The Philippines is rich in beautiful works of art, and these are not just beautiful but also expensive artworks. Here are some of the well-known and expensive Filipino artworks to include on your art investment portfolio that fits on a luxury home in the Philippines;

Tinapa Vendors (1955) by Anita Magsaysay- Ho (1914-2012)

Sold at PHP 84,096,000 | Leon Art Gallery

Women with Baskets, Fish and Crab (1980) by Anita Magsaysay-Ho (1914-2012)

Sold at PHP 52,560,000 | Leon Art Gallery

Dance of Isadora (2003) by Benedicto Cabrera (b.1942)

Sold at PHP 40,880,000| Leon Art Gallery

Sorprendidots (1887) by Juan Luna (1857-1899)

Sold at PHP 52,560,000 | Leon Art Gallery

Pila sa Bigas (1975) by Vicente Manansala (1910-1988)

Sold at PHP 32,704,000 | Leon Art Gallery

These are just some of the expensive Filipino works of art sold at Leon Art Gallery Auction even more expensive than the house and lot properties for sale under Brittany Corporation.

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Art Investment as Good Investment for 2022

As you have read and know the most anticipated art exhibits 2022, you might be thinking that these works of art are potential for income-generating in the long run. Art is a good long-term investment. If you are a patient person who can wait until 10 years or more to grow what he invested, acquiring an artwork as an investment will be a good idea. Another benefit of investing in art is that you can enjoy it while you wait for potential recessions. Like any other investment, researching and studying this type of investment is very important. It is also encouraged to seek art advisors to be guided on the pros and cons of art investment.

Another good investment that showcases return and beauty in one is investing in real estate. If you are interested in knowing house and lot properties for sale or luxury condos of your type, you can check out Brittany Corporation’s Property Listing Site.

The beauty of luxury house and lot properties which Brittany Corporation offers are like artworks that can make a person happier over time. From the beautiful architectural houses inspired by the most scenic destinations – Southern Amrica, Italy and Switzerand, it was alsoe well thought of and built by the country’s topmost engineers and architects. With its upward trend of value appreciation and continuous development of establishment within the most beautiful subdivisions in the Philippines, it is indeed a good addition to your investment portfolio.

Whether you are into art investment or into real estate property investment, the first step to do is to look for professionals who are equipped and knowledgeable about these markets. Being guided by consultants will help choose the best investment fit for your luxury living.

Visit Brittany’s official property page to know more about Brittany’s beautiful thematic offerings or follow us on our LinkedinFacebookTwitter, and Instagram accounts! For inquiries and bookings of any of Brittany’s luxury properties, send us a message on our chatbox and one of our sales professionals will get in touch with you.

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January 3, 2022

Best Tagaytay Travel Trends of 2021


The holidays are a time to relax, and with the loosening of travel restrictions due to the decline of Covid-19 cases around the Philippines, families and friends alike will be itching to go out and get together again. With the loosening of travel restrictions, many tourist destinations have started opening their doors to guests again. For the average Filipino family, who is most likely experiencing cabin fever from staying indoors so often, a trip outside is definitely on the holiday bucket list of things to do. Whether you decide to take a vacation to the mountains of Baguio, or the beaches of Zambales, or to the cultural haven of Vigan, everyone wants to experience going outside for a break again. But who says you need to go far when looking for a place to get out of the house?

For the family and barkada’s that simply want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila, Tagaytay is always the go-to choice because of how easily accessible it is these days. Just one ride from Buendia and you can have the quick escape from the city you needed. Tagaytay has many scenic places for tourists to enjoy, from its vast scenery over Taal Lake, to the many dining choices available when you set foot into the city. For a unique travel trends of 2021 experience, you can also come and enjoy the swiss-inspired community at crosswinds tagaytay.

The Crosswinds Tagaytay Signage | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Once you have decided to spend the holiday break at Tagaytay, it is important to choose carefully where you wish to stay.


One of the best places to stay during the holiday trip would be at crosswinds tagaytay, with its luxury condominiums you can consider renting for your stay. Crosswinds Tagaytay, is a 100-hectare Swiss-inspired community surrounded by over 35,000 pine trees. It is an exclusive subdivision in Tagaytay and a haven of peace and tranquility. Its highly-coveted location makes your travel trends of 2021 experience truly worth it – it is close enough to Tagaytay’s many scenic tourist destinations, but far enough from city traffic to give you an energizing and peaceful experience. You can even consider getting your own luxury real estate or house and lot here at crosswinds tagaytay, so you can repeat the experience of staying in our swiss-inspired community and share it with your friends and family.

Crosswinds Lifestyle 9 | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Once you have chosen a place to stay, you can then start traveling to the many travel destinations around Tagaytay. Here are some suggestions of places to visit and do during your stay at Tagaytay.


Start your morning with a good breakfast at Cafe Voi La just in front of the entrance of Crosswinds Tagaytay. Cafe Voi La is an Asian style cafe, featuring home-cooked style Southeast Asian cuisine that is sure to energize you for the day ahead. They also serve the best pancakes that you can find in Tagaytay, and they also serve Filipino breakfast dishes like Garlic Longannisa, Beef Tapa, Daing na Bangus, and Arroz Caldo.

After your breakfast, you can choose to visit Tagaytay’s go-to amusement park, Skyranch. Here you can try their most notable attraction, the Sky Eye. Sky Eye is a 63-meter tall Ferris wheel that is capable of showing how vast Tagaytay is. You can also try the Safari Splash and Log Coaster if you prefer to get wet during the mornings.

sky ranch ferris wheel ride beautiful scenes | luxury homes by brittany corporation

After the tiring morning adventure, you can head to Balay Dako for your lunch. Balay Dako is a Filipino cuisine restaurant. Filipino cuisine is marked by struggle and acceptance, upheaval, and adaptation, from native foods produced before documented history to inspirations fashioned by seafaring traders and assimilations formed by colonial occupation.


With their head chef being the creative force of one of Tagaytay’s food scene juggernaut, you can be assured that the experience of dining here will be an unforgettable one. They have a vast assortment of Filipino dishes that would surely make you appreciate Filipino cuisine again. They also sport a lovely view of the Taal volcano, where everyone can take stunning images for your next Instagram post.

During the afternoon, you can visit the Tagaytay Picnic Grove. There you can feel the cold air brought by the greeneries of fresh and warm plants travel trends of 2021. The entrance fee is very small, making it a great place to go to when on a budget or if you simply want to go on a barbecue with friends while enjoying the scenery of the Taal volcano. You can also fly kites, ride horses, and record the next vlog that you will be posting on YouTube. 

As the day ends, you can head to the Ruined project, located along Crosswinds Drive, Tagaytay. A hidden coffee café that offers a variety of meals for everyone.  Its rustic fixtures and wooden furniture give a nice ambience to anyone who decides to have their dinner there. It even includes a lovely balcony view of Crosswinds Tagaytay that is sure to make the dinner experience a memorable one.

Crosswinds Amenities 202 ruined project | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Whether you’re visiting Tagaytay for your holiday breakaway, or you’re visiting Tagaytay for a weekend getaway, Crosswinds Tagaytay is the ideal place for you.


Connected to the Tagaytay-Calamba Road and near the Tagaytay Highlands, Crosswinds Tagaytay is the go-to place if you’re into travel trends of 2021. Crosswinds Tagaytay offers a lifestyle of exclusivity and beauty in stunning surroundings just above mountains of lush foliage and chilly fresh air. Crosswinds dubbed the country’s lone “pine estate,” is a rare temperate haven amid a tropical country. With many luxury condominiums, houses and lots for sale, you have the highest chance of staying in a place better than home.

Crosswinds Lifestyle 34 nightlife | LUXURY HOMEa by brittany corporation

Tagaytay is one of the best places to visit in the Philippines. With its easily accessible route, to its breathtaking atmosphere and scenery, there is always something to do in Tagaytay. Whether you’re in Tagaytay for a long staycation or a weekend break, these are the best places to be during your stay, top it off with a stay in the Crosswinds Tagaytay, and your Tagaytay adventure is complete.


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Staycation at Crosswinds Tagaytay


Christmas this year and families would want to get out. This year of quarantines and multiple close calls has been a rough one, and with the daily rate of infection petering down, a staycation could be decided on to celebrate the birth of Christ. Staycation at Crosswinds Tagaytay is an excellent choice, especially with it now classified under General Community Quarantine, and much more attainable distance-wise compared to the likes of Baguio. Among all the staycation destinations in the picturesque Tagaytay, one that can be chosen is Crosswinds Tagaytay.

Swiss Quadrilles at Crosswinds | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The Swiss-inspired architecture definitely fits the mountain climate and backdrop. A house in the area big enough to fit a nuclear family plus an uncle, an aunt and several cousins can be rented for however long one wishes to stay.


The exterior of the house is charmingly traditional save for the bigger windows, but the interior is perfectly modern – a spacious living area that the windows allowed a gracious amount of sunlight in, an open floor plan kitchen whose countertop space was generous and non-claustrophobic, bedrooms that feel personal and comfy and wraparound balconies perfect for hot drinks with a loved one in the morning, and a huge entertainment space with just the right amount of cozy vibes combined with the intimacy shared by family over a movie night or a round of games at your staycation at Crosswinds Tagaytay.

The Swiss escape at Crosswinds Tagaytay | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The house has an ambience so relaxing that the occupants might not want to go out and explore at first, even more if one has managed to get a room for oneself!


 Every part of the house is perfectly air-conditioned, clean and snug, and it would be a joy to watch young children run around laughing and happy with staying somewhere new. The kitchen space and complete set of provided utensils and necessities could be utilized to cook meals during the stay, with ingredients that can be bought along the highway outside Crosswinds. All in all, the house is perfect, secure and a delight to live in. Perhaps it can even bring the family that had chosen it closer together.

But enough babbling about the house!

Crosswinds Tagaytay Fireplace | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Though one can be reluctant to leave the comfort of the borrowed abode at first, the environment and sights outside will surely win them over.


A house in Crosswinds can be situated in a more wooded part, so the green and the refreshing, calming scent of the towering pine trees can really hit one square in the face like a cool, welcomed breeze in summer. The roads slope with the mountainside, adding to the sheer naturality of it all. One could hear the songbirds overhead, merrily trilling and flitting away, hopping from branch to branch. All of this speaks to the deep, reptilian instinct within oneself, and they will never have been so at peace as that moment under the evergreen giants that populate and dominate this place.

Move to the more urbanized areas of Crosswinds, where more houses hug either side of the sloping road, some of them occupied with people out and about to see what the place has to offer. Crosswinds boasts the theme of ‘365 days of Christmas’ and one is able to see that on the night of the first day of their stay, with various, colorful Christmas lights and decor sprinkled on the houses and among chosen trees. Had it not been for the lack of snow, the area can been mistaken for Switzerland itself. It is a winter wonderland without the winter, and it can make eyes sparkle each time one has a look around. Seeing this beauty with family makes it all the sweeter.

The next couple of days after that can be spent on extended exploration. There are more residentials to venture through, and one can choose to interact with other people, asking conversational things and wishing each other happy holidays. The pool area is but a short drive away so have swimming gear in hand and wear excited grins. The water is cold and there can be a handful of other strangers by the poolside, but nothing beats dunking and splashing at loved ones while the elders of the family watch on and relax. One could be shivering like a leaf in a storm on the way back to the house, but it can be easily remedied by a moment under the hot spray of the bathroom shower and a comfy bathrobe wrapped around oneself.

Of course, no staycation at Crosswinds Tagaytay is complete without eating out. There are a few cafes and restaurants within Crosswinds, and breakfast can be arranged in the former and dinner in the latter. Local coffee in the morning is perfect and blissful with the breathtaking Tagaytay highland scenery. At night, Filipino comfort food is definitely a go-to, and the iconic bulalo is a must-have to try. The tender beef, juicy marrow and hot broth are enough to warm up against the nighttime mountain air. One can come home content and with a full stomach, the night’s rest satisfying and afflicted with good dreams.


Alas, all good things must come to an end. Four days and three nights is more than enough to some by the time checking out is decided. It would be hard to pack things up, to take care of what trash remains to make it easier for the cleaning crew and to say goodbyes to a pleasant little home away from home. The memories and security one had in that house, the fresh, crisp air, the animals just lurking in the undergrowth, the sunlight filtering through the pine needles – Crosswinds Tagaytay is surely unforgettable to most who have decided to spend their time there.

One could hope to come back there some time in the future. It truly is a wonderful choice for a Christmas staycation, a little piece of temperate Europe within reach and distance from the urbanized National Capital Region. It is pleasant to know that there are lots for sale within Crosswinds Tagaytay, giving more people a chance to own a part of the Switzerland of the Philippines, a chance one, their family and others can consider as well. The views, the climate, the environment, the feel and vibe of the place are all worth it. It is the mountainside paradise one never knew they needed until they got to actually experience it.

Crosswinds Lifestyle | luxury homes by brittany corporation

And who knows? It could be your mountainside paradise too!

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Why invest in Tagaytay real estate this 2022


The coming new year brings plenty of opportunities for why invest in Tagaytay real estate this 2022 in properties or become property owners themselves. The ongoing pandemic may have put a significant dent in many people’s income, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think of the future. With the current pandemic situation in the Philippines slowly starting to look better in the future, you can expect investing to become easier. You can choose to use this opportunity to invest in luxury house and lots or luxury condominiums.

view from a safe condo in tagaytay crosswinds | luxury homes by brittany corporation

After a full year of staying at home, one can’t help but yearn for a change in scenery.


Investing in a house and lot is one way to go about this. When looking through the various luxury real estate and luxury condominiums, Tagaytay often comes up in the conversation.  In these conversations, oftentimes you would hear people encouraging you to invest in a Tagaytay house and lot. But why invest in Tagaytay real estate this 2022 in a luxury house and lot or luxury condominium in Tagaytay for 2022?

Tagaytay has a pleasant weather all year round that can be enjoyed by both the locals and foreigners, and is a very popular weekend getaway for those who just want to experience a different kind of scenery. Because of Tagaytay’s close proximity to Metro Manila and its routes being a lot easier to access, investing in a tagaytay luxury real estate can yield more pro’s than con’s. Here are some reasons why you should consider investing on a tagaytay luxury property.

Low cost living

With Tagaytay constantly producing agricultural goods, the local markets get a steady supply of fresh, cheap produce from its nearby constituents. Basic necessities in Tagaytay are just as affordable as Metro Manila, and it may surprise you just how affordable basic necessities can be.

Comfortable atmosphere

Photo of Luxury condominiums at Crosswinds Tagaytay at daylight | luxury homes by brittany corporation

When investing in a new home, the feeling of comfort is one of the many factors in choosing the right place for you.


Tagaytay is a popular weekend getaway for families and people who are bored of the city. At crosswinds tagaytay, the vast pine trees all around can truly give a relaxing atmosphere. The views around the luxury house and lots and luxury condominiums at crosswinds tagaytay would surely recharge your battery for the week ahead.

Easy Accessibility

Travelling to tagaytay has become easier and more accessible as the years go by. You can choose to catch a bus at Buendia or Coastal Mall, where the buses go all the way to tagaytay in one sitting. The fare should cost around 100 pesos or less. The drive to tagaytay has also become easier, with the existence of Cavite-Laguna Expressway (CALAX), Cavite-Tagaytay-Batangas Expressway (CTBex), and South Luzon Expressway (SLEX). In almost no time at all, you can escape the hustle and bustle of city life to the nice, rural atmosphere of Tagaytay.

Plenty of leisure destinations

sky ranch ferris wheel ride beautiful scenes | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Tagaytay has many places of leisure to go to at any time of the day.


From the several restaurants along Aguinaldo Highway, to simple sightseeing along the cliff overlooking Taal Volcano, you can always something to do at Tagaytay. Having a property nearby will help you rewind after spending the day around the many places of leisure in Tagaytay.

Inspiring sights and why invest in Tagaytay real estate this 2022

The quiet atmosphere and beautiful scenery can truly help those in need of a new idea. One reason people invest in a Tagaytay luxury property is for the opportunity to self-reflect and get their creativity flowing, away from all the noise in the city. The swiss-inspired sights and pine trees all around crosswinds tagaytay paint the perfect scenery for the burnt out worker to just relax and find themselves.  The luxury condominiums and lot for sale in crosswinds tagaytay provide the perfect opportunity to invest in a new home away from all the noise in the city.

Nice weather

Woman leaning back and relaxing while enjoying scent and scenery of a nature sanctuary - Luxury Condo in Tagaytay - Brittany Corporation

The cool weather all year round is one of the many reasons people choose to invest in real estate at Tagaytay.


The weather and quiet atmosphere also helps those who are in need of rest for their health or to take leave from the hectic city life. Foreigners and locals alike will always like the weather in Tagaytay. The lush and quiet atmosphere, inspired by swiss enclaves and scenery around the luxury condominiums and luxury real estate at Tagaytay crosswinds will surely make you feel why invest in Tagaytay real estate this 2022 truly worth it.

Fresh Air

With the current pandemic still ongoing, fresh clean air becomes a factor to consider when investing on a new property. Tagaytay atmosphere has significantly less pollution than the city, and its fresh air significantly helps those recovering from illness. The hectares of pine trees around crosswinds tagaytay give off a refreshing feeling, the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It can also be a great place to rest when feeling under the weather.

Competitive real estate prices

A row of luxury houses surrounded by trees and lighted by the sunset | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Tagaytay properties never really go out of style. The ease of access from tagaytay to metro manila will always make investing in luxury properties in tagaytay worth it.


Despite the bustling attractions around, there are still many vacant lots, houses and properties all over. With the right investment and quick thinking, you can get the best deals to maximize you expenditure!

Tagaytay luxury properties make good investments because of their proximity to tourist destinations, the pleasant weather all year round, and close proximity to Metro Manila. With the new year promising opportunities, investing on a luxury property now will definitely be highly profitable for you.

Crosswinds Tagaytay offers luxury lots, or luxury lots only, or your choice of a luxury house and lot. Even if you can’t stay in your condominium often, you can choose to have the space rented for tourist’s who need a place to stay for a short time.

Brittany Crosswinds Tagaytay is a recognized real estate firm in the Philippines that offers the most excellent investment options available. And regardless of where you are in the country, you can own your dream luxury condominium in Tagaytay.

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December 31, 2021

Why Crosswinds is the safest place to live in 2022


In light of a long time spent indoors due to the recent worldwide pandemic, safety has been the top priority for most people. The repetitive lifestyle of going to work, going back home, showering and sanitizing, resting, and going back to work again is a chore that most people have felt for the last two years. With the recent ease of quarantine protocols, for some, it can still be unnerving to go outside despite news of the declining number of cases. For others, it is the perfect opportunity to finally have a change of pace and make a new beginning in life with the safety of them and their families still in mind. For those still pondering and gathering options, here are several reasons why Crosswinds is the safest place to live in the coming year.

crosswinds-tagaytay-house-lot-condo-for-sale-banner | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Being a luxury community, the pride of Crosswinds Tagaytay comes with the fact that they always welcome guests with top-notch service.


Safest Place to Live and Top of the Line Service


To address the initial idea of security that comes to mind, Crosswinds Tagaytay hires the best people for their staff. From utility to managerial, each and every service member is skilled and highly trained in what they do. They have a minimum of two guards per gate, with round-the-clock availability and multiple shifts to ensure the safety and security of the community. They also have security outposts along the perimeter, given that Crosswinds is a 100-hectare community, it is no question that it can be a concern for most civilians given the large open area. Buffer trees are planted along the perimeter to serve as an extra barrier for safety against trespassers and weather elements.


Crosswinds is the safest place to live in because of its exceptional urban planning. Utility cable lines such as power and communications run underground to ensure that the place will not suffer an electrical and communications blackout during unforeseen circumstances. This also means that there is less risk for falling debris and all that can be seen across the vista of your home is the beautiful mountainside scenery.

view from a safe condo in tagaytay crosswinds | luxury homes by brittany corporation

It isn’t hyperbole, it is a reality at Crosswinds Tagaytay.


Water will also be never short on supply because of the deep wells and underground reservoir purposefully made to maintain a round-the-clock service.

Sanitation services and garbage collection run every alternate day to maintain the health and safety of both the environment and its residents.

Recreational and Social Needs

What is the purpose of top-tier security if a resident still has to go out for errands and basic needs? Luckily, Crosswinds Tagaytay has the advantage of proximity with several establishments and amenities that suit everyone’s needs. Including being the safest place to live.


pool in crosswinds tagaytay | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Small enough to be safe for the little ones, big enough to have fun with family and friends.


Everyone can opt to choose their preference from the following amenities: a swimming pool, a jogging path and a walking trail, or pocket parks atop peaks for the easy-going.


Residents have the luxury of dining in several famous spots within Crosswinds itself. The must-try NAPA, the vibrant Cafe Voi La, or the brand new Windmill at Lausanne. Each respective restaurant offers their own unique experience both for the eyes and for the stomach.

visitors enjoy the views and food of the windmill at lausanne in crosswinds tagaytay | luxury homes by brittany corporation

A new establishment is always born in Crosswinds Tagaytay, with each new one seemingly more impressive than the last.


Coffee connoisseurs also have a choice of going to Coffee Project or the Ruined Project, both being the same and different. Same in a sense of having a great menu, different in the sense that each has something unique to offer. Crosswinds is the safest in not worrying about having something to eat, only slightly problematic in choosing where to eat with all the options. This is the safest place to live.

There are several outside choices to choose from as well. Bag of Beans, Antonio’s, Leslie’s, and several other favorite restaurants. But when in doubt, food delivery is always an option.


A Filipino family of four having a peaceful walk around the lush sceneries set by the vast number of pine trees in Crosswinds Tagaytay | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Spending time with family is always time well-spent.


People can visit nearby tourist destinations such as the People’s Park in the Sky, Picnic Grove, Sky Ranch and more! Tagaytay is, after all, more than just your next vacation destination with all of the hidden gems still waiting to be discovered.


Arguably the primary need in life to attain other needs, Crosswinds is the safest and the best place to invest in as a source of income. With greatly appreciating lot values due to its location and presence in Tagaytay, Crosswinds also offers the best and brightest property management staff and agents. Real estate is a constantly growing market especially in areas outside the metro.


Due to Tagaytay being famously known as a tourist destination, people rarely think about what scholarly establishments are available in the vicinity. A few of the top ranking schools in the area include De La Salle University – Dasmariñas, De La Salle University – Canlubang, Ateneo Graduate School – Sta. Rosa, and several others located in neighboring provinces that only take thirty minutes to an hour of travel from Crosswinds.

Medical Emergencies

Given that there can still be unforeseen accidents and situations despite maximum preparation, there are nearby hospitals such as the Tagaytay Medical Center, Tagaytay Medicare Hospital, or the De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute. It’s simply the safest place to live!


Even with all the necessities out of the way, it never hurts to pray for the safety of oneself and loved ones. Several religious institutions can be found a short drive away from Crosswinds such as Our Lady of Manaoag, Pink Sisters, and St. Anne’s Shrine for the solemn needs one may require.

Crosswinds is the safest place it can be and prides itself in being a trustworthy and reliable community. The management always goes above and beyond in the realm of service. There will soon be more developments at Crosswinds.

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Best Holiday Coffee Shops in Tagaytay


The holidays are a time to spend with the entire family and to reconnect with all your friends over a nice cup of coffee. It is a tradition for the Filipino family and friends during the holidays to reconnect with each other over hot food and drink. With the loosening of Covid-19 restrictions, you can again enjoy the quiet and calm feeling of having a cup of hot coffee at your favorite café. So why not enjoy your next hot cup of coffee at Tagaytay, with its cool atmosphere and many different breathtaking views of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano? Here are the best holiday coffee shops in Tagaytay.

There are many options to go to if you are itching to go out of Metro Manila. Tagaytay on its own has plenty of great coffee shops to satisfy everyone’s needs for a hot cup of coffee in the chilly weather over beautiful scenery.

So where are some places to go to for the best coffee experience? Here are some places we recommend you try out.

Coffee project

Coffee Project Windmill near Luxury houses and lots in Crosswinds Tagayaty | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Tagaytay – Calamba Rd, Tagaytay, Cavite


If you opted to have your stay in Crosswinds Tagaytay, Coffee Project is a great place to satisfy your coffee needs. The scent of pine trees and cozy atmosphere goes incredibly well with the food. You can never really go wrong with the menu Coffee Project has to offer, you can ensure quality with every bite.

Bag of beans

Bag of Beans Tagaytay, in the vicinity of luxury houses and lots at Crosswinds | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Nasugbu Hwy, Silang Junction South, Tagaytay, Cavite


You can’t say you have been to Tagaytay if you don’t stop by Bag of Beans at least once. Bag of Beans has been the leading coffee shop in Tagaytay for a long while now, and for good reason. The lovely view of Taal Volcano alongside the tasty menu and caffeinated drinks will truly make your stay a memorable one. There are three different branches of Bag of Beans, each with their own unique ambiance, giving you a unique experience with each visit.

Ruined project

Ruined Project Interior on Facebook | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Crosswinds Drive, Tagaytay, Cavite


One of the best holiday coffee shops in Tagaytay and place to have a cup of coffee is at Ruined Project, located at Crosswinds Drive. Not only does Ruined Project boast great coffee, they also boast beautiful views all around. There isn’t a camera angle in Ruined Project that would give a bad photo. The coffee served in this establishment is by Coffee Project, so you can expect the coffee to be delicious.

Kuuma Kaakao Kaffe

Located at Silang Junction South, Tagaytay, Cavite. Kuuma Kaakao Café is one of those lesser-known coffee shops in Tagaytay, but that makes it the perfect place to grab a cup of hot coffee with your friends and catch up. Their outdoor café features a lovely view of Taal Lake, perfect for your next Instagram post. The most favored menu item to order from them would be their hot chocolate, served with a side of kakanin. They also serve different local dishes if you are in need of something heavier for your trip.

Greenhouse café

Located at 9522 Enrile, Tagaytay, Cavite.  Are you perhaps looking for inspiration for your next plantito or plantita project? Greenhouse café boasts hundreds of different plants all over its interior. It has a humble menu consisting of different popular snacks from all over. This is surely one of those shops you would not want to miss out on.  

Windmill Lausanne

visitors enjoy the views and food of the windmill at lausanne in crosswinds tagaytay | luxury homes by brittany corporation

This Danish-inspired restaurant will leave you with a sense of luxury with its European countryside theme. It has a great view of Crosswinds’ 35,000 pine trees, truly enhancing the European luxury experience. Like all tourist destinations, you shouldn’t skip on the experience of dining at Windmill.


Char’s garden café

Located at Patutong Malaki North, Tagaytay, Cavite. Its quaint cottage ambiance will make your next coffee date a great one. This small café boasts a great view of Taal lake.  This café is a bit far from all the crowded tourist destinations, making it a great place to go to if you want to have a quiet dinner or lunch with friends and family. Their menu features Filipino cuisine, with their specialty being the Tagaytay classic bulalo. They also have an all-day breakfast menu, which goes incredibly well with their coffee. This is really one of the great holiday coffee shops in Tagaytay!

Holiday coffee shops in Tagaytay: Café voila

Cafe Voi La Best Restaurant in Tagaytay inside luxury real estate property of Crosswinds Tagaytay - Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Tagaytay-Calamba Road, Magallanes, Maharlika East, Tagaytay City, Cavite


Café Voi La features delicious Asian cuisine that is sure to be a hit amongst friends and family alike. The interior décor is reminiscent of different Asian cultures, with its bright colors and multicolored lanterns that adorn the ceilings. It is a great place to relax and enjoy the scent of pine trees around crosswinds Tagaytay with the ones you love.

Tsokolateria Artisanal Café

Located at The Boutique Bed & Breakfast, 45 Emilio Aguinaldo Hwy, Silang Junction South, Tagaytay, Cavite. This artisanal café is popular for serving “everything cacao”, a highly recommended café to go to especially if you want to experience authentic and delicious Filipino hot chocolate, or as it is fondly more known as tsokolate-eh. Their menu consists of many brunch and dessert items which go incredibly well with the taste of Filipino hot chocolate. They also have outdoor seating, which is great if you want to practice social distancing.

Starbucks Tagaytay

Going to a Starbucks when on vacation may seem like a pointless thing to do, considering the many Starbucks branches in Metro Manila, but you wouldn’t want to miss stopping by their branch at Tagaytay. Alongside the typical Starbucks menu you can enjoy, this Starbucks branch boasts one of the best, unobstructed views of Taal Volcano, which really amps up the experience of your typical Starbucks Café Latte.

Whether you are looking for a quiet place to rewind on your own, or a place to catch up with your friends and family after a year of staying mostly at home, these different coffee shops will truly make your gatherings a memorable one. So go and relax and top up your stay at Crosswinds Tagaytay. It’s easy to reach the destination and many fine cafés will truly expand the holiday cheer. From the Swiss-inspired views to the fresh pine-scented air, the location alone will make you crave another sip of hot coffee.

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December 27, 2021

2021 Most Beautiful Houses of Tagaytay

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Going on a road trip to Tagaytay comes with a lot of perks and unique experiences. It is always great to get that quick fix of the famous local bulalo, or have a serving of that freshly brewed cup of coffee at a local coffee shop. Sometimes, people come to Tagaytay just for a change of pace and scenery as an escape from everyday life. The only thing that can possibly top visiting Tagaytay on an escapade is living in a house of your own in Tagaytay. Here is a year end review of the 2021 most beautiful houses of Tagaytay that are being offered at Crosswinds Tagaytay.

Scenic sunset view in Tagaytay | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Crosswinds Tagaytay offers magnificent views and brand new experiences.


Why Invest in a House at Crosswinds Tagaytay?

First and foremost, why would anyone want to invest in the year 2021 most beautiful houses of Tagaytay offered by Crosswinds?  Tagaytay is a prime location for any investor. Whether you focus on real estate or some other business, Tagaytay is the gateway to many opportunities. 

With recent roads and highways being constructed, such as the Cavite Laguna Expressway (CALAX), Cavite-Tagaytay-Batangas Expressway (CTBEX), and also the upcoming LRT-1 Cavite Extension, Tagaytay has never been more potent than any location than it is now. Considering it is also one of the most famous tourist destinations in the south, one can double up on the investment by owning a condotel this coming 2022 as businesses slowly resume their post-quarantine operations.

Crosswinds is a 100 – hectare venture, with some of its potential waiting only to be developed and seen. This makes it a prime location to begin something new and invest in something worthwhile. Tagaytay is more than just the next vacation destination, it may also be the newest door to a more successful future.

House Models

Moutier Model

Crosswinds Tagaytay house and lot for sale in luxury swiss resort development home - Luxury homes by Brittany

Living in Tagaytay can still be elegant in simplicity.


For those looking for something subtle yet delivers insightful architecture, take a gander at the Moutier House Model that can be found at Crosswinds Tagaytay. The floor area is approximately 181 – square meters with a total lot area of 248 – square meters. Despite initial appearances, it consists of four (4) individual bedrooms, two (2) toilets and bath, and a garage that can easily fit two (2) vehicles. This type of home is perfect for those who need a break from the city and towering skyscrapers of the metro. Brittany corporation offers an eight percent discount (8%) to those who can fully pay in cash. Lot only offers are also available.

Lucerne Model

Lucerne Luxury Ready Home | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The Lucerne Ready Home already has a thriving community within Crosswinds Tagaytay.


The Lucerne House Model is made for people that require more space without feeling cramped both in the exterior and interior design. Joining the general theme of Crosswinds of Swiss – inspired house designs, the Lucerne dream home is a ready to move in type of home offer. Approximately 200 – square meters in total floor area with a minimum lot area of 255 – square meters, the Lucerne houses four (4) bedrooms, three (3) toilets and bath, and can also fit two (2) full sized vehicles.

Chatelard Model

Chatelard Luxury Ready Home Brittany Corporation

The Chatelard Ready Home is more intricately detailed and personalized compared to the other available homes at Crosswinds.


With approximately 209 – square meters of floor area and a typical lot area of 285 – square meters, the Chatelard is a two – storey structure has six (6) bedrooms, five (5) toilets and bath and fits two (2) vehicles. Ready for occupancy and available for a loan take-out, this is one of the 2021 most beautiful houses of Tagaytay available at a moment’s notice. The space is enough to fit a large family and be able to create memorable moments with loved ones.

Condominium Units

For those not entirely against living in condominiums in the provincial areas, here are some offerings of condominium units available at Crosswinds Tagaytay.

A row of luxury houses surrounded by trees and lighted by the sunset | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Condominium units at Crosswinds stand at least six storeys tall while offering a magnificent view of the mountainside.

Grand Quartier

Single Bedroom Luxury Unit

A wide shot of the dining room in a 1 bedroom unit at the Grand Quartier in Crosswinds Tagaytay | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The single bedroom unit also has a balcony available for viewing the magnificent mountainside of Crosswinds Tagaytay.


More fitted as a condotel investment, the units offered at the Grand Quartier are safe and secure. The building has a complete surveillance of security and CCTV units located at prime points in the building. The condo also offers its amenities such as the swimming pool and a gym.

Studio Unit

Studio Unit Living Area | Crosswinds Tagaytay | Grand Quartier III | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Up to the owner’s whims, the studio unit can be as extravagant as the bedroom unit or even more.


Despite Being a studio unit, this room boasts 45 – square meters of space and can be outfitted just as luxuriously as the bedroom unit. Both units are dubbed as the 2021 most beautiful houses of Tagaytay by most guests and owners.

Alpine Villas

property listing alpine villas luxury studio 1

The Alpine Villas and its Breathtaking Vistas.


At least 32 – square meters each, the Alpine Villas Units offer the same experience as the Grand Quartier at a more affordable price point. Outfitted with the same tight security and other services, there is nothing to lose if one decides to experience the condominium unit. The Alpine Villas also have Studio and Single Bedroom units available for rent or for sale.

Recent Developments

Lausanne at Crosswinds

Recently developed by Crosswinds, vacant lots are still in their pre-selling phases and are probably the most cost-efficient investments as of date. With a minimum lot size of 390 – square meters, the Lausanne has 26 luxury lots for sale as of the moment. The return of investment in these properties are their strongest suit.

The newly opened restaurant Windmill at Lausanne can also be visited by guests should they want to visit the location.

With over 35,000 pine trees in the ever developing landscape of Crosswinds Tagaytay, the magnificent experience will not stop at the 2021 most beautiful houses of Tagaytay. Brittany Corporation is a top property developer that succeeds and exceeds the expectations of clients.

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December 16, 2021

Should you live in a condotel this 2022?


Condotels, or condominiums furnished and functioning as a makeshift hotel, have been the trend for most vacationers and property investors in recent years. Most condotel owners turn their investments into rentable housing for short-term contracts with most of their clients being tourists in a vacation destination, or workers looking for a temporary change of scenery and pace in order to refresh and relieve that office burnout after being cooped up at home during the long pandemic quarantine. Depending on the agreements, the condominium management can also handle all necessary affairs regarding the rental of rooms. Here are some reasons why you should take full advantage and live in a condotel this 2022.

The living room of a 1 Bedroom Unit at the Grand Quartier In Crosswinds Tagaytay | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Crosswinds Tagaytay provides the most premiere suites for every guest wishing to stay for a while in the cold climate of the south.


Why own a condotel?

As previously said, condotel transactions can be managed by the management itself. The tenant will have full access to all services and amenities provided by the management. The good news is that even if the condominium management entertains the rentals, they will be on behalf of the owner. This means that the owner will have rights to the profits earned for the rental of their property. All advertising of the property can also be handled by the management. Even though all things are accounted for by the staff, it wouldn’t hurt to make a personal effort in promoting your own space.

man and woman looking at phone in luxury condominium | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Condotels serve as a home away from home and an investment for the future of loved ones.


On the occasion that the owner wishes to stay in their property, they can do so without additional charge. Most owners prefer to make it their vacation getaway during the off-season of rentals. Care and maintenance will also be carried out by the staff while the owner is away.

How to earn with a condotel?

Compared to investing in a usual condominium where all matters are in the care of the owner, here is another reason to live in a condotel this 2022: Investors will earn based on the net profit of the management and distributed accordingly to the size of their respective properties. This means that there would be no reason to fear during the off-season which can be used for personal escapades.

Aside from not having to handle everything personally, condotels are sure to provide real estate professionals who are experts in the business of renting properties. This guarantees that having a condotel as a source of income will be a stable financial investment.

The Four F’s of Choosing a Condotel

One important thing to keep in mind when investing in any form of property is the location and why that location. One of the most favored destinations for as long as people can remember is the famous city of the magical Tagaytay. People like visiting Tagaytay for several reasons that are on top of everyone’s mind.

The Fun

Because of its altitude, Tagaytay has a colder than usual climate even for a tropical country like the Philippines. It is sometimes referred to as Baguio in the south. And just like Baguio, people visit Tagaytay for more than just its cool atmosphere. Sky Ranch, People’s Park in the Sky, Picnic Grove, the Gingerbread House, and several tourist spots can be found in Tagaytay. Having to live in a condotel this 2022 in Tagaytay will be convenient for every visit since these locations take more than just a single day to experience in full.

windmill at lausanne at crosswinds | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Windmill at Lausanne is a brand new experience at Crosswinds Tagaytay.


The Food

Filipinos are inherently gastronomic in nature, inventing the most intricate dishes and not to mention the most famous adobo that has a reputation even overseas. Visitors to the south will always have a food craving in mind whenever they arrive in Tagaytay. Be it a piping hot bulalo soup or a classic spicy tablea tsokolate, something is always available in Tagaytay for everyone’s palate. Some of the most recent names to gain fame in the food industry in Tagaytay are NAPA, Cafe Voi La, Lausanne, and the Ruined Project all of which are conveniently located at Crosswinds Tagaytay. The quality of local food can make or break the motivation to live in a condotel this 2022.

Scenic sunset view in Tagaytay | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Lausanne offers a brand new breath-taking view at Crosswinds Tagaytay.


The Future

The most important thing in any form of investment, either property or another form, is the capacity for that investment to evolve in the future. Tagaytay has this infinite potential of attracting visitors from different locations for several reasons. Major road projects are finally coming to fruition such as the Cavite Laguna Expressway (CALAX), the Cavite – Tagaytay – Batangas Extension (CTBEX), South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), and the upcoming LRT-1 Line Extension. Tagaytay is a constantly developing location that is always ripe for business.


Just as Tagaytay is constantly developing, so does Crosswinds Tagaytay. Recently launching their Lausanne luxury lots, they are still at pre-selling and offer the lowest prices for property investors. The Alpine Villas also have available condo units for the perfect condotel investment.

A luxury condo studio unit with a balcony overlooking pine trees | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Enjoy the premiere and luxurious units for sale at Crosswinds Tagaytay.


The Finish

What else should come to mind when investing in property? Finishing early in the race to enjoy life to the fullest. Having a stable income source by owning a condotel means that there are less things to worry about. Early retirement is well within reach and allows owners to do more and work less for that luxury life. Being in this situation opens a lot of doors for the future, with most of those doors still available for you to open when you get back to them. This is probably the best reason to live in a condotel this 2022.

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December 9, 2021

Launch of Windmill at Lausanne


visitors enjoy the views and food of the windmill at lausanne in crosswinds tagaytay | luxury homes by brittany corporation

People flock the launch of Windmill at Lausanne: The Little Europe in Tagaytay


Home is by nature the place you feel most comfortable in, but there are times when we need to get away from it. Time to unwind, rejuvenate, and take a breath of fresh air. Our beloved nation, the Philippines, is home to rich cultures and traditions, but sometimes we look for something new, something different, something foreign an escape to a different world.

people flock the windmill at lausanne opening day | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Tourists and residents enjoying the launching day of Windmill Lausanne


Windmill Lausanne is the first and only Danish village in the Philippines. A village reminiscent of the elegance and sophistication of the streets of Europe, designed to give you the ultimate luxury Swiss escape without leaving the comfort of the Philippines. Windmill Lausanne is a restaurant with a stunning Danish vibe paired with good food, sweet treats, and relaxing cups of coffee. to match the village’s vibrant architecture and chilly weather. 

The Little Europe in Tagaytay

Tagaytay has always been the go-to weekend destination for many people. It can also be easily accessed from Manila, that is why it is the perfect place if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.  Crosswinds Tagaytay is crafting a beautiful and spectacular community mixed with aesthetically pleasing commercial strips that will truly be The Little Europe in Tagaytay.

a photo of the facade of the windmill at lausanne | luxury homes by brittany corporation

A Danish village in Lausanne was inspired by a famous destination called Solvang.


The Little Europe in Tagaytay is a series of aesthetically pleasing themed cafes and restaurants that are conveniently placed among the community of luxury house and lot and luxury condominiums in Crosswinds. If you are looking for a relaxing place to chill and dine, we list down below the existing beautifully crafted commercial projects inside Crosswinds for your next visit to Tagaytay:

Coffee Project

Most Coffee Project branches are known for their extravagantly decorated space, which is why it is dubbed as the most instagrammable cafe in the Philippines. Coffee Project is a sophisticated and relaxing place, accessorized with full blooms of flowers, warm white lights, wooden tables, and upholstered chairs.

Coffee Project Windmill near Luxury houses and lots in Crosswinds Tagayaty | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Enjoy a cup of coffee at the Coffee Project in Crosswinds.


Cafe Voi La

Cafe Voila is an Asian-themed cafe serving home-cooked styled foods to give off a homely vibe. Indulge in a Southeast Asian cuisine paired with freshly brewed aromatic coffee. Their menu has a wide variety of choices from the all day breakfast menu, appetizers, fish & seafood, Southeast Asian delicacies, Filipino foods, pasta, pizzas, sandwiches, and of course, the coffee selections.

entrance of cafe voi la | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Stunning welcome view as you enter Cafe Voila in Crosswinds Tagaytay.


Ruined Project 

The concept of Ruined Project is creating beauty and forming art from chaos. Ruined Project has a maximalist rustic style in terms of interior. This cafe prides a concrete gray wall as a canvas, styled with different kinds of indoor plants to liven up the place. 

The Ruined Project best restaurant in Tagaytay in Crosswinds - Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Aesthetically pleasing interior of Ruined Project in Crosswinds.


Napa at Crosswinds

Napa at Crosswinds is one of the must-see places right now in Tagaytay. Everyday, tourists line up to get in and experience the Californian-inspired vibe of the restaurant. To make the experience more surreal, the alfresco dining setup at Napa comes with beaming fairy lights above, and a view of Tagaytay scenery.

Napa at crosswinds tagaytay | luxury homes by brittany.com

The cozy yet sophisticated alfresco dining in Napa at Crosswinds.

Windmill Lausanne

The newest and most promising cafe in Crosswinds, Windmill Lausanne, boasts a Danish vibe and interior. It is inspired by a popular destination called Solvang, which is located in California.  Prepare to be amazed  by the stunning view, delightful pastries, scrumptious food, and of course, the cold weather of Tagaytay. This establishment is near the luxurious community of Lausanne

different pastries available in windmill at lausanne | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Variety of delightful pastries that you can enjoy at Windmill Lausanne.


All of these beautifully-crafted commercial areas are master planned by All Value Holdings Corporation. These stunning themed cafes might take your breath now, but this paradise in Tagaytay is just starting, as more and more beautiful developments are brewing to complete “The Little Europe” in Crosswinds Tagaytay.

Luxury European Experience

As you enter the community of Crosswinds Tagaytay, feel the pine-scented breeze in the air, along with the aromatic fragrance of coffee coming from the row of themed cafes and restaurants. Crosswinds Tagaytay is not just perfect for a cozy day tour experience as right after the commercial strip are the mesmerizing Swiss-themed luxury house and lot and luxury condominium where you can have a luxurious Swiss escape. This just goes to show that Tagaytay is more than just a tourist destination.

If you can’t get enough of the luxurious Swiss escape you experienced, take a look at the luxurious house and lot and luxurious condominiums of Crosswinds Tagaytay.

Lausanne at Crosswinds

Living up to its name, Lausanne is a capital city of Romandy, Switzerland, a picturesque destination found in the Canton of Vaud. Just like our very own Lausanne, it is a fusion of commercial town and holiday resort destination. 

Lausanne at Crosswinds is a community of luxury homes in Tagaytay showcasing a beautiful view, only for a few, as it is placed at the highest elevation of the area. Aside from the spectacular scenery, the low temperature of the weather will make your Swiss escape experience even more worthwhile.

photo of the lots in lausanne at crosswinds | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The extremely picturesque community of Lausanne at Crosswinds.



This Christmas season, indulge on a day of luxurious Swiss-inspired experience with the new attraction in Crosswinds Tagaytay called Windmill Lausanne. Delight on a day of aromatic coffee, sweet pastries, and good food while indulging the extremely picturesque scenery and Danish-inspired village. Create a day to remember at Windmill Lausanne.

Just as when we are traveling, we pack our bags happily, excited to visit a new environment and encounter different cultures and people. But in the end, despite experiencing the exhilarating feeling traveling gives us, we always go back to where we belong, our home.

Windmill at Lausanne: Tagaytay City’s Little Europe


When we think of holiday escapades and weekend getaways, Tagaytay has always been in the top of our minds. Tagaytay is the top tourist destination for those that want to relax and rejuvenate from the hustle and bustle of the metro without having to go too far away.

Tagaytay has a lot of instagrammable tourist destinations like Sky Ranch and  The Ruined Project? in Crosswinds Tagaytay. In fact, a lot of the most instagrammable spots can be found in Crosswinds Tagaytay. From the Giant Red Chair to the aesthetically pleasing wine cellars of Napa at Crosswinds, Tagaytay is never short of places to visit. Aside from popular tourist destinations, we go to Tagaytay for the food.

Crosswinds Tagaytay by Brittany Corporation recently launched the Windmill at Lausanne, a European-themed restaurant that captures the quaint beauty of the European countryside. The Windmill at Lausanne is the latest European-themed restaurant and café near the newest expansion of Crosswinds – Lausanne luxury lots only for sale.

solvang usa | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Solvang, USA | Inspired by Solvang in the USA, Windmill at Lausanne lets you experience Solvang inside the Tagaytay City’s little Europe – Crosswinds Tagaytay.


Windmill at Lausanne exudes the luxurious vibe of the European elite. Built with wooden boards and colorful walls, Windmill at Lausanne brought to life the iconic symbolism of the European countryside through Swiss folk artwork that is displayed all over the restaurant café to give off a relaxing ambiance that traveling to the Nordic countries do.  

Just like Ruined Project? and NAPA at Crosswinds, Windmill at Lausanne offers alfresco dining. Alfresco dining has been the norm since the start of the pandemic. Outdoor dining enhances the overall food experience by allowing diners to enjoy a good meal with a beautiful view. 

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Diners of Windmiss at Lausanne may enjoy the breathtaking view of the metro skyline and the lush greenery of Crosswinds’ 35,000 pine trees in the morning and the sparkling bright lights of the pine tree forest at night.


The high-end restaurant and café offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience being the first and only Danish village in the Swiss-inspired community of Tagaytay City – Crosswinds by Brittany. 

From the developers of Windmill at Lausanne, Crosswinds Tagaytay is one of the popular tourist destinations in the city is the only pine estate in the country. Upon entering Crosswinds, the iconic Coffee Project Crosswinds Windmill will welcome you with delicious cakes and hot coffee for you to enjoy. Out of all its branches nationwide, Coffee Project at Crosswinds is the only branch in Tagaytay City. 

Next to it is Café Voi la, offering mouthwatering Asian dishes to satisfy your Asian-cuisine taste buds. The food in Cafe Voi La has must-try food for anyone looking for Asian flavors in this European-American exclusive enclave.

As you go down the commercial strip of Crosswinds, an aesthetic-themed café will catch your attention as it is decorated in beautiful green plants, wooden tables and chairs, stone-gray walls, and neon LED lights signages. 

Launched a year ago, Ruined Project? became vloggers’ and celebrities’ go-to café in Tagaytay City. Ruined Project? Is the 50th branch of Coffee Project by the Villar Group of Companies and is the flagship store of Coffee Project.

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The inspiration of the aesthetic-themed café inside Crosswinds Tagaytay is to give a different side of perspective to people. Since the pandemic has paralyzed almost every business in every industry, Ruined Project? wished to give a change of perspective, that even when there are uncertainties and the world seemed “ruined”, there is still beauty in it when we choose to embrace it.


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The picturesque view of NAPA at Crosswinds amidst the 35,000 pine trees surrounding the community.


Crosswinds Tagaytay also offers a Napa Valley Southern California-inspired restaurant. NAPA at Crosswinds offers high-quality wines and mouthwatering paellas perfect and ideal for your night out with friends and family. 

With the best cafes and restaurants in Tagaytay, Crosswinds is truly one of the best places to settle down. Crosswinds by Brittany offers ready for occupancy luxury house and lot properties for sale, premium lot only for sale, as well as luxury pre-selling and ready for occupancy condominiums for sale. 

Crosswinds also offers luxury hotel accommodations at the Grand Quartier Swiss luxury resort. The vast scenery of lush greenery makes you feel like you’ve been transported to another country.

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The breathtaking view of the Swiss luxury resorts of Crosswinds – The Grand Quartier, surrounded by the lush greenery of pine trees.


Crosswinds Tagaytay by Brittany Corporation is more than just restaurants and housing. It is also home to the most extravagant annual Christmas display. It is one other reason that the pine estate is one of the most sought-after destinations by tourists and investment opportunities by investors from all over the Philippines.

Lucent Stone Pillars Christmas at Crosswinds Tagaytay | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Christmas season is fast approaching and Crosswinds by Brittany aims to bring a whole new level of Christmas experience to its tourists and investors. This year’s Christmas display is Trail of Lights- Relive the Magic of Christmas.


Crosswinds’ Christmas display encourages tourists to wander around with their families and friends while enjoying a majestic show of glistening lights as they are caressed by the breezy Christmas air. Celebrating Christmas at this Swiss-inspired community in Tagaytay gives your family a new Christmas experience everyone can enjoy.

 From wandering around and enjoying the gleaming lights of the Christmas lights display to savoring quality and tasteful dishes at the exquisite retail row of Crosswinds and at the Windmill at Lausanne, spending time with your family at Crosswinds indeed feels like a European trip in the safety and comfort of an hour trip from Metro Manila. 

Just imagine living your best life in the Little Europe of Tagaytay City surrounded by over 35,000 pine trees. Crosswinds by Brittany lets you enjoy a year-round Christmas experience. Living in this dream destination is possible because Brittany Corporation offers luxury ready homes, luxury pre-selling and ready for occupancy condominium units, and grand pre-selling lots only for sale.

Your dream of a laidback European lifestyle is right in front of you. All you have to do is reach out.

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