April 15, 2021

A luxury piece worth your investment

Buyers often identify investment as a purchased asset that grows its value in the future and can be sold at a higher price. It can also be viewed as an asset that generates passive income and creates wealth over time. There are a lot of investment options present in the market these days–stocks, bonds, bank products, real estate and more. Investments in these luxury pieces have proven great returns to its investors.  Let’s dig deeper to one of the most common investment options–the real estate investment, also known as property investment. The main intention in this endeavor is to earn a return on the investment either through rental income, the future resale of the property, or both.

Real estate is a valuable luxury piece you can invest in

Real estate has been considered a safe investment for quite a long time. Its growth in the Philippines is not only seen in Metro Metro-Manila, but also in many near-by places like Sta Rosa Laguna, Tagaytay, Davao, Baguio and other areas are also experiencing the demand for real estate. With many potential areas for investment, it is the perfect time to put up your money in the Philippine real estate market.

Young working professional wearing black - Luxury homes by Brittany Corporation

How to invest in real estate

Here are some tips before going ahead with your investment: First, know what type of property would be perfect for you and your investment plans. Second, searching the market. Checking out the current top performing and trustworthy real estate developers would be a great way to know more about property investment. Third, find and work with credible investment agents. They will help you navigate through all the technicalities in the field of real estate investment They will also provide you with valuable insights on the various property options that you might be interested in. Fourth, know the different payment options and choose the best fit for your plan.

Why you need luxury investments

Another type of investment that is promising these days is Luxury Investment. Most people think luxury investment is all about purchasing and scoring designer items like bags, jewelries, artworks, and others from well-known brands and personalities. However, there are other investments that can also be considered luxurious on the luxury investment list. One of those is investing in luxury properties. 

It’s quite hard to understand the features and characteristics of a luxury property before you invest. A high price point won’t put a property in the luxury category. Yes, real estate isn’t considered a luxury just because it’s expensive. It must exhibit at least the following characteristics: unique, exclusive, and superior. The community you are considering must stand out from other communities in the area, in the city or even in the country. In short, it must provide exceptional living. It can be viewed through its inspiration, architecture and designs, or even the view it offers. Real estate must also be prime and must promote exclusivity to its homeowners. Look out for a master-planned community. A responsible property management with 24/7 security system, working facilities and proximity to almost everything like schools, shopping malls, roads, hospitals and more must be considered too. And last, it must be top notch. Searching for a community developed by a prestigious, trustworthy and well-known brand will be a great help for you to find your luxury property investment. 

Brittany can help you invest in your own luxury piece

Being in the industry for more than 40 years and being the country’s largest home builder, Vistaland makes sure to build homes for the discerning few. Brittany Corporation, the high-end real estate brand of Vistaland, is now making the new face of luxury with its communities in the South. Brittany Corporation is known for offering master-planned developments and exclusive residential communities that are inspired by world-class destinations. Aside from the opulent and sophisticated inspirations, these communities are nestled in fine locations too.

Portofino, a 300-hectare Italian-inspired exclusive community located along Daang Hari Road, Las Piñas. Its name was taken from a lovely seaport in Southern Italy named Portofino, meaning ‘fine gateway’. If you are looking for a house & lot or prefer to build your own Italian-inspired one, Portofino Alabang is perfect for both residential options.

La Posada in Lakefront Sucat offers luxurious homes inspired by the Neo-Victorian San Francisco. It is part of Vistaland’s 60-hectare master-planned development in the area. It astonishingly gives its homeowners the privilege of living in between work and lifestyle. Live your San Franciscan dream with La Posada’s Townhomes. 

Georgia Club and Augusta in Santa Rosa make up a 30-hectare of 30-hectare exclusive and master-planned community, featuring a classic South American lifestyle in Laguna. Live and watch your family growin these charming communities communities. Whether you opt for a townhouse, a house and lot, or build your home by purchasing a lot only, each one provides a perfectly luxurious living experience.

Last but not the least, the only pine-estate of the country, Crosswinds Tagaytay is a 100-hectare private sanctuary surrounded with over 35,000 homegrown pine trees, making it a fragrant masterpiece. Crosswinds‘ enclaves feature homes and residences inspired by the architecture of Switzerland. Adding to that, this community is situated at one of the highest points in the city. These are just some of the reasons why Crosswinds Tagaytay should make it to your list of Luxury Investments. Here are your Crosswinds Investment options:

  1. Alpine Villas

It is a pre-selling condominium and is Crossswind’s newest venture. It is a 2.8 hectare mixed-use development with a collection of six to eight storey midrise villas in the style of Swiss-chalets. Alpine Villas unit sizes range from 30 to 32 square meters. Currently, units are available in Building 1– Bernese and Building 2– Blanc. If you are an outgoing type of person who loves to live in both serenity and the city, Alpine Villas Investment is perfect for you.

The Alpine Villas at Crosswinds Tagaytay | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

  1. Grand Quartier III

This is the third and last series of the Grand Quartiers. This ready-for-occupancy condominium is located in the middle of the community with the view of lush pine trees and the rolling terrains of Crosswinds. The breath-taking panoramic view will welcome you even on the ground floor. This building is a single-loaded residential structure with 6 levels. Available unit sizes are ranging from 45 to 67 square meters. A piece of the Grand Quartier is definitely a must for people who love to escape the city and enjoy nature once in a while. 

The Grand Quartier at Crosswinds | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

  1. Crosswinds Lot Only Packages

This investment option gives you the one of a kind opportunity to design and build your own Swiss spot in Crosswinds Tagaytay. You can choose from different sizes ranging between 293 to 505 square meter lots and as well as pick an orientation – uphill or downhill. To give you an idea, uphill lots are perfect for those who are very particular in the weather and view from their balconies. On the other hand, downhill lots are perfect for those who would love to build houses with basements. You can also choose from the different locations we have in Crosswinds–  Pine Grove, Peak View and Montreux Gardens- all featuring the beauty and serenity of the community.

  1. Terraces of Lausanne

With Crosswinds lots being almost sold out, a new investment option has been opened for you. Terraces of Lausanne is a 24 hectare mixed-use development rising at the peak of the community. Featuring the views of Laguna de Bay and Manila City Skyline, Terraces of Lausanne is set to be the perfect spot to unwind and wander in the beauty of nature in the city. Pre-selling now is the prime phase of Terraces, Block 4, 5 and 6. Like the ready lots in Crosswinds, it also offers uphill and downhill lots with sizes ranging from 377 square meters to 480 square meters. 

The Terraces of Lausanne at Crosswinds Tagaytay | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

  1. The Crosswinds Ready Homes

If you are excited to get yourself a piece of privacy and luxury with Crosswinds Tagaytay properties, then this property investment is perfect for you. Crosswinds Ready Homes are very much ready to welcome you. Listed below are the beautiful model units offered at Crosswinds:


Come home to Chatelard, a 209-square meter uphill home, standing on a 679 square meter lot. This fully-furnished Swiss chalet has 5 bedrooms (all with balconies to maximize the community’s view), carport garage, maid’s quarters, powder room and a spacious bonding spot for families and friends. 


Lucerne is a 207-square meter uphill model, and a Swiss-inspired home that captures the true elegance of Switzerland. This move-in ready home in Crosswinds has 2 carports, 3 bedrooms, and a maid’s room.  Enjoy creating memories especially in the cozy loft area of Lucerne. 


Offering unique, exclusive and superior communities in the South, Brittany Corporation also makes sure it provides exceptional, grand and fine living to its investors. With multi-awarded developments and residential communities, it has surely made a new face for luxury investment. Choose from the different world-class inspired communities it offers- Portofino, La Posada, Georgia Club and Augusta, and Crosswinds- and live life in your own privileged space. Your everyday lifestyle will definitely be filled with inspiration and grandeur. Invest in the new face of luxury, invest in life, invest in Brittany Corporation.

Which Brittany Corporation community do you think would be your next luxury piece investment?

Guide to a Plant-Based Diet

Diet is a concept that is woven deeply into cultural traditions and even religious beliefs – from the Christian season of Lent that recently just concluded in April, to the Muslim Ramadan period of fasting and reflection that is still ongoing. However, in general, the word diet often implies the use of specific intake of nutrition for health or weight-management reasons. This means that a diet can revolve around the food that is being taken in, from a plant-based diet to a keto one, or the means and timing in which it is being taken, or both. 


Through the years, experts and health enthusiasts have come up with various diets that are now available in the market for you to enjoy in your luxury home. In this article, we are focusing on the ever healthy and organic plant-based diet. This is the perfect way to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle changes at your luxury home during the new normal.

Top view of light skinned brunette woman wearing tropical colors, reading through books on plant-based diets on a white counter with healthy ingredients and a chopping board and a macbook laptop, in a kitchen | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Shifting to a healthier diet is a very impactful way to optimize your health in the comforts of your luxury home.


Understand the difference between plant-based compared to other diets


A plant-based diet doesn’t necessarily mean vegetarian or vegan. A plant-based diet simply means that you are primarily eating food that is grown and harvested from plants, depending on how strict you plan to be on the food you intake. This generally non-restrictive diet includes not only fruits and vegetables, but also nuts, seeds, oils, whole grains, legumes, and beans. 


A vegetarian diet includes eggs and dairy foods, but no meat, poultry, fish, or seafood; a pescatarian diet includes eggs, dairy foods, fish, and seafood, but no meat or poultry; while veganism is more of a lifestyle that abstains from the use of animal products both in food and materials such as clothes, furniture, and accessories, among other things. While veganism is a noble cause and practice, it is highly advisable that diet beginners start with a less restricting diet so as to lessen the impact on the body.


If you are someone who may be interested in healthier diets like the ones aforementioned, it’s best to start off on a plant-based diet that still incorporates foods that you are currently consuming, but changes your perspective on non-plant foods. On a plant-based diet, you can still eat meat but in smaller proportions than your usual plate, as you will be primarily eating plant foods.


Caucasian brunette female in her twenties wearing a pink button down shirt and a face mask, video calling an Asian male wearing a face mask, through her macbook laptop, on a windowside wooden desk with pots of succulent plants and home decoration | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

As much as possible, consult your physician or doctor online to avoid risking the health of both parties.


Consider the possible negative effects a plant-based diet may have on your health


A concern for health-conscious individuals may be the vitamin or nutrient deficiency they may face once adopting a certain diet. The top six nutrient deficiencies on a vegan or vegetarian diet are Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, as well as DHA, an essential omega-3 fatty acid, which are all pretty basic crucial nutrients our bodies need. Therefore, more often than not, vegans and vegetarians need to supplement their diets to restore their bodily requirements in order to function normally on a daily basis. In fact, many international manufacturers have produced creative ways to provide these necessary nutrients other than in the form of the usual pill – powdered nutrients (to be mixed in dishes or drinks), packed gelatin vitamins, protein shakes, nutrient-rich gummies, and so on. 


Although a plant-based diet is less restrictive, it is highly advisable that you consult your doctor or physician first before limiting or cutting out certain foods in your diet. If you are, for example, anemic, you shouldn’t cut out important sources of iron like red meat and poultry. Working directly with a nutritionist or doctor can help you create a balanced diet plan.


The ingredients needed for a plant-based diet can be found in the fresh produce and vegetables area section in an indoor grocery store and supermarket | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

You can now conveniently and safely shop for your groceries and other home essentials online at the AllDay Market website.


Practice mindful and intentional grocery shopping


It is very common for people to go straight to the grocery store upon noticing used up or missing ingredients in the pantry and the fridge of their luxury homes, without first listing down the needed items. This not only results in overspending but aimlessly grocery shopping also leads you to purchase items that are not quite good for you. 


With a plant-based diet in mind, you are entailed to practice mindful and intentional grocery shopping, focusing more on the vegetables and fruits sections and spending less time at the meats, canned goods, and snacks areas. To make it easier for you to buy the right amounts of every ingredient, it is best to plan your meal for the week and shop accordingly. Remember that you can still reach for some cold cuts and throw in some pasta boxes in your shopping cart, but limit these as much as possible. Watching cooking videos and researching recipes online in your luxury home will be of great help with regard to portioning.


To lessen exposure to COVID in the groceries, you may take advantage of the new normal lockdown to grow your own vegetables and fruits in your garden at your luxury home.


Olive skin tone legs next to a wooden tray with a healthy green breakfast of salads, fruits and berries, whole wheat sandwiches, and a mason jar of green tea with a metal straw, on a king size bed with striped blue and white duvet | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Starting your mornings off with a plant-based breakfast will definitely boost your mood and energy for the day.


Experiment and set your go-to dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner


Plan your meals at least one week ahead, in line with your scheduled grocery run. A huge part of adapting to the plant-based diet is seeing how other followers of this diet practice it. Based on their verbal recommendations or online video and article recipes, you’ll be able to explore inventive plant-based recipes that taste better than what most people expect of a leafy meal. Mix these recipes up with your favorite spices, sauces, or pair them with your favorite meat as a garnish instead of a centerpiece. Once you’ve discovered your favorite meals that you can prep any day, list them down as your go-to dishes for days when you’re not feeling so creative in the kitchen at your luxury home. The number one tip here is to list down easy dishes to prepare per meal. Below are some suggestions per meal.


Fair skinned hands placing vegetables in a white bowl from a black pan with a wooden spatula, showing a plant-based diet on the white table | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Home cooked meals are far healthier, especially because you know the ingredients that you use in each dish.




  1. The classic avocado and egg toast
  2. Cream cheese bagel (optional: smoked salmon)
  3. Rolled oats with your choice of fruits and nuts, and a dash (or more) of cinnamon
  4. Celery and apple breakfast smoothie
  5. Acai bowl with granola, honey, banana, coconut flakes, pomegranate or chia seeds, and your choice of berries




  1. Tomato basil soup and garden egg salad
  2. Greek salad: Chopped mixed greens with fresh tomato, Kalamata olives, fresh parsley, crumbled feta cheese, extra virgin olive oil, and balsamic vinegar
  3. Whole wheat pesto pasta with sliced grilled chicken
  4. Tofu and vegetable stir-fry 
  5. Chickpea dishes like falafel sandwiches best served with pita bread, tomato, onions, and tahini sauce




  1. Cream of broccoli soup and whole grain slices of bread
  2. Roasted cauliflower steaks and mashed potatoes
  3. Spinach and mushroom lasagna 
  4. Creamy vegetable curry and quinoa 
  5. Spaghetti Aglio e Olio with Spanish sardines


Whatever healthy change you may want to make in your lifestyle, there is a Brittany home for you. Brittany Corporation is Vista Land’s luxury leader and top-notch property developer offering luxury homes for sale in the Philippines and luxury houses and lots for sale in the Philippines. During these trying times, a spacious, beautifully themed, and artfully designed luxury house and lot is the perfect type of home to increase productivity and focus on your health and fitness, even if you’re an entrepreneur. Matched with exclusive and safe community spaces and luxury amenities conducive for better lifestyle changes, there’s no better place to build a home with than Brittany Corporation.

April 7, 2021

A Perfect and Luxurious Vacation Destination in Tagaytay


Are you dreaming about being wowed by nature’s astonishing beauty, where lush green pine trees, skies in stunning hues of blue, and white cloud patches come together to form a picturesque view? Tucked away in its private enclaves is Crosswinds by Brittany Corporation, your luxurious vacation destination in Tagaytay. It is also a 100-hectare Swiss-inspired luxury residential property surrounded by 35,000 pine trees with their array of colors – jade needles, chocolate brown cones, and hickory-colored bark. As it boasts of pathways uniquely lined up with pine trees, Crosswinds has no shortage of natural sceneries, making it the perfect vacation destination away from the city.

Who would not love seeing the majestic view of the Metro Skyline and Laguna Bay? Who would not want to spend time with family and friends in a place with such tranquil beauty?

Crosswinds Tagaytay | Luxury house and lot in tagaytay | Luxury homes by Brittany Corporation

Crosswinds Tagaytay by Brittany Corporation offers a lifestyle of exclusivity and beauty in an awe-inspiring landscape atop mountains of lush greenery and cold crisp air.


Almost anywhere you end up in the property, you are most likely to witness spectacular views – whether it be the array of pine trees, soft green grasses, quaint village of Swiss-inspired homes, or beautiful landscapes with natural views of the hilly road in the village. Aside from the relaxing sounds and views of nature, the property’s elevation adds an extra dimension to the climate, making it the most beautiful place to snuggle up in, especially during the cold months of the year. 

At Crosswinds, you can easily disconnect and free yourself from the stresses of life. Imagine waking up to a scenic view of pine trees and enjoying fresh pine air, as well as the cold and breezy weather Tagaytay has to offer. Imagine enjoying the comfortable and laid-back style of living, walking around an exclusive community without having to worry about your own security; seeing beautifully Swiss-designed homes in a very secluded setting; sipping wine while enjoying the breathtaking view of nature within your own community, and being close to what you need without sacrificing convenience and privacy. Imagine experiencing Swiss-living like no other at Crosswinds by Brittany Corporation.

Almost anywhere you go, you will be treated with sights that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Crosswinds is a photographer’s playground and a nature lover’s paradise. You can get around the entire village on foot and stroll across the area full of pine trees, safely and peacefully. The property is incredibly relaxing and stress-free. 

The amazing natural beauty of Crosswinds, as well as the vibe of quaint villages, are just some of what Crosswinds has to offer. Added with luxurious spots for eating, lounging, and sipping coffee, and it gets even better. Within Crosswinds is Coffee Project’s new coffee shop concept named Ruined Project, which is in close proximity to Alpine Villas. This imperfectly perfect cafe has concrete walls, wooden furniture, rustic light fixtures, and several plants displayed from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. It has a balcony area where one can lounge, sip coffee, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the view. 

Outside Crosswinds, you can bask in some of the most popular destinations Tagaytay has to offer. Tagaytay is brimming with different establishments and activities, romantic vacation destination areas, and culinary attractions. 


Top vacation destination areas in Tagaytay


Cafe Voi La Best Restaurant in Tagaytay inside luxury real estate property of Crosswinds Tagaytay - Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Enjoy the vast views of the European countryside at Crosswinds while dining on all-day breakfast favorites at Cafe Voi La. (Image by Cafe Voi La / Zomato)

Cafe Voila in Crosswinds Tagaytay

Cafe Voila will remind you of Hanoi’s Old District in Vietnam with its vibrant wall colors, eclectic furniture, bare concrete floor with randomly tiled parts, heavy antique cabinets, solemn Buddha figures, and the chandelier’s exploding colors. It serves good Southeast Asian dishes and is located just outside Crosswinds. 

Bern Windmill Christmas at Crosswinds Tagaytay | Luxury house and lot in Tagaytay | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Coffee Project is one of the most visited cafes in the city as it is home to the breathtaking backdrop at Crosswinds Tagaytay.


Coffee Project in Crosswinds Tagaytay

Coffee Project is a homegrown brand that elevated the cafe experience of Filipinos since its introduction in 2014. Its unique interior, which made the cafe popular for being the most instagrammable coffee shop in the country, is only one of the many endearing selling points. Aside from its signature aesthetic, it also offers a diverse food and drink menu that transcends great and unforgettable coffee experiences.

Picnic Grove

For those who prefer to bring their own food, Picnic Grove is one of the places where you can rent tables, gazebos, or huts and literally enjoy picnics with the family. Aside from the picnic areas, it also features family-friendly amenities such as the eco-trail, horseback riding circuit, an open field for kite flying, zipline, cable car, souvenir shops, and food stalls.

Crosswinds by Brittany Corporation is only less than 5 minutes away from the popular landmark, Tagaytay Picnic Grove, and it is about 7 minutes away west of the Tagaytay Rotunda which is in close proximity to the most popular restaurants, activity areas, hotels, and casinos.

Museo Orlina

Museo Orlina is a privately-owned art museum named after the artist and founder, Ramon Orlina, who is famous for his iconic glass sculptures.  The museum was launched in 2014, which featured the artist’s masterpieces as well as the works of young and budding artists. 


Sleek and clean modern dining setup at The Teahouse at Qi Wellness Living near luxury house and lot property and vacation destination of Crosswinds Tagaytay - Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Schedule a spa day for yourself and your significant other, and dine in while you take in the majestic views of the Taal volcano. (Image from Qi Wellness Living / Facebook.)


Qi Wellness Living

Qi Wellness Living is a Chinese-inspired mind and body healing vacation destination that offers a teahouse, bathhouse, and guesthouses as well.  It has various areas where you can enjoy your tea and meal with an impressive view of the mountains, forest, and lake. The bathhouse offers different spa packages which include massages and access to pool amenities. 

Taal Lake Yacht Club

Taal Lake Yacht Club is located in Talisay, Batangas but is very accessible from Tagaytay via Tagaytay-Calamba road and Ligaya Drive. The said establishment is open for day-trip visitors who want to try water sports activities like sailing and kayaking. 

Nurture Wellness Village

Tagaytay is also known as a go-to place for relaxation and a quick escape from busy city life. Tucked in the city is Nurture Wellness Village, which offers solace to the weary mind, body, and soul. It was established in 2001 and has been nurturing its guests through the healing power of nature, combined with therapeutic services and settings that are Asian and Philippine inspired.


Breakfast at Antonios restaurant in Tagaytay near luxury house and lot properties in Crosswinds Tagaytay - Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

This wouldn’t be a “best restaurants in Metro Manila” list without adding Breakfast at Antonio’s. (Image from Breakfast at Antonio’s / Booky.ph)


Breakfast at Antonio’s

Breakfast at Antonio’s is open all day long with a menu that offers local and international all-day breakfast options, bistro grubs, and desserts. It is another prime city landmark and a popular culinary vacation destination in Tagaytay. 


Why should you choose Tagaytay?


Tagaytay’s prime location and proximity to Metro Manila makes it a favorite vacation destination of the urban elite. Now with multiple access roads, Tagaytay has become incredibly accessible. There is absolutely no doubt why Tagaytay remains one of the most favorite weekend getaway spots. 

One of the advantages of being in one of the highest points in Tagaytay City is the cool and breezy weather all year long. As the city sits atop the mountain ranges, Tagaytay experiences year-round cold and breezy weather. Additionally, Tagaytay is a beautiful city that offers soothing and inspiring living experiences characterized by wide and scenic landscapes, wide-open spaces, and lush environments with towering trees and verdant flora. Living a lifestyle of luxury in an exclusive and tranquil setting is always a treat.

Tagaytay is one of the few places near Metro Manila where you can enjoy fresh air because of the numerous trees and the absence of pollutants in the city. It is in Tagaytay that you can wake up to a morning, greeted not by thick smog, but fresh and clean air that will surely perk you up for the day ahead.  

Going to Crosswinds by Brittany Corporation in Tagaytay City is a breeze as the said luxury property development is served by major highways and alternative access roads which include the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) – Eton and Silangan Exits that lead to the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road, as well as Aguinaldo Highway. While some of us might think that Tagaytay is just a location for quick weekend vacations, this vibrant city actually offers plenty of opportunities and perks, just like the Metro. 

Whether you are looking for a property to invest in or a private home away from home, there is no better place to do it than in Tagaytay, and there is no other property to choose than Crosswinds by Brittany Corporation


Discover what a Swiss vacation destination entails


At Crosswinds, there’s more to just enjoying the Swiss lifestyle, as the said enclave also offers premium and lifetime investments of value through its luxury residential developments. At Crosswinds by Brittany Corporation, one can invest in luxury pre-selling condominiums such as the Alpine Villas, which is a collection of six to eight-story mid-rise condominiums in the style of Swiss chalets, tucked exclusively within Crosswinds

cool and breezy mountainous view of pine trees and vast expanse of a spacious exclusive subdivision on the mountainside, the perfect vacation destination in Tagaytay | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

An expansive, private, tree-lined vista, like this one where luxury lots are offered at The Terraces, Crosswinds Tagaytay.


Alpine Villas

Alpine Villas at Crosswinds gives you the luxury of everyday exclusive living with special access to premium amenities, high-level security, and a Swiss-inspired community that is beyond comparison. At Alpine Villas, you can enjoy everyday exclusive condo living as everything you need is within arm’s reach without even compromising security, privacy, and exclusivity. It’s time to reward yourself with a lifetime investment of living beyond comfortable. Alpine Villas is also seen as a perfect source of passive income with rental opportunities from tourists who want to stay in Tagaytay City for a quick weekend getaway

Crosswinds by Brittany Corporation is set to turnover Alpine Villas’ first building of luxury pre-selling condominium units, Bernese, in the fourth quarter of the year and its second building, Blanc, in the second quarter of 2022. Named after ranges of the Swiss Alps, Bernese and Blanc are well planned considering the land development in the area. Designed to make everything within reach, the luxury condominium development is set to have its exclusive amenity pavilion inside Crosswinds Tagaytay. Moreover, additional upscale commercial and retail establishments are expected to open in the future to complement the posh residential development of Alpine Villas at Crosswinds

The Terraces of Lausanne

Meanwhile, for those who want to enjoy a peaceful retirement away from city life, Crosswinds by Brittany Corporation also offers ready and pre-selling lots that one can invest in and take advantage of the property value appreciation. The Terraces of Lausanne is a 24-hectare development inside Crosswinds, specifically situated at the highest peak of Crosswinds, offering breathtaking views of Laguna Bay and the metro Skyline. Inside the residential area of Crosswinds, one can delight and bask in awe at the stunning beauty of nature.

Crosswinds by Brittany Corporation also offers luxurious Swiss-inspired ready homes for families and property seekers searching for a new home. Crosswinds’ ready-for-occupancy homes such as Chatelard and Lucerne offer calming views of pine trees and terrains, a perfect view to wake up to each morning. Aside from these luxurious move-in ready homes, Crosswinds by Brittany Corporation also features La Verne Park where one can enjoy a blissful walk within the exclusive community.

A scenic shot of the Grand Quartier vacation destination at Crosswinds Tagaytay | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Buildings at the Grand Quartier stand out among the many beautiful views at the luxury development of Crosswinds Tagaytay.

The Grand Quartier

Within the exclusive and Swiss-inspired sanctuary of Crosswinds by Brittany Corporation is The Grand Quartier, which is a six-storey luxury condominium hotel where one can simply relax and experience a premium and exclusive vacation destination in the country.

With Crosswinds by Brittany Corporation, an inspiring twist has taken over the majestic Tagaytay landscape. With its lush pine trees, Crosswinds by Brittany Corporation is truly a masterpiece away from the buzzing city life. With enclaves featuring residences inspired by Swiss architecture and lifestyle, you will definitely live inspired. Investors are more than enthusiastic to invest in a luxury property development like Crosswinds by Brittany Corporation because of its unparalleled grandeur and property value appreciation. As a standout luxury property development in the South, Crosswinds by Brittany Corporation continues to attract more investors as businesses continue to grow and expand in the South of Metro Manila. 

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Your Guide to A Fresh New Start this Easter Season


Easter is a Christian festival commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after he was crucified and buried, according to the Holy Bible. Over time, this festival evolved to become a season for rebirth and rejuvenation for the faithful and the nonreligious alike. Family activities such as delicious feasts in luxury homes and easter egg hunts in spacious gardens became Easter Season traditions all over the world. On a local level, the Philippines takes the Holy Week quite seriously. Not only are these days proclaimed by the government as non-working holidays, but the Catholic traditions are also taken to the next level. The most popular family tradition is the Visita Iglesia, which is Spanish for “church visit”, where families usually travel and pray to the stations of the cross in seven different churches.

Unfortunately, during these stressful times, it’s difficult to enjoy the same festivities and celebrate in the same mood. Gone are the loud and eventful community programs and family gatherings. The New Normal has made it difficult to even see anyone outside our homes. On a lighter note, the Easter Season is not only a celebration but also the perfect season to start fresh and begin again, which is the very theme it represents. Strip down all the superficial effects and the animated events, and you’ll be left with the solemn time to devote to real and honest new beginnings.

Woman smiling at her own reflection by the window of her luxury house and lot during Easter season - Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

It’s time to look at your reflection and see your perfections, instead of nitpicking at your flaws.


Self-reflection is the first step to becoming the best version of yourself this Easter Season.

Together with self-reflection is solitude. Although we are used to associating the Easter Season with family bonding in our luxury houses and lots, starting fresh in life is an individual activity achieved in the most personal approach. No one else can correctly scrutinize you inside and out. Our peers and family members can try, but their ideas of you are only limited to their perspectives. It’s good to ask for feedback to help you in this journey of self-discovery, but know that there is so much more to what you are seen doing or heard saying. During this Easter season, try to spend more “me” time in order to get more comfortable in your skin. This may be difficult for social butterflies, but remember that the friend you need most in life is yourself.

No matter how big our luxury house and lot may be or how satisfied we are in life, the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. This space and time determine what is needed for you to get from version one of yourself to the newer and better version two. It’s not an easy or quick step – in fact, it may cause some discomfort in the beginning. Just remember that this temporary discomfort is a clear indication of you stepping out of your comfort zone in order to explore better versions of yourself. You just have to get past the unfamiliarity. And given the current world’s state and restrictions, this is the perfect time to sit back, relax, and constructively reflect on aspects in your life that you’ve been meaning to change, whether that be mentally, physically, socially, or spiritually. Looking inwards will not only help you learn more about yourself but also help you look at life through a clearer lens.

Sleeping Southeast Asian woman in her teens or early twenties, comfortably in a bed of white pillows and duvet, in the daytime | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Getting enough rest and taking care of yourself rejuvenates your mind, body, and soul.


Form healthy relationships with yourself and the important people in your life.

Self-appreciation is just as important as self-reflection. This season, find the good things in life like an Easter egg hunt! Realizing the little wins such as being able to run your first kilometer and simple joys like your pet dog rolling over to ask for a belly rub, as well as making life-changing investments such as real estate with a luxury house and lot for sale in the Philippines, will shift your perspective in life for the better. These little things are actually the big things that will change the way you live your everyday life. 

As cliche as it may sound, taking care of your physical health actually has positive effects on your mental wellbeing. Studies have shown that exercise is directly linked with higher self-esteem and better life satisfaction. Exercise generates the release of happy hormones in the brain, improving one’s mood and increasing the brain’s learning and memory capacities. Disciplining yourself to turn healthy acts into daily habits will improve your mindset and ultimately increase productivity. By training your body, you are training your mind. By taking back control over your thoughts, you change your mindset. This is what a good relationship with yourself looks like.

Young artistic asian couple picking colors from a color sampler for the furniture in their newly moved into luxury house | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Let your home foster the comfortable environment you need to start fresh this Easter Season.


Make healthy changes at home

Make sure your luxury home is fully equipped with all the resources you need to make healthy changes – from home gym essentials to bath bombs and other self-care tools that you wish for.

As social beings, especially those who live in their luxury homes with their dear family members or partners, we crave connection. We can connect with ourselves, our pets, and each other; but not all connections are good for us. It’s unavoidable that we encounter people who may criticize or discourage us, but it’s up to us individually whether or not to let these people impact our lives. With the New Normal limiting human interaction altogether, it should be easier to keep the negative people at bay. 

Identify the people whom you engage with the most and determine how they make you feel. Do they make you feel happy and valued, or do they just put you in a low mood? Note that not all “friends” are good friends and it is far better to have a smaller circle of quality people in your life who are like-minded, rather than a large group of people you need to impress and have different values. True friends will see you for who you are and accept all of you, as well as encourage you in this endeavor to start fresh this Easter Season. Just make sure to return the favor.

Brittany by Vista Land is a top-notch property developer offering luxury homes for sale in the Philippines and luxury houses and lots for sale in the Philippines. During these trying times, a spacious, beautifully themed, and artfully designed luxury house and lot is the perfect type of home to reconnect with yourself, as well as your loved ones. Welcome new beginnings this Easter Season by welcoming yourself home to the best luxury house and lot that perfectly elevates your newer and better lifestyle of convenience and awe.

March 31, 2021

How To Recreate The Best Resort Experience At Home


Girl swimming in a luxury pool in her luxury home | Luxury homes by Brittany Corporation

Recreate a resort experience at home and enjoy the summer season safely at home.

Staying at home can be rather stir-crazy, especially now that we have to continue staying indoors and practice social distancing. Moreover, you may not also have a choice. As travel restrictions tighten because of the coronavirus pandemic, traveling to your favorite summer destinations may be too difficult to do or can be too cumbersome as you need to secure required documentation. Also, there is that uncertainty over your safety and health, even if there are protocols in place at the destinations you are planning to head out to.

However, there are still ways for you to truly enjoy the summer season safely at home. Instead of mulling over your cancelled plans, how about turning your home into your dream staycation? Bring the resort experience to home by turning your abode into the luxury home of your dreams. We have curated a list of tips and tricks to give your current home a five-star, luxury home makeover, and keep the summer vacation spirit alive.


Here are 8 tips and tricks to recreate the resort experience:


A light skinned foot with red nail polish resting on the comforter and beddings in her luxury home | Luxury homes by Brittany

Give your beddings a luxury makeover. Pay attention to the quality of your bedsheets and pillow covers.


1.  Give Your Beddings a Major Upgrade.

One of the best things you will always remember whenever you have a vacation is the quality of the bed and the beddings at the hotel or resort you are staying in. Five-star accommodations invest in beds, pillows, and beddings because they understand the importance of offering high-quality comfort and relaxation, even in bed.

So what makes a high-quality bed? A high-quality bed will always feel like a bed of clouds. Bulk up your bed situation with fluffy head, accent, and bolster pillows. The typical hotel quality pillow has mid-range firmness and loft to accommodate almost all types of sleep positions, is made of allergy-friendly material, and resists wear and tear. Hotel pillows also offer a nice balance of plushness and support. As for your pillow covers, go for a luxurious fabric silk, satin, and Egyptian cotton not only feel luxurious, but they also reduce friction on your face and head, especially when you toss and turn a lot when you sleep.

When choosing your pillow and bed covers, as well as sheets, choose minimalist designs with neutral colors like whites and nudes. If you decide to choose a color or mix more than two colors, make sure that you go for a monochromatic look. This will make your bed look cool, clean, comfortable, and truly inviting. 

A luxurious bed should also feel luxurious. Adding a duvet or a weighted blanket will help you feel cocooned, and therefore, help you sleep better throughout the night. If you do not have a headboard, choose to add a headboard pillow or DIY a custom one.

Do not also forget your sense of smell, so introduce scents that can help you sleep. You can either wash your beddings with a fabric conditioner or spritz a fabric spray that has either lavender, chamomile, or vanilla.

Modern contemporary interior design with neutral brown color scheme in a clean double bed hotel room and in a luxury house and lot - Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Create a luxurious mood in the bedroom with some choice decor and summery scents.


2. Create a Luxurious Atmosphere in the Bedroom. 

Your bedrooms should also reflect the luxury that your bed offers. To do so, think about introducing mood lighting through lamps or LED lights. Consider also installing a glamorous light fixture like a small chandelier as your main lighting.

For the resort experience, introduce local, refined home decor like a cotton macrame wall hanging where the head of your bed is oriented. For a refreshing twist, add small tropical plants, or a vase of freshly cut flowers on your side table.

Change your bedroom’s curtains by installing a two-curtain rod or coupler so you can hang light, see-through curtains for the day, and blackout curtains when you need to sleep.

A luxurious bedroom should also have stylish seating. Add a bench or a loveseat at the foot of your bed or near the window for you to use as a reading and relaxation nook.

Also, there’s nothing more luxurious than being able to access snacks inside your bedroom. If you do not have a personal cooler or refrigerator, you can turn your bedside drawer into small storage for your snacks and other goodies.

Home essential products to use for a better resort experience in your luxury house and lot | Luxury homes by Brittany Corporation

Recreate a luxury resort spa in your very own bathroom with scents, glass containers, and plants.


3. Turn Your Bathroom Into Your Very Own Spa.

A resort experience should also be felt in the bathroom. As such, turn your own bathroom into an unusually spacious, exquisitely decorated spa that’s filled with light and an abundance of fresh towels and all the toiletries you would ever need.

So how should you go about it? Start by replacing your faucet handle and shower fixtures with ornate ones in brass or sleek finish. Organize all of your toiletries by using glass, crystal, or clear plastic holders or boxes. If your bathroom cannot accommodate a shelf, try to install some floating shelves so as to not claim more space but still provide the storage you need.

A luxurious bathroom also has touches of beautiful furnishings. But you can totally cheat on that by adding spa elements such as house plants, wooden or straw mats, and even a strategically placed Himalayan salt lamp.

What’s a spa without its fluffy bath towels and bathrobes, essential oils, top-of-the-line bath soaps, bath bombs, scented candles, and a bathtub? Stock up on these toiletries with similar or complementary scents so they don’t clash. If you do not have a bathtub, there are standalone portable bathtubs and soaking tubs in the market today, with some even foldable so you can tuck them away if you don’t need them.

Aside from your scented candles, make sure that you introduce lots of mood and accent lighting. If your bathroom’s windows are oriented in a way that doesn’t get much light, you can always use overhead lamps and LED light strips.

Moreover, make sure that your bathroom is spotless day to day. A clean functional bathroom, well-organized vanities, and perfect lighting will go a long way towards getting the resort spa experience you want in your own home.

Woman getting a massage in her luxury house and lot - Luxury homes by Brittany Corporation

Your goal now is to spend time during your staycation availing luxury services you’d never splurge on or try otherwise.


4. Schedule and Splurge on Services.

It’s not a resort experience if you do everything on your own. To get the best resort experience, you need to make a list of splurges you wanted to do at home, or at the very least within your community, while complying with social distancing policies.

For example, you can schedule professional at-home services such as massages, grooming, detox, and even catering by a personal chef. These at-home professional services already offer packages that cover everything so you wouldn’t have to worry about anything. To find the best one, a great tip is to get a celebrity-approved professional services company. More often than not, these celebrities choose them not only for their exemplary services but also for their professional staff and strict compliance to health and safety protocols.

Evia Lifestyle Center Mall atrium and activity center near luxury house and lot properties in Portofino Vista Alabang - Luxury homes by Brittany Corporation

Explore your community and take in new sights, sounds, and cultures as if you are truly on a luxury vacation.


5. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone.

A Twitter study revealed that vacationers are actually much happier when they travel farther from home. While it may not be possible for now because of the tight mobility restrictions, you can still recreate the feeling of traveling far away by exploring your very own neighborhood.

And if you are one of the busy types, you probably have not taken the time to take in the sights, sounds, and cultures in your neighborhood. Take a walk through the neighborhood and rediscover new shops, eateries, and even food stalls. Order food from these newly-discovered places for take-out so you can try new food in the comforts of your home. Check out your neighborhood’s common areas like pocket gardens and local parks that could be new places for you to do some outdoor exercises or for meditation. Rediscover new walking or biking routes, and even modern conveniences like ATMs, convenience stores, or supermarkets that you can consider next time.

cool and breezy mountainous view of pine trees and vast expanse of a spacious exclusive subdivision on the mountainside | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Turn yourself off from the rigors of your daily routine by spending time in the outdoors of a luxury home.

6. Forget About The Time.

One common thing in a resort vacation is that time doesn’t matter. You can recreate this feeling at home by turning off your phone (or put it on silent), and then hide all of the clocks in the house. This way, you wouldn’t instinctively look at the time.

Limit also the amount of television you watch. If possible, schedule your idle time with activities like meditation, yoga, and reading a new book. It can be surprisingly liberating to go without watching television, especially the news.

Do the same thing as well with social media. If you cannot resist taking pictures of yourself during your staycation, grab a digital camera instead or disable the social media apps on your smartphone. This way, you won’t have the motivation to check your feeds so many times in a day.

Also, do not forget to let everyone know that you are taking time away for a staycation. This way, your acquaintances and contacts wouldn’t bother reaching out to you via phone, text, or email.

7. Indulge at the Grocery Store.

Naturally, you can’t afford to keep a personal chef on retainer. But the next best thing is to indulge yourself in international food and beverages you normally do not partake in every day. Come up with a menu of international recipes (or even family favorites) you’d like to try during the week and write these top-quality ingredients down on your grocery list. Whether that is Australian wagyu, salmon fillet, scallops, or even some laksa seasoning and high-end wine and spritzers, it’s really up to you. 

And don’t forget the fancy desserts. You can either buy these from your local bakery or pastries. Enjoy them with a good cup of roasted coffee or hot tea.

Carolyn Luxury House Model | Brittany Sta. Rosa | Georgia Club | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The Carolyn is a Luxury House and Lot for sale model offered by Brittany Corporation, which exudes Southern American charm supported by an exclusive gated community.


8. Invest in a Luxury Home.

We are all spending way more time at home than we normally would, so why not try to make your current accommodations feel more staycation-like permanently? Whether you’re a frequent traveler or an occasional wanderer, it makes sense to search and invest in luxury homes that also offer your favorite hotel features and integrate them into your daily routine.

Luxury homes in the Philippines are often located in exclusive, residential communities that offer high-end, luxury amenities. While some people prefer to build and develop their luxury home from the ground up in a prime location that provides a lot of breathing room, say a Tagaytay lot for sale, luxury residential developments are master-planned, emphasizing beauty in each and every detail.

Brittany Corporation offers luxury homes for sale in the premium real estate market that are looking beyond the resort experience and exclusivity. Property seekers who are looking for a luxury house and lot in Daang Hari, luxury house and lot in Sta. Rosa, luxury house and lot in Sucat, or luxury house and lot in Tagaytay can expect top-of-the-line amenities and services offered by the distinctive themed communities and an ample variety of designs available for Brittany luxury homes for sale.

The luxury homes for sale offered by Brittany Corporation is by Vista Land, the largest and most accomplished homebuilder in the Philippines. Vista Land has been unparalleled in delivering real estate projects, including luxury homes in the Philippines with exceptional retail components, in both scale and achievement. Brittany’s luxury homes for sale in Sta. Rosa, for example, are located in Promenade, a master-planned community nestled within the thriving 300-hectare of Brittany Sta. Rosa with luxury amenities including the Clubhouse, with function halls, a basketball court, and a secret garden nearby, and at least three top-tier golf courses in the Philippines.

A wide angle shot of the maze garden at Promenade in Sta. Rosa | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Each luxury house and lot at the Promenade projects the image of the quaint English countryside manor or estate, where cozy, state-like properties are hedged between cobbled paths and lush greens.


So if you are looking to live in a home that feels like a permanent staycation, investing in a luxury house and lot is not such a bad idea.

Eliot Luxury House Model | Brittany Sta. Rosa | Promenade | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

You can invest in upgrading your luxury home into a resort paradise, or invest in a property nestled in a community that can help integrate the vacation experience into your everyday life.

Get the Best Resort Experience in Your Luxury Home

A staycation can be far more relaxing, and less cumbersome than planning a vacation to your favorite destination. Take the time to think about the factors what would make your vacation at home feel special and relaxing. Or better yet, consider investing in a luxury home to make your staycation more permanent. 

Check out more luxury homes for sale in the Philippines with Brittany Corporation here.


How To Buy a Luxury House and Lot for Sale in the Philippines

Tall orange Italian classic mansion with front garden and palm trees | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

When looking for a luxury house and lot, you first need to consider what “luxury” means to you.


If you have taken the plunge to finally buying a luxury house and lot for sale, congratulations are in order! But as you go through tons of listings of luxury homes, have you ever wondered what a luxury home truly means? Are you wondering if you are currently on the right path, and looking at the right luxury houses and lots?

While there are obvious characteristics of a luxury home, it is important that you also consider other aspects aside from the price, location, square footage or some magic combination of all of the above. 


What Exactly Is a Luxury Home?

Inside view of the courtyard of an orange mansion, with trees, bushes, and a lanai breakfast area; with the second floor indoor veranda overlooking the courtyard | Vista Alabang | Portofino | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Contrary to public perception, “luxury” isn’t about how much cash you can shell out for the total contract price. “Luxury” is actually subjective to the buyer.


Well, for starters, “luxury” isn’t strictly about the premium price of the property. It’s much more subjective, and the target is moving as it is based on what the high-end buyer has come to expect in a particular aspect of the property.

This blog article even attempts to define luxury from ultra-luxury. According to the article, location plays a big role in defining a luxury house and lot. Aside from the definite fact that land is a finite resource, the exclusivity and orientation (i.e. marina views, scenic countryside views, city views) of the location help drive its value up. Enter “luxury house and lot in Daang Hari”, “luxury house and lot in Sta. Rosa”, “luxury house and lot in Sucat”, or “luxury house and lot in Tagaytay” on a search browser or real estate listings site and you will see what we mean.

Moreover, a luxury home should also offer more square footage inside and outside the physical home. The more spacious the home and the surrounding land, the more it is considered a luxury property. A three-story house, for example, may be considered a luxury property if it is built on a vast Tagaytay lot for sale.

And then there’s the custom work. A luxury house and lot is truly considered as is, if the property has hired artisans to top architects and structural engineers to create a custom house design, which also will comes with specific architectural details and features. These details and features, and the professionals who crafted them, add to the perceived value of the property. Ultra-luxury homes for sale go above and beyond by offering extreme amenities such as a very wide driveway, regulation-size swimming pools, or basketball court, a vineyard-sized, climate-controlled wine cellar, and more.

Luxury homes at Vista Alabang, a 600-plus hectare visionary city, is a master-planned community with three residential enclaves that showcase the best examples of luxury homes in the Philippines. Each award-winning luxury home exudes classic Old World charm, opulence, and sensibilities that are beyond typical.


Orange Italian inspired classic luxury house with transparent glass area showing a modern office, and an unroofed garage | Vista Alabang | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The Antonello House is a luxury house and lot model by Brittany Corporation that has the square footage, architectural merit, bespoke and extreme features, and a prioritized location.


Things You Should Consider in a Luxury Home

body of an Asian woman with long hair, taking down notes in front of her laptop, inside her home office

There is no definite checklist on what a luxury home should have and what luxury homes should be. But there are a few common traits that most luxury homes in the Philippines share.


What else should you consider when it comes to seeking your luxury home?


1. Consider a Luxury Home With an Open Floor Plan.

The sheer square footage of luxury homes for sale allow future homeowners to capitalize on the airy, grand living spaces. Moreover, luxury homes with open floor plans often come with architectural structures that highlight the expanse of the home, like a grand staircase, for example.

2.  Think About Smart Technology.

The Internet of Things has allowed us to provide technological upgrades to homes. And as more technological innovations get introduced daily, it also helps us to automate repetitive, mundane tasks, and sometimes even help us make smarter decisions in managing our home. Remote-activated locks, climate control, automated central air conditioning and heating systems, and light and alarm systems are just some of the many smart technologies that are now installed in homes, especially luxury houses and lots. Some high-end properties go the extra mile and connect devices to the cloud for data collection and remote management, and even connect it with a smart assistant like Alexa or Siri.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, some luxury homes are built with reclaimed, environmentally-friendly, or smart materials that address property management issues like mold, rust, and dust accumulation.

3.  The Kitchen Should Have Ample Storage and Other Extras.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Luxury homes take it further by offering a commercial-grade kitchen stacked with restaurant-approved appliances, a walk-in pantry or two, additional storage solutions, and extras like a wine fridge or cellar, and warming drawers.

Wealthy buyers also now demand a cozy outdoor kitchen and cooking area for them to be able to prep and cook food, especially those that need to be grilled or have a fishy or gamey smell. The outdoor kitchen should have stainless sinks and counters, a grilling station, and should also look stylish enough to be decked with outdoor furniture for al fresco dining and entertainment.

4. The Luxury Home Should Offer Water Features.

A large swimming pool (or two), jacuzzi or outdoor hot tub, and even a fountain are some of the water features a property seeker would want in a luxury home. These water features not only provide added value to the home, but will also help extend the leisure life from indoors to outdoors.

Not all luxury homes offer onsite water features. However, some are located in exclusive residential communities that offer grander versions of these water features and more.


Wide area shot of a San Franciscan inspired village with a basketball court and clubhouse with swimming pool, all in pastel colors | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

La Posada at Lakefront Sucat is a residential enclave of classic contemporary luxury homes coupled with the cool San Francisco air and atmosphere, and is supported by modern amenities, including a series of swimming pools and a gazebo overlooking them.


5.  The Luxury Home Should Be Able To Offer Unique, Exclusive Views.

cool and breezy mountainous view of pine trees and vast expanse of a spacious exclusive subdivision on the mountainside | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

An expansive, private, tree-lined vista, like this one offered at Alpine Villas, trumps any city view.


When it comes to luxuriant living, buyers desire exclusivity. One way to determine that is by its surroundings. Is it located near a busy street, or a mountain full of trees? Is your view of the surroundings uninterrupted, or blocked by another property? The more uninterrupted the views, the more clandestine the location where the luxury home is built on.


Tips in Buying a Luxury Home for Sale in the Philippines

back view of a girl looking through property listing by geographic location using her laptop

Learn tips on how to search and buy a luxury home for sale in the Philippines.


Now that you have refined the requirements and traits of your luxury home, the next step is to search and initiate the buying process. Thanks to technology, social media, and the Internet, there are many ways to go about buying a luxury house and lot in Daang Hari, luxury house and lot in Sta Rosa, luxury house and lot in Sucat, luxury house and lot in Tagaytay, or luxury house and lot in Cavite, for example.


Here are tips on how to navigate the process of buying a luxury home:


1. Understand the Search Process.

The majority of the luxury houses and lots for sale are unlisted or are rarely published as public listings. This is because real estate brokers want to protect the owner’s privacy or owner information that might be too sensitive to be shared with the casual property seeker. Real estate brokers will proactively share luxury home listings privately if the inquiries have been pre-qualified as serious or willing to go to the next stage. Moreover, not all luxury homes in the Philippines are listed or can be found in online search engines. 

2. Photos are never enough.

Just like any other real estate listing, photos will only provide you a snapshot of the property in time. Thanks to technology, visual and interactive content are now available for you to have a feel of what the property is like. From virtual property tours, 3D unit models, to live site visits, you can better appreciate luxury homes even though their photos are not that appealing or do not provide enough perspective. Some of these luxury homes can also be found on Google Maps, so you can get a better grasp of the community.

An African-American man in a black suit with a blue watch reading the Business section of the newspaper | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

You get the assurance of an industry expert when you consult with the best professionals in real estate.


3. Work With an Industry Expert.

You must work with an industry expert who can give you your money’s worth (and time) when it comes to buying a luxury property. 

Brittany Corporation is a luxury homes brand by Vista Land. Brittany specializes in luxury homes for sale in the premium real estate market that stands out in terms of beauty and details. If you are in the market for a luxury house and lot in Daang Hari, luxury house and lot in Sta. Rosa, luxury house and lot in Sucat, luxury house and lot in Tagaytay, or luxury house and lot in Cavite, these high-end, designer properties offered by Brittany are supported by a bustling, themed community, economy, and exclusive amenities. Moreover, the Brittany luxury homes brand is by Vista Land, the largest and most accomplished homebuilder in the Philippines. Vista Land has been unparalleled in delivering real estate projects, including luxury homes in the Philippines with exceptional retail components in both scale and achievement.

Moreover, an industry expert will always be transparent with you, especially with their long-term plans for the community and the real estate potential of your future luxury home. Promenade, for example, is located in the heart of Laguna. Located right at Sta. Rosa, Laguna’s educational and commercial hub, it is home to eight other themed residential developments and some of the best educational facilities, plus the country’s top golf courses – Canlubang Golf and Country Club, the Sta. Elena Golf Club, and The Country Club.

4. Secure Relationships With Your Bank.

Luxury houses and lots for sale are priced in the premium end of the real estate market and sometimes will require specific financing options. As such, you must check with your bank the available financing options you are pre-approved for, and what other documentation requirements you need to get pre-qualified for, in order to view the total contract price of the luxury home you are actually going to buy.

Your real estate broker at this point will also be able to help you look for more luxury home listings if your first choice doesn’t pan out. This way, you wouldn’t start at the very beginning again as your broker may have other luxury homes for you that you might like and qualify financing for.

5. Know What To Expect With Homeowner Associations and Property Management.

The rules that govern homeowners and their properties in residential communities are meant to ensure that the properties are on the trajectory of their future premium market valuations. As such, you need to know and understand what these rules are, including subletting or renting out your property as a vacation rental or homestay, and what you need to know to ensure property appreciation.

6. You Can Always Negotiate.

While there’s no legroom for ready-for-occupancy luxury homes for sale, you can definitely command a particular price on a custom-built luxury houses and lots. For example, the individual points and features of a custom-built, designer home by Brittany make your property one of a kind. Work with a Brittany real estate broker to help you settle on a final offer that your custom-built luxury house and lot command.

7. Document Your Buying Journey.

You are entering into a high-stake, high-return financial transaction, so it is really important for you to secure the right, legal documentation as you go through your buying journey. If possible, do away with finalizing legal agreements verbally, and insist on engaging via email or text for additional documentation. Ensure that all real estate documents are secured legally with the right authorities.


Find more luxury houses and lots for sale in the Philippines at Brittany Corporation.


How to make the perfect home office setup

As the country returns to a stricter general community quarantine, we are faced again with travel bans, store closures, and outdoor restrictions for the public’s safety — all while continuing to stay productive in the comforts of our home, yet outside the offices we are used to working in. With this, some may prefer remotely working from home, particularly those with families who are vulnerable to the virus or need taking care of. Positive aspects of working remotely from home include lesser expenses, healthier home cooked meals, more personal and family time, and of course, avoiding the difficult traffic and commute in the country.

Others, however, find it difficult to distinguish a place of work in their homes, especially since the home is considered to be our personal sanctuary or place of rest. This is in contrast with our typical idea of the office, which is a place where you show up all dressed up neatly, sit at your work desk, set meetings, and work your 9 to 5 job.

Finding it hard to shift your work mindset to your luxury home? The perfect way to address this is to go to your office, at home! During these trying times, it pays to be creative in finding ways to bring back a sense of normalcy into our lives; and a great way to increase your productivity at home is to make the perfect home office setup. 

Young professional Asian girl working at her home office setup happily, with elements of her youthful personality showing in the furniture and decoration | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

There are several ways to make working from home work for you.

Top thing to consider to achieve the perfect home office setup that works for you


1. Identify office elements that increase your productivity

We say that this is the perfect home office setup because we identify that the first step is understanding your personality and preferences. Reflect on your work experiences in the office and identify the elements that helped you to be more productive, and the ones you wish you could change. You may not be able to personalize every aspect in your company office to your interest, but the good thing about a luxury home office setup is that you can make everything work for you. 

2. Visualize the ideal home office setup for you

The kitchen or the garage may not be the best place to work in, but surely there is an ideal space in your luxury house and lot that can be converted into a home office. You may even have an office in your home already, but it just needs more tweaking or personal renovation. You might even prefer having a home office setup by the window, if you’re the type of person who works better with scenic view or gusts of fresh air, which you can enjoy in your luxury house and lot in Tagaytay.

However, now that summer is approaching, make sure that your home office setup is located in a room with air conditioning, for your sake and the sake of your work technology and devices. Also make sure that your home office setup is inside a quiet room where you can work privately without distractions such as pets or family. Lastly, it’s important to have task specific areas in your home office setup, even if you’re technically the only employee. Smart placing increases productivity. For example, you can place the printer and other paperwork tools in one corner, and place your desk in an angle where you are facing the TV, so you can monitor your stocks, bonds, and other investments with ease while working. 

To help you calculate the amount of office space you need, OfficeFinder created a list of suggested work station allocations based on job description and included an office space calculator for general and specific estimates.

Image of woman slouching while working in an office setup, with factual information description boxes describing the negative results

Poor posture caused by ineffective officeware can cause health risks.


3. Incorporate ergonomics to the home office setup for your comfort and safety

The science of ergonomics, which was a previously obscure concept altogether, is increasingly gaining importance as the world is becoming more aware of the effects of low risk safety on productivity. So what is ergonomics and how is this relevant to the home office setup?

Ergonomics is the process of designing or arranging workplaces, products, and systems so that they fit the people who use them. It applies to the design of anything that involves people – workspaces, sports and leisure, health, and safety. If you’ve been suffering from lower back pains caused by your office chair, you are not alone. In fact, research has shown that lower back pain is the world’s most common work-related disability – affecting employees from offices, building sites, and even those who work in agriculture. Ergonomic disorders are the fastest growing category of work-related illness.

As you can tell by now, it’s highly important to incorporate ergonomics in your home office setup, especially when you’re hunched over your desk for over 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Fortunately, you can prevent ergonomic disorders by simply purchasing ergonomic furniture to complete your home office setup.

For instance, the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is common in office workers, students, and gamers because of how they use their wrist. Typing on a keyboard, combined with jotting down notes, for long periods of time is the most common cause of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It’s a good thing this can be prevented by using an ergonomic mouse pad or wrist pillow made of memory foam, featuring a slope for wrist support. You can also pair this with a wrist-supported keyboard and a vertical mouse that will definitely give you instant joint relief. These ergonomic items are patterned with the natural motions of the human body.

The first type of furniture that comes to mind when you’re familiar with ergonomics is usually the office chair, and that’s because this has a major effect on our bodies, especially the lower back. An ergonomic office chair significantly reduces body tension and helps keep the body cool with its mesh seat, back, and headrest. Its exceptional lumbar support is a huge plus for those prone to back pains. You may also sometimes find yourself getting tired of sitting and wanting to work in a standing position. That’s why an ergonomic table is highly recommended due to its adjustable heights and an added feature of the inward-curved surface.

4. Let there be light, but be smart about it

Lighting is an element usually overlooked with regards to productivity. However, the blue light flashing on your face from your monitor, tablet, mobile phone, and other digital devices aren’t the only sources of light you should concern yourself with. Similar to the feeling we get from different lighting techniques in movies, the home office setup lighting affects one’s mood, and ultimately, the productivity of the individual.

Research shows that an adequate amount of light improves mood and energy levels, while poor lighting contributes to depression and other deficiencies in the body. The amount and type of lighting directly affect concentration, appetite, mood, and many other aspects of daily life. It’s highly advised to just stick to the basics and rely on natural light in the daytime, and maintain adequate lighting in the afternoons.

Do you notice that your eyes start getting tired – manifested by dryness, wetness, blurry vision, or even headaches – after a couple of hours working? That is a phenomenon called digital eye strain, which is caused by the blue light emitting from our digital devices. So, if you’re worried about your children’s eyesights while playing on their phones or tablets, you should also worry about yours. Fortunately, there are ways to combat this without lessening productivity.

An easy fix is to sit about 25 inches or at arm’s length from your screen and adjust its height so you’re looking slightly downward at it. You should also reduce glare and brightness. Similar to all glass, the glass screen on your computer can cause glare. To reduce the glare, you can simply purchase matte screen filters for your devices, while also setting the brightness and contrast of your display settings comfortably low. To address the blue light emitting from your screen, you may also invest in a blue light UV filter screen protector, which absorbs the UV light and blocks its exposure. UV filters are most commonly used as sunscreens to protect skin from sunburn and other sun/UV related damage, so think of this filter as a sunscreen for your eyes, to block UV related damage.


luxurious classy home office with white leather office chair and other modern-classic furniture with hints of gold, a grand wooden shelf at the back, on a traditional carpet | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The home office can be personalized to your refined taste.


5. Add visual elements that help you get organized

Now that you have all your home office setup essentials in place, don’t forget the finishing touches that help you get into that ideal mindset for productivity, even when you’re at home. For this section, we will focus on visual elements that help you become organized. There are several studies, and popular adages, claiming that humans are visual learners and more specifically, visual beings. Humans have a remarkable ability to remember pictures as compared to words. No wonder why sometimes we remember people by their faces but not necessarily by their names. We are also more easily influenced by visual evidence instead of verbal or written facts. In fact, presentations using visual aids were found to be 43% more persuasive than unaided presentations. With this, it’s important that you take advantage of visual elements to discipline your brain into the mindset that best suits your work.

Eliminating home effects inside your home office and strictly incorporating only work related elements will hardwire your brain into associating the room with work and productivity, dissociating it from the feelings of rest and relaxation that the rest of your luxury house and lot fosters. What you can do to improve this is to set up a considerably large board that contains all your work related tasks, for easy viewing. Whether this be a white board, cork board, or chalkboard, you can plot your tasks in a weekly or monthly calendar view.

Depending on what suits your work best, you can also just use this board to stick important notes that you need to remember for all your projects. If you would rather encapsulate all of this in your computer,  you can just set up a vision board for motivational purposes. A vision board is usually a collage of images that represent your aspirations in life – whether that be your ideal luxury house and lot, dream sports car, or family goals. This is literally a physical board of your visions in life, which helps you gain self-awareness and self-reflection on what is important to you. Imagining a positive future is a helpful way to increase positive emotions and optimism, and positive emotions often create opportunities and increase the chances of success.


The perfect home office setup is your new addition to your luxury house and lot

With all of the above listed items considered, you will surely come up with the perfect home office setup for you. At Brittany Corporation, property developments are incorporated in huge master planned communities; and this spaciousness is reflected in every lot and ready for occupancy model units offered, designed beautifully in every detail and reminiscent of world class themes. Surely the perfect home office setup perfectly matches the best luxury homes in the Philippines that can only be found at Brittany developments.

March 26, 2021

Capturing the Essence of Feminism Through Artworks in the Philippines

In this modern day and age, it is integral that everyone has the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. An equal society is a healthy society, and here at Brittany, our goal is to celebrate feminism in the country and to support the struggle by presenting its essence in a medium that many of us are familiar with artworks in the Philippines.

Recognized as International Women’s Month, the month of March is an opportune time for us to contribute to the fight for equality. After all, only with equality can people come together to build a proper future for everyone. 

Today, we will tackle feminism in the Philippines, its history of struggles, present accomplishments, and challenges for the future. We will also discuss how feminism is advanced through art, a medium that is easily accessible to people of all ages. Finally, we will show how Brittany holds the same goals and principles as this noble cause.

Feminism in the Philippines

Feminism in this country has an interesting and gripping history. Here’s a quick review of what the past, present, and future hold for the feminist ideal of equality.

A Quick Run-Down of Feminism in the Philippines

Contrary to popular belief, various tribes in the Philippines already had a remarkably progressive outlook on how both sexes function in society even before the Spaniards first colonized the country.

During this pre-colonization period, anthropologists and historians alike noticed that tribal men and women enjoyed the same property rights, access to resources, and recognition as their counterparts. They had no obvious bias against women, who were even free to be educated and elected as leaders in both religion and politics.

But when the Spaniards came, they realized that this form of equality would make it more difficult to subjugate the population. The introduction of Roman Catholicism essentially started the erosion of equality in native communities.

Female spiritual leaders and community healers were charged with witchcraft. Women were denied jobs. The Church espoused an ideal that put men as the primary provider and women as stay-at-home mothers.

These ideas lasted not only for 300 years but also until today. Bits and pieces of this colonial-era mentality towards the role of the sexes can still be observed in the modern world.

However, women have been making remarkable strides in taking back their rightful position in society, ever since their struggle for the right to vote in 1937. Since then, gender-conscious historians have noted that although history was mostly silent about them, women had never stopped being pillars of their community. One example is in the book Amazons of the Huk Rebellion, which detailed how women were central to the Filipino’s struggle against the Japanese occupation in the 1940s.

Filipino Feminism Today

Today, the continuing women’s struggle has afforded the modern Filipina a much better outlook on life than their ancestors during the colonial and post-colonial eras.

For one, women have been consistently excelling in the area of education. Today’s educational system defends equality for both sexes, and in it we see women thrive. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, as of 2008, nine out of ten female adolescents (or 86.4%) are functionally literate, which means they’re able to read, write, and compute.

In addition to this, although many industries are still dominated by men, women have experienced a significant rise in terms of business and employment opportunities. A lot of top executives are women, and the barriers that women face in the workplace are minimized, if not steadily reduced altogether.

Women are also seeing an advancement in politics. Over the years, many women have been involved in leading the country, whether in high or low positions. The government has also passed laws meant to protect women, such as the VAWC act, or the Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004 (RA. 9262), and the Anti-Rape Law of 1997.

All of these goes to say that at present, the feminist movement in the country has achieved marvelous things to forward the idea of feminism, which is equal rights for all. However, the struggle is far from over, and we see this in the challenges that the movement is continuing to encounter at present.

Challenges for the Future

As mentioned above, the feminist movement in the country has championed equal rights for women over the past several decades. It has addressed sexual and gender-related violence, improved access to health and contraception, and even championed the right to equal pay and compensation in the workplace.

However, this does not mean that the struggle is done. There are still hurdles to conquer and challenges to overcome.

For instance, there’s the issue of reproductive health. Not all women have fair and equal access to contraception. While those who live in luxury homes in the metro may be more exposed to this topic, those who live in the countryside and other remote places tend to be less knowledgeable about it. For most of the Philippines, family planning is still an ongoing battle against the antiquated beliefs rooted in systemic sexism.

Injustices against women, specifically women below the poverty line, are still rampant. Emerging issues dealing with sexuality are still being swept under the rug in favor of antiquated colonialist beliefs about sex and marriage and the ‘role’ of women in society and the home.

All of this goes to show that the advancement of feminism in the Philippines is still an ongoing battle. And like many battlefronts, such as politics or the economy, it may be complicated and even hard to navigate for the average Juan or Maria.

However, there is something that makes the ideals of feminism more understandable to Filipinos: the emergence of feminist artworks in the Philippines.

The Feminism Ideals Present in the Artworks in the Philippines

Art is something that we can all appreciate. Observing the beauty in every detail of an art piece can help us experience things we’ve never experienced before. With this, we begin to feel, we begin to think, and then we begin to question.

The appreciation of beauty is fundamental in every human being. For us, beautiful things always mean something.

This is why art is the perfect medium to express a sentiment. 

Filipino feminist art, for instance, reflects the struggle for equality in ways that elicit beauty to drive a point and to keep the audience engaged. This type of art, distinguished by its focus on feminist issues such as rights and the role of women in society, can help move the feminist movement in the country forward.

In this section, we’re going to present several examples of feminist artworks in the Philippines and how their ideals are related to our own goals with our luxury homes here at Brittany.

Filipina: A Racial Identity Crisis by Pacita Abad – Beauty in Art

Woven artwork of two Filipino women; on the left is a Spanish colonized woman wearing the Baro’t Saya national attire made of Pineapple fiber as she holds a handkerchief; on the right is a darker colored woman of the indigenous tribes wearing colorful traditional attire and accessories with a background of traditional weaving patterns | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Pacita Abad’s Filipina: A Racial Identity Crisis

Pacita Abad is a well-renowned artist and activist. She has over 4,500 artworks that have made their rounds in galleries, museums, and exhibitions throughout the world. Abad went to the US to study law before deciding to switch careers and pursue art instead.

Her art pieces tell the story of various women she meets in her everyday life and during her travels through paintings, drawings, or trapunto paintings—also known as paintings that have stitched and stuffed canvases to mimic a 3D look.

Abad’s art is freely dotted with various materials such as mirrors, shells, buttons, mirrors, and traditional beads, exhibiting a free and resourceful spirit. She tries to deconstruct how identity is formed, especially in the backdrop of male-dominated experiences, sexual violence and exploitation against women, and the unique difficulties that women face when they travel overseas for work.

Just like Pacita Abad, it’s also Brittany’s goal to carefully deconstruct the commonly-held notions about what it means to have a good life. Unlike others who merely focus on things like security and convenience, we believe that beauty is the missing ingredient to the recipe for creating a good life.

A beautiful life is a good life, which is why we add beauty in every detail of the luxury homes that we create.

Yuta Collection by Julie Lluch – Artworks in the Philippines Representing Women

Julie Lluch Yuta Collection | Poster of a statue of a shocked woman gawking and looking down as she holds her head while wearing a long sleeved shirt and a red apron; and the artwork description on the lower right | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Julie Lluch’s Yuta Collection

Julie Lluch is an ardent feminist and a graduate of the University of Santo Tomas. She helped introduce the national feminist movement to the arts and was one of the first feminist artists to proactively raise feminist issues with her artwork. She was also one of the people who founded the Kalayaan and Kasibulan Women Artists Collective.

Lluch is primarily a sculptor, and she made sure to include feminism as an integral part of her art. Her work raises concerns about distinctly feminist-related themes such as the role of women in modern society, and thought-provoking pieces about religious conviction and interpersonal relationships. 

Created from indigenous clay that hearkens back to our ancestral roots, conveys environmental awareness, and results in a sensuous sculpture all at once, her Yuta collection embodies the roles that Filipinas played in major revolutions that shaped the future of the country.

Here at Brittany, we share the same love and connection that Lluch displayed towards her works and her ideals. 

Our luxury homes for sale blend environmental awareness with a certain kind of sensuousness to their design, from the Italian-inspired Vista Alabang to the Southern American aesthetics of the Georgia Club. We use art to recognize the role of beauty in our lives much like Lluch uses her feminist art to recognize the role of Filipas in years past.

A Line of History by Karen Ocampo Flores – Filipino Art as a Symbol of National Pride

Karen Ocampo Flores' A Line of History | Painting of the Philippine flag with an indigenous tribal woman and traditional elements at the left, and a praying Filipino nurse in white uniform dress and a cross necklace and colonized elements at the right; all representing the timeline of Filipino traditional medicine | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Karen Ocampo Flores’s A Line of History

Karen Ocampo Flores is a graduate of the University of the Philippines. She is an activist who has established the organization Surge with international artists from Australia and Singapore. Surge runs a forum on the internet that tracks the five Rs of social reality: Race, Religion, Region, Rhetoric and Realities. 

Aside from this, Flores has also co-founded the art collectives Grupong Salingpusa and Sanggawa, both of which are heavily involved in political artworks in the Philippines.

Her body of work deals mainly with the complexities of identity formation, especially for women. This particular piece by Flores depicts two Filipina women, one in indigenous attire and another in traditional Catholic garb.

The beauty of her work is that it depicts the idea of a Filipina as not just a monolithic concept, but also as a complex being composed of many interrelated parts that don’t give a clear definition of which is which.

Brittany, too, places a lot of value in complexity. In our quest for beauty, we recognize that it doesn’t just come in a single big package. Oftentimes, it comes in a collection of smaller, but just as special, bundles.

Beauty is found in different things, which is why we have different themes for our developments. Southern American, classic French, and Old English Manors are just a few of the different ways we recognize and express beauty here at Brittany.

The Whisper by Kitty Taniguchi – Artworks in the Philippines Challenging the Norm

The Whisper by Kitty Taniguchi | Painting of a woman in a maroon red dress and a scarlet red necklace with angel feathered wings and a halo, sitting as a snake slithers to the side of her head by the apple tree | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Kitty Taniguchi’s The Whisper

Kitty Taniguchi had always loved drawing and painting ever since she was a child. This interest eventually led to her entering the Philippine art stage around the ‘80s.

Her work is heavily inspired by philosophy, literature, iconography, rites of passage, and the complicated issues of womanhood, as conveyed in the various displays of her artworks in the Philippines.

Taniguchi’s paintings often depict the various, nuanced experiences of how it’s like to be a woman, showing female subjects in different scenarios.

Two recurring characters in her works, the unicorn and the lion, are said to symbolize the two sides of a woman: the gentleness and subtlety, as well as the inherent fierceness in each one. Her art breaks conventions on commonly-held beliefs about the life of women in the modern world and displays the challenges of being a woman in this day and age.

At Brittany, we also love challenging common conventions. Our Belle Reve development sports a theme that is rarely seen elsewhere in the country. The distinct and clashing rustic elegance of the French countryside merges together with modern architectural sensibilities, resulting in truly beautiful and unique luxury homes in the Philippines.

Experiencing Everyday Life as Art

If you look at Brittany’s luxury house and lot, you’ll see that, indeed, there is beauty in every detail. We not only celebrate art and feminist ideals here at Brittany, we also aim is to express beauty in every aspect of our creations. From every important decision to every artistic detail of our developments, it’s our goal to make your living environment not just look beautiful, but feel beautiful as well.

Living in a Brittany development will be like immersing yourself in artworks in the Philippines. With the picturesque surroundings, the elegant dwellings, and the smiling, happy faces of our residents, one could say that living and breathing within one of our luxury homes is like living in a masterpiece.

Visit Brittany’s official website to know more about Brittany’s beautiful thematic offerings or follow us on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts!

March 12, 2021

5 luxurious themed communities in the Philippines

Infographic about luxury themed communitied in Sta. Rosa, Alabang, and Tagaytay, by Brittany Corporation

Brittany, the premier name in luxury real estate development in the Philippines, is a subsidiary of Vista Land & Lifescapes, the largest and most successful home builder in the Philippines and pioneer in themed real estate development. With Brittany’s Old World European and American-themed projects, Brittany creates masterpieces of upscale living for sophisticated home buyers with a taste for artful living. Brittany offers a fine selection of home designs in excellent locations: Portofino in Alabang, La Posada in Sucat, Georgia Club in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, and Crosswinds in Tagaytay.

The Swiss Themed Communities at Crosswinds

In a private sanctuary surrounded by the calming sights, sounds, and scents of nature with over 35,000 homegrown pine trees, Crosswinds offers a beautiful residential and lifestyle experience in the rural seat of Tagaytay. This Swiss-inspired luxury resort estate offers lot only, house and lot, townhomes, and condominium units.

Portofino’s Italian-inspired Themed Communities

Offering stunning luxury homes in the South, Portofino offers an elegant and unparalleled experience that is inspired by the chic style of cosmopolitan Italy. Its classic architectural feats and beautiful amenities have become Brittany’s signature for its luxury developments in Vista Alabang

Brittany Santa Rosa and its Old English Themed Communities

Owning a luxury home in Brittany Sta. Rosa, Laguna brings to mind the classic old world lifestyle in luxurious dwellings amidst a nature reserve. Its signature house and lot is reminiscent of charming country abodes in the Southern American style and is offered in the beautiful and exclusive communities of Georgia Club and Augusta; while the Promenade embodies the elegant aesthetic in the Old English theme.

The San Franciscan-Inspired Communities of La Posada

La Posada in Lakefront Sucat offers luxury homes that are a fusion of Victorian opulence and a modern-day sophistication that beckons people of refined tastes. It becomes one’s everyday escape, surrounded by the luxury of enjoying the peace and serenity in a charming San Franciscan atmosphere. 

With these 5 themed communities pioneering Brittany’s tradition of being one of the country’s top-of-mind preferences, homeowners enjoy the exclusive experience of living in their dream home. Brittany’s communities continue to offer luxury properties rich in character and sophisticated in their thematic appeal. Inspired by the world’s most scenic destinations, Brittany’s luxury communities bring these beautiful places closer to the homes of the privileged few.

March 11, 2021

10 Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Tips to Practice at Home


NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover may have recently descended to the Red Planet, but human civilization is far from leaving its only home planet; and this World Wildlife Day, it’s important to remember to take care of it and all creatures that dwell in it. This may sound like a huge responsibility to take, but there are endless ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle in your own small ways, at your own pace.


Western community of groups of white adults and teenagers planting a green leafy small tree baby plant together, into the brown fertile soil, with extended arms to show collaboration and helping each other to be eco-friendly

NGOs provide avenues for people to spread environmental awareness, as well as participate in ecosystem rehabilitation.


The World Wildlife Day was conceived by the United Nations in 2013, to celebrate and raise awareness on the world’s wild animals and plants. This year, it is celebrated under the theme, “Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet” which aligns with the recently identified UN Sustainable Development Goals committed to the sustainable use of resources and land conservation.

In line with this, big moves such as coastal cleanups and other NGO-related activities come to mind quickly. However, the global pandemic has limited, if not completely stopped, all outdoor environmental activities. On the brighter side, this phenomenon has compelled us to reflect on daily and personal activities that affect the environment and the climate as a whole. How much waste has been reduced just by cutting down on usual activities like eating at restaurants or watching movies at the cinemas? Did you reduce carbon footprint by cancelling all travel plans?

Self-reflection should also come with steps, moving forward. Below are simple and easy ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, and help protect mother earth even in the comforts of your own home.

10 practices to a better, simpler, and eco-friendly lifestyle


1. Unplug unused gadgets and appliances before leaving a room.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that approximately 10 percent of the average household electric bill is due to phantom energy. Phantom energy is a term used to describe the energy or power still being consumed by an unused appliance while it’s plugged in. Thus, unplugging electronics before leaving a room can save, not only energy, but also money.

2. Boost your eco-friendly lifestyle by lessening food waste and composting at home.

One-third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted globally, which amounts to about 1.3 billion tonnes per year. With this, it’s time to stop aimlessly grocery shopping and stocking on foods that may expire when unconsumed immediately. Instead, list down ingredients you are sure to use for the day or the week, and visit your local market frequently. However, if food waste is unavoidable, you can easily turn this into something productive by making your own compost. There are many benefits to composting, and it’s quite easy to do.

3. Only buy when you can’t reuse, recycle, or upcycle what you already have at home.

Know that these three terms are completely different. If you look around your house, there are surely more than a handful of things you can keep using for years. If they have worn out, you can take this opportunity to redesign or repaint things to make them look new. You may also count things that no longer serve their purpose yet can still be used for something else, with creativity and resourcefulness. For example, an empty mason jar can be repurposed as an additional kitchen glass, an organizer for your art materials, or a container for your homemade candle.

4. Switch to organic toiletries, cleaning agents, and other home products.

You may be shocked to see that the typical cleaning agents and sanitary products you buy are filled with carcinogens and other harmful chemicals for you and the environment. For babies and toddlers especially, it’s much safer to purchase organic products that won’t harm their sensitive skin and senses. Organic products are also usually packaged using sustainable or biodegradable materials, unlike plastics that never decompose. Imagine the landfill of plastics that just stay there forever, literally.

Old retired latin-american latino brown man with white gray hair in khaki long sleeves jacket, white collared polo shirt, blue denim jeans, and black loafers, walking his golden brown potcake aspin dog along the pavement road by the clean green grassy park with big old trees

Brittany Corporation provides luxury houses and lots within vast verdant landscapes, perfect for leisure and relaxation.

5. Less driving, and more walking outdoors or just around your house.

Now that we live in a world grappled by a global pandemic, it really is much safer not to travel at all. However, if it’s unavoidable, walk while you can or opt for public transportation. Riddled with wanderlust? Instead of compromising your safety, immerse yourself in online tours. Otherwise, you’re just adding to traffic, air pollution, and increasing your carbon footprint

6. Grow plants in your backyard to foster an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Whether it’s bushes, flowers, succulents, or trees, incorporating plants into your home will only benefit you and the environment. Studies show that plants improve air quality indoors and outdoors as well. Naturally, trees provide food, protection, and homes for various birds and mammals, improving the ecosystem of the area. If you own a vast luxury property, plant trees all around and watch the land flourish and invite animals you didn’t expect. This newfound hobby is also going to be very relaxing and good for your mental health.

7. Invest in products for long-term use instead of instant gratification.

Cheap but environmentally impactful items such as plastic bottles may seem harmless, but these end up in landfills and add up to cost way more than a metal water jug. Other things you may invest in are durable basic clothes instead of delicate statement pieces, one metal straw to replace hundreds of single-use plastic straws you consume in a year, strong grocery bags to rid of plastic bags, and microwavable tupperware as a more functional alternative to disposable plastic containers. Now that you’re staying at home, there’s really no reason why you should get one-time use products anyway. Quality may come at a higher cost, but quantity comes with a price that affects the world.

8. Shift to a paperless lifestyle and optimize digital platforms in the comforts of your home.

With the rise of social media and digital platforms in the New Normal, it’s so much more convenient to download apps you can use anytime, anywhere. The weight on your shoulders will literally be lifted when you digitize all your books, notebooks, and journals. Your mobile phone and/or tablet can carry all of these, with added functionality – from sharing, to syncing, to live updating. Get with the times and save trees!

9. Choose your ingredients and prepare home-cooked meals to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Ordering from restaurants doesn’t give you the liberty of choosing your ingredients, and having food delivered isn’t a healthy or eco-friendly option either. Taking the time to cook up recipes you’ve always wanted to try is not just a rewarding self-development activity, but also a healthy and eco-friendly way to nourish yourself. Always incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet, but opt for the ones without packaging. Eat less meat because the meat and dairy industries are definitely guilty of exploiting resources and animals. Avoid junk food as well, because that usually comes with plastics and loads of chemicals or preservatives that are bad for you and the environment. 

10. Spread the word to increase environmental awareness for a more sustainable community.

Last, and definitely not the least, read more on ways you can lessen your impact on the environment. These are just simple steps with small results, so imagine how big of a change you can make when a community collectively takes measures to rehabilitate a place or develop a movement dedicated to this advocacy. It’s important to gain knowledge, but this knowledge won’t yield positive results without the help of each other.


Crosswinds Tagaytay is a Swiss-inspired mountain resort with a well-maintained and eco-friendly haven, without compromising luxury.


Embracing the environment starts with these 10 practices you get to implement in your household. Learn to live an eco-friendly lifestyle in a luxury community that encourages homeowners to live sustainably. The Brittany Corporation is a property developer that definitely embodies sustainability in all its developments. Reminiscent of charming locations in the Western hemisphere, nature is also given importance, with sprawling masterplanned landscapes and well-maintained gardens surrounding every luxury house and lot. Each development is embraced by lush greenery, and vast spaces intended for sanctuaries either for birds or for plants. Brittany Corporation, as a brand, believes in the preservation of all forms of life, as well as the beautiful ecosystems that can be formed. Discover luxury homes for sale in Brittany’s eco-friendly communities.

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